Natural disasters terrorize the world, Antarctica, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans feel the relapses and on land millions of death people.

SU-O1 Feb.27, 2010.- Earthquake 8.8-magnitude b with a great impact in depth of 21.7 miles  leaving till midnight of the day that occurs recount 2 million people affected, with relapse in a tsunami that affect Hawaii & Mexico and Japan.

A day before huge Glaciers separate after a collision of another iceberg according to Australian and French scientists,  the  gigantic iceberg has broken away from the Mertz Glacier in the Antarctic region, causing another enormous iceberg, to collide with it.

On the first days of February in Mexico rain and mud flow caused by avalanche disappear more than 3 small towns in Michoacan State at early morning still the phase of recovery bodies is on going one was refuge for Monarch Butterfly so tourist are still on the search.

And the well publicized Haiti Heratquaker, is just part of the natural disasters that would give apocalyptic predictions. However more than the egocentric perception about the self-destruction ability of the humanity as reason of the changes in the earth  and the natural changes in the planet because the guilty conscience brings panic instead of understanding and responsibility of how and where we can live in harmony with nature.

  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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