!Down the Aisle Did it again!

SU-O1.-  In seasonal bridal show opening for Spring Jannette Alix Chapter President of  National Association of Wedding Professionals   

Down the Aisle Bridal Show


Showcase in one of the most upstanding venues the spring welcome with a Fashion Show by Nicole Miller in the beautiful Tower Sky Terrace in hearth of Miami City.   

Spring elegant designs by Nicole Miller



Beautiful modern and unique Sky Terrace Miami



Classic Fare  Catering Events delight the couples that attend  to this classic Bridal show, with an interesting spring menu and delicious cake options coming from select vendors such Institution on wedding bakery Ana Paz.   

Institution Ana Paz Cakes


30 different vendor bringing their unique services and products make a display of what are the options in each one of the sectors and products for a Wedding Celebration.   

Tuxedos options


Tuxedo and gowns for the couple, accessories, decorations, flowers, cakes, transportation, music, special effects, photo and video services and even honey moon destination were strategically displaying their options, packages and variety of products and services to the more than 100 couples and family members and professionals that are able to taste and select the products available to enhance the uniqueness of their celebration.   

Beautiful fresh and fine Spring decor options


Feel and look professional vendors



Classic Fare, Catering & Events at Sky Terrace


Down The Aisle display in this tropical sanctuary in the hearth of Miami City in Sky Terrace, featuring lush landscaping and interesting views of Miami Skyline.
Weddings ceremonies, cocktail reception intimate dinners and lavish banquets in  a property with grand  6,800 Sq foot Space with capacity of 800 guests for cocktail reception and 250 seats spaces.   

ANMAR Party Magazine the Best Favor for any celebration


The highlight was an attractive favor that last for ever aside to be practical; in strategic spot “Anma” Party Magazine as the only one Hispanic publication with more than 15 years in the Celebration Industry has become the guide for celebration to real costumers on display creating trends with the vest providers of services allowing Brides and Groom front page of their own magazine with an inside coverage of their event in a great distribution, the best favor that last  for ever in a great printing quality.   

Master Musicians


And “Master Musicians” young experts on classic music play fine instruments such violins, harps, string quartets, flutes, on ensembles, soloists, duets, trios or quartets, with great choice on international repertoire.     

Each bridal show has a great amount of vendors but Down the Aisle always has the right balance in products and services that vendors never compete in the same ground for the brides that attend it.   

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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With over 10,000 NGO’s in Haiti before and after quake, Where Haiti is now?. The Earth is evolving

SU-O1.- Sustainable Haiti Conference, Caribbean Network Magazine report. After the tragic earthquake in Haiti the world will stress to Haitians to balance everything in that Island.    

Haiti after Earthquake


Haiti rebuilding


39 panels and conferences supported by 47 mayor sponsors in 3 days  from 7 am to 7pm . presentations run  with dignitaries, and experts on al variety of  themes :
 “Rocket Fuel” for Haiti: Launching a Nation into Global Networks of Investment, Industry and Trade, lead  by Mike Fairbanks, OTF Group. 
Lunch Roundtable for Social Venture  Capital Social Enterprise.
Celebrating entrepreneurs, Education, Micro-Finances, Insurance, and Roads; Family Health on $2 a day, Bank & Finance, Manufacturing, Property Rights, d. Tourism #2.  PLENARY- Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise, Miami-2010,
Maximizing  NGOs, Shared Vision on Entrepreneurs, Transparency, #1
Social Entrepreneurship, Transparency, #2 .
Water management , Human Rights & Health, b. Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship, Public/Private Partnerships.
Media’s Role & Responsibilities, Reforestation, Manufacturing, Housing, Corporate Responsibility, Telecom, Agriculture’s Compelling, Tourism’s New Day, Social Venture Capital, Investing Outside the Capital (Decentralizing).   

Highlights in : Renewable Energy, Diaspora’s Moment, Children: Building Hope, Maritime Shipping Logistics.
In Finances: Mobile Banking/Remittances, Sustainable Haiti Profile, Effective Government Media – Representing Voices Unheard.
“Sustainable Celebrity: How Artists and Celebrities Can Remain A Force For Good”    

Official representation


 !TOWN HALL ON HAITI: Getting committed now!
 Te opening had a s KEYNOTE, Prime Minister Jean- Max Bellerive (invited) who also give the Update post-earthquake.    

Haiti 25 place in poverty in the World


During the conference of Maximizing “Efficiencies & Effectiveness” Steve Vetter from Partners of The Americas analyze how with over 10,000 NGO’s operating in Haiti ( 2nd highest per capita in the world next to India) Haiti is still the 25th poorest country in the world  with high level of inefficiencies and lack of communications among the organizations around.
How can true collective power of NGO’s be operative?    

Haiti in Global economy


In a more civilized and diplomatic way some countries needs another succesful countries interventions to help them come up from the inability to offer the education, and options to their societies to become self-sustainable and competitive with an inevitable globalization.
Evidently Democracy has to prevail in those countries and more initiative from the society to pick the right leader to manage better the Country sources to bring better opportunities in jobs and development in their countries.  

The natural disaster that Haiti suffer is just one of the upcoming changes in our planet with or without, human responsibilities, this planet is older than our Gregorian Calendar and is telling us through archeological discoveries  that before us were another civilizations and animal species that were extinct by natural “disasters” or as we can see more often adjustment of the earth.    

Satellite image of Bangladesh


We are living in amazing century full of incredible and accessible technology that allow us as humanity to know where some of this natural phenomenon will appear such Hurricanes and take precautions to survive as Charles Drawing teach us in his books “Origin of the Spices & Theory of Evolution”  in which he unveil to us “Law of the Natural Selection” in a world that is evolving every second.    

Chile Earthquake magnitude of 8.8


in comparison with Haiti had a higher and longer earthquake; 3 days a go a Rock Island in the Bay of Bengal, causing a 30 years of dispute between India and Bangladesh rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them:
the island’s gone.    

Disappearance of an Island


And Cuba has the earthquake as well. 
And China had an unexpected sand storm last week as well. 

China Sand-Storm picture by Goh Chai Hin AFP



Hopefully NASA and other Internationals agencies with Satellites and all sort of technology can use now those sources to guide the humanity about the natural movements, adjustment & changes are happening in plates tectonic in other words in the real structure of our beautiful and untouchable planet earth.  


Chile needs AID as well


Meanwhile Recovery Haiti is in a big mission and hopefully same attention and resources will be distributed to Chile as well.    



Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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“Cruise for the Upscale Consumer” The Options, I

26 years with high rank Cruise Shipping Exec

26 years with high rank Cruise Shipping Executives


SU-O1.- On 2009 small cruises with service at “concierge menus” dominate the market and since the Cruise Industry always is 1 or 2 years a head. The financial downturn it didn’t affect the already sold out luxury cruises.
However they have to adapt to the upcoming consequences and they maneuver to adjust the upscale services with prices that appeal to a new demographics willing to upgrade their taste over the great opportunity to be able to pay the accessible rates in the most luxury and exquisite way to cruise in the most exotic and fine destinations.
During the Cruise Shipping Miami the experts were not only satisfy how their companies has been kep their Itineraries on  going in the regular pace, but how they found out that a new costumers are listing again their holidays in the luscious upscale cruising.                   

More than 20 years, leading Luxury Cruise Style


 Seabourn Cruises: is the Luxury Yachts brand line of Carnival, since almost more than 20 years ago, the ultra luxury cruises design small yacht look a like ships, have in their itinerary the world’s premier vacation choices.
With a fleet of 6 ships in service and the 7th one will be active in coming June 2010.                     

President & CEO Seabourn Pamela C. Conover


 As announced in a short but effective presentation “lady master” of the Cruise Shipping Industry Pamela C. Conover on her opening for the session: “New Features and amenities to attract and satisfy New Guests”  she appointed how new trends are happening in the line of this industry: Guest are younger, adventurous, less formal and cyber-active and with voracious variety, the average of traditional guest is now 10 years younger, Conover noted.


Young new costumer at Seabourn


Great out-door spaces

 The fleet in Seabourn cruises will keep growing with new features to please the younger costumers like outdoor dinners, and big spa spaces, contemporary designs, delightful intimate atmosphere.     

Variety in dinning options


  Executive Pamela C. Conover – President & CEO  of Seabourn  Cruises concludes her polish effective presentation with  the statement :   
 “ Young Costumers know what they want, when they want & how they want it… If you want to attract and satisfy this new breed of affluent traveler, you need to get acquainted with these three things”.       

PTE & CEO Seabourn Pamela Conover

New costumers knows: what, when & how

Seabourn cruises; has in its itineraries destinations such : Arabia, Africa & India, Asia, Canada & New Egnland, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, South & Central America, South Pacific, Transatlantic, incredible packages like: World Cruise & Grand Voyages.      

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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twitter: @RosanaSGM.     

In the land of freedom, Success & Power are great tools

SU-O1 .- The Estefan, Gloria & Emilio has been the smatters entrepreneurs not only in the entertainment getting enough reputation and financial growth in their investments but in the power race in the land of freedom.
They has been wise enough to play cards in both parties in the US, with republicans they were not that up front but always they have one of their protégées inside as it was singer Jhon Secada during George  Bush Administration  as one of the members Commission Co-Chairs the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
Gloria still “breaks a leg” with her concerts all over Latin America making enough money in the 2 years of global depression to become part of the selective group of the Dolphin Stadium owner’s
And Emilio now as writer has his own book, and with his private powerful circle they can do what anybody can do.
In less than average time he got the blessings by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie to create the Spanish version of “We are the World” with mostly the group of singers he has helped to get a ride in the Hispanic US market.
Now after one of the regular practices of repression in Cuba, with the US presidential galas endorsement Gloria is willing to leave her castle and go outside to the streets.
It needs a tragedy for some people to do something notable, last March 18th after a catholic mass for dead of Orlando Zapata hunger strike,  the “Ladies in White” peaceful  Organization were attacked and arrested by Castro’s regimen security forces.
Gloria Estefan organize in less that a week after the latest attack happened in Cuba, a similar march than “Ladies in White” has done since 2003 as a peaceful resistance to Castro’s regimen.
Of course for this march has been invited a select group of Estefan’s celebrity friends and provably security will be as tight as the 200 Castro’s security officials who bit and arrest 30 inoffensive “Ladies in White”.
So who wasn’t invited better stay away from that event.
Gloria is inviting in a brief message to her followers in her web site to come and reproduce Ladies in WhiteMARCH “In Support Of Freedom”.
Media from all over the world has been show casting the images of Human Rights violations that these women have been victimize.
So either the Estefan are investing their time, talents and money to the great causes publicly or the international media exposure that Haiti’s  hurricane and now the attack against the “Ladies in White” presented to them as an opportunity they can capitalize.
The Estefan are a well set up family with few scandals in their record, but never were so out promoting or even leading public events in favor of any cause, but after all not long time ago Emilio has been called the “Midas King” with a turn down become less  profitable in the music industry as it was a decade ago, maby now they could find in philanthropy a great source of publicity, branding and sell….
If not ask the master of it,  Mr. Donald Trump who after down hill of the Real State he keep alive his multimillion contract with NBC “Apprentice” reality show with a twist  with celebrities instead of potential employees in the name of great causes.
As I said in the land of freedom nobody with an abundance mentality will be poor and with Success and Power as tools they cannot fail, less when the opportunity felt it to the table.
So,  go for the cause and enjoy mingling in the Little Havana walking with Gloria Estefan and celebrity friends.
Meanwhile  we will be testing waters in the international free Cuba in Miami famous restaurant café, where we use to sit in the street during the massive resistance in the case of Elian in 1998.

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

IBD Closed it’s 52nd Annual Meeting in Cancun México

SU-O1.- The 52st  IDB’s Annual Meeting ends in Cancun Mexico … 

Unexpectedly in the program of the event, where closing press conference with IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno and Mexico’s Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero Arroyo. 

52nd Annual Meeting IDB in Cancun Mexico


During March 19 to 23, were a series of seminars on topics of interest to participants in the IDB the Boards of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) hold their Annual Meeting in one of the Bank’s member countries this time in the Caribbean side of Mexico. 

Arrival of Mexican President to the 52nd Annual Metting of IDB with Pte Luis A. Moreno


This gathering is a forum for discussion among the institution’s Governors, most of whom are Ministers of Finance, Presidents of Central Banks, or other high rank level authorities of the member countries also representatives of multilateral financial institutions, development agencies, and private banks get together in this reunion. In total 48 countries were represent in this annual meeting. 

IDB is one of the few institutions with constant financial support to develop new environmental programs, to governments and private initiatives. 

More than 8 Countries got a loan during the IBD 52nd Annual Meeting


IDB have been financially supporting Mexican initiatives with the creation of aeolic energy parks since 2003, getting positive recovery of their millions of loans, and during this annual meeting at least more than 8 countries were receiving loans by the IBD.

Educated Costumer get good deals for their money

SU-O1.-Finally recovering from the trauma to have 3 hell days in a world of ugly selfish way to live in so call “luxurious living?  Exclusive amenities? a warm community?

I think who does the promotion never has been there… Unfriendly Condos Bay Parc Plaza in Miami, if ignorant understand cheap, insecure, rude and nasty expensive place means luxury… well then you can be happy over there.  

Since there is not rule in the land of nobody in North Bay shore Drive  Miami where the condos such Opera Tower or Bay Parc Plaza among a bunch of empty ones the entire area doesn’t have any visitors space for residents less than $40 or $80 DL just for parking per day …with this economy ???????

Not even visitors can have any break, for more than one night in the simple one bed room surrounded by other buildings that you must have close windows to deserve some privacy even from the bathroom….

If you go to visit anybody there prepare your wallet like paying a nice hotel but instead to expect that your car will be broken in the only place that also you have to pay per hour overnight or you will get a ticket.

Stressful time in the streets “parking authority” just giving tickets away, but nobody is responsible for the cars security, a lot of police cars in the front of the buildings as decoration because there was any officer when I was attacked by that sick dog woman.
Warm community???? Scary residents with all sort of dogs….Elevators stink, and managers cannot help visitors’ guest to get any discount with valet parking mafia…

Terrible experience in just in 3 miserable days, I got the lock of my car broke that cost me aside the great amount of money an entire day lost with so nasty people around….Then a parking ticket next day, an ugly sticker when my host allow me to use it’s space inside the building but what’s top the experience was the terrible experience to be bully by a crazy dog-woman barking me all over the night I decide end that hell, this crazy woman get aggravated after I let know her that I will take 15 minutes to bring back my luggage to avoid the charge of waiting.

Who pay for wait more than 10 minutes?????


And there was any kind of security and any reaction by the counter guy with full of cameras. !!!Pathetic.!!! Awful costumer service.


If for ignorant luxury means throw away your money to a rude service, cero amenities to your visitors, offer parking tickets for park around the building and get a nice red-orange stink sticker in your window that will block all your visibility in your right side plus be bark by the staff should ease and make your visit unforgettable hell …Then you have it that area is the place to be.

Complains yes, but with B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau) because there is a legal right for all residents to be able to bring even “potential residents” to their places and give the space to park safety without charge.

However I can only predict that area will be soon an empty “A hole” of huge buildings since who wants to live without visiting after all drama has to pass visitors nobody would like to visit ?????

And unable to give a space for visitors out-of-town???

Just to high light unprofessional and insecure way to run manager offices in that place is as inefficient as their valet parking service they start at 10:00 am and even I was late for the nasty surprises, I have to leave latest at 8:30 as other professionals.
Hopefully residents will value themselves to avoid sign with that sort of irregularities, and become the prisoners who pay to be mistreated.


People deserve to be visited when they are paying so much money for a simple and nothing special one bedroom and living-dinning space with open mini kitchen counter and when you cook all the smells and aromas fill the entire floor with noises and views from other buildings or dirty parking lots…


An educated costumer understand what is to live in real luxury places for the right price and good costumer care for him/her and their visitors who eventually can become neighbors when they have a great experiences.
If not, I strongly recommend to check more than 5 nice beautiful on the beach buildings from 42 to 56 Street in Collins Av. In Miami Beach where I use to live and prices were almost 25% less than people is paying in that area for a huge apartment 2 bedrooms private kitchen and huge dining living room, great balcony for a garden table for 4 and 2 bed chairs and my collection of roses and hibiscus draw trees in big pots with amazing views in the west incredible intercostals view with sailing boats and the east immensity of amazing ocean…
And 2 parking spaces that’s LUXURY at the right price Nothing between. 

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
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The state of the Industry Cruise Shipping Miami 2010

SU-O1.- Cruise shipping Miami, the most expected and well attended  Cruise Shipping  Expo and Conferences in the capital of the Americas Miami Fl.

Coming from all over the world delegates to the Session The State of the Cruise Industry is the open box to the entire Industry with the high rank players.

Richard E. Sasso Chairman CLIA & CEO MSC

The State of the Cruise Industry

CEOs form most Important Cruise lines in the world

Cruise Shipping Miami 2010

Photos by Andy Newman

Totally sold out in full capacity 2 of the largest conference rooms at Miami Beach Convention Center,

speakers :
President & CEO Carnival Cruise lines Gerald R. Cahill, President  & CEO, Royal Caribbean International Adam Goldstein, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises  Daniel J. Hanrahan, President & CEO , Holland America Line, Inc. and Kevin Sheehan, President & CEO , Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise Line International association

Introduction by  Chairman of CLIA  Richard E. Sasso  as his signature use music to give the first inside report and then pass it on the executives on the table. 

In this session each one of this successful Cruise Shipping leaders,  present the trends on each one of their companies, a full report of the strategies that so far has worked in their companies, their growth in their itineraries and platforms to expand their destinations aside the challenges they has faced during the economy turn down.
With interesting comradeship and great sense of humor all these gentlemen express their experiences and forecast from their own particular experience.

MSC Cruises

Chirs Chaiman, from Seatrade Communications Ltd,as the official moderator of the Cruise Shipping top Session introduced to the audience the pannel of experts  Mr. Richad Sasson Chairman , CLIA  & President & CEO MSC Cruise (USA) who has as signature in his presentation to open with music, and this year wasn’t the exception, he leave some pop-rock music fill up the entire pack 2 of the conference rooms in the Miami Beach Convention Center and doing the comparison last year he play Opera with Pavarotti, he start his presentation with the slogan “There is Music for every one” with that great statement in the Cruise Industry he set up, that each one of the companies has their own chance to sell to their own market.
As the Chairman of the Cruise Line International Association he manages accurate statistics coming from the members of that association.
Sasso announces than 118 new ships has been built in the last 10 years with an average of 7.4 % annual growth in passengers, he use past and present pictures about how the industry has evolved so well since 1975 but the boost he recognize has been after TV sitcom “Love Boat” that sold out the fantasy and pleasures of cruising.  He predicts with the new designs and variety of choices for people to cruise.
“This year is important that we capitalize in costumer services; we are getting more people cruising because people right now getting to a four cruises we need to capitalize in costumer services, they need to love us, and brag more than ever before” He close his presentation. 

NCL International

Magnificent EPIC fron NCL coming to America upcoming summer

Kevin Sheehan

President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines, also use ananlogies between theme parks and destinatios: “in cruises ships people has opportunity to experience the real thing”  Because NCL has the most exotic countries with amazing  destinations, Sheehan announced than in  2011, Norwegian Cruises will have new destinations such Barcelona in Europe, he urge to empower travelers and use more Press to showcase the great diversity of products each company has.  Of course he didn’t forget to give the lates about the arrival of EPIC and the features as the Freestyle with the largest SPA facility and fitnnes center at sea  with more athan 31,000 square feet with 24 treatment rooms.

Carnival Cruise Lines

During his time and on the spot Gerald R. Cahill, President & CEO, Carnival Cruise Lines also was optimistic in his presentation and he brings  all what it matters  in a deal, prices are now going up again in the  rates levels that were before the crisis;  then people has to be aware the economy turn off at the end was a good opportunity to have  experience of very affordable trips to a great destinations for a great prices.  Cahill, make a stunning comparison about the state of the Industry between 2009 to 2010 in all areas of the Industry and also about the booking on new ships to the prices for a cruise weekend, announcing also the latest order from Carnival  of the third Dream Class Ship from renown Fincantieri Shipyard in Italy to be deliver for 2012. 

Enviromentaly Friendly,

Holland America Line

Stein Kruse President  & CEO Holland America Line, highlight the universal appeal, the environmental printing and he address without hesitation Alaska’s Governor, Sean Parnell, on his presentation. 
He explain how absurd way to manage the arrival of turism with uneasy regulations for the cruise lines and  even drink water off shore for the passengers was harder than on board. He illustrate how Cruise-ship Industry always is ahead 1 or 2 years and  if Alaska doesn’t modify their uneasy regulations there will be no more Cruises willing to deal with all that nonsense. Kruse, takes very seriously a harmonious growth of the industry with the environment sustainability in his company is a priority “Safeguarding our guests, crews, ships and the environment in which we live and operate is not only the right thing to do, it is essential to the successful conduct of our business”  with that  statement Stein Kruse, give at the end of his presentation

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Proud after the huge success of deliver in time and getting a healthy respond by the consumers all over the world,  with the first deliver of Genesis Project “Oasis Of the Seas”, the youngest on the arena but well experienced Adam Goldstein, President and CEO Royal Caribbean Int. address the subject of  globalization of the Industry, the European potential the expanding of destinations in, Asia, India, and South America, he encourage the authorities of each destiny to improve their facilities and adapt the infrastructure to the arrival of the new fleet of ships that are now in the market.

Daniel J. Hanrahan, President  & CEO, Celebrity Cruises.  Emphasize importance of  media in publicity, to show the costumers the new technology on board in this floating travel cities, the incredible facilities they offer on board and the innovations some ports in the world are doing to receive this great benefit of the cruise-shipping industry, he invite to apply the partnership strategy as his company does with the ports and congratulate some of those ports such “Costa Maya” in Mexico for the renovations and high mantenince, he remaind that costumers not only want to have a great experince in thier ships but in the arrival of their destinations.
In Conclusion of the conference The State of the Cruise Industrycan be resume  that the Cruise Shipping industry is among others doing great, so far, so good over other industries.
The challenges to keep growing and evolving in a world of innovation has to apply not only in the fleet but on the destinations.
Keeping as priority as well the use of friendly new technology available, to make this industry more sustainable.
marketing strategies, on a direct approach to the media and even the opportunity to update them selves in social media, since mostly all this high range executives are in the Social Media.

Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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