“Perhaps more impressive is how much the quake shifted Earth’s axis,” NASA officials said in a Monday update?????????

SU-O1.March 2, 2010.- Finally is official the announcement by NASA ( National  Aeronautic  and Space Administrations) days become shorter since  earth’s axis movement…
Till there the official announce it makes sense, what confuses me is the theory that the earthquake in Chile could it cause this Axis change?????

When it’s should be the other way around…If I get right the logical physical laws of motion that I faintly learn from master Newton : Motion states that in order for the motion of an object to change, a force must act upon it, a concept generally called inertia
Following and covering more than one mission in the Kennedy Space Center  I knew that our planet is alive and it has it’s own evolution with all the life variety that developed in it ecosystem in which humanity belongs as one of them.
It’s more understandable that in it’s evolution the axis is changing already having as one of the effects  of plate tectonics’ movement  that provoke earthquakes…

Mayan Calendars ends on the year 2012 And it’s shows an Island precisely in the pacific at Chilean territory as the point where the Mayan Culture will reborn in the new Era…At the beginning of 2010, History Channel TV, broadcasted a well interesting produced  report of a young archeologist who with a few sources and many years of research  found the monument  of the last Mayan Emperor Kan Ba’lam son of Pakal in the Southwest pacific island of Chile.

In His research this Archeologist found the last clue on the interpretation as the radical movement of the polar poles on earth and the changes that will cause some catastrophes in the real order of the humanity organization…. How the Mayans knew the earth movement and changes of the axis?

 And with all the technology that we have our scientist are giving an information that confuse the public, an earthquake is a side effect of an internal movement of the plate tectonic in the heart of our planet is nothing really superficial that any human can caused to change the earth the same with the melting of the polar zones, our planet is evolving and aging as we all do.
So the Axis is changing that is causing plate tectonics to move and that movement will cause earthquakes and tsunamis and all side effects such the melting of the poles and the breaking of the glaciers and this will change the atmosphere and causing hurricanes snow storms, and we will see more twisters, hurricanes, no more same 4 seasons time etc. Well the entire weather wouldn’t be the same.

Certainly we have to be aware and understand as humanity that we have to live in more harmony with the planet we belong to and produce less trash but Earth is evolving and we are just another spice that will survive or not to the natural evolution of this beautiful blue planet. 

As soon I get an interview with this interesting young Archeologist we will see why ancient Cultures as the Mayans could knew so much about the planet we belong and how Emperor Kan Ba’lam knew where the center of the earth would give the rebirth of a new era for humanity…  

And Newton basic 3 Laws of Motion, just in case:

•Newton’s First Law of Motion states that in order for the motion of an object to change, a force must act upon it, a concept generally called inertia.

•Newton’s Second Law of Motion defines the relationship between acceleration, force, and mass.

•Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that any time a force acts from one object to another, there is equal force acting back on the original object.

  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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