Music for Kings and Royalty in our 3rd Millennium with original instruments of the XVI & XVII Century

SU-O1- March 3, 2010 Coral Gables Fl. .- Music for Royalty is the only way that we can describe the wonderful repertoire that German Duet Dorothee Oberlinger (recorder) and Christian Reiger (Harpsichord) select to play in their presentation of “Bach’s Flutes” in one of the best music Festivals in the World, Tropical Baroque Music Festival edition XI, ongoing since February 27 to March 6th.    

Photos By Juan Delgado (Herastudios's)


This Music Festival is keeping pure the original music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Baroque Period with Master J.S. Bach, in their original creation and without any amplifier this wonderful music is play with original instruments.    

Bach’s Society ‘s musicians and Board of Directors are the creator of this magnificent Festival a week of pure original Music.  Artistic Director Donald Oglesby with Kathy Gaubatz, Margie Lopez,  Jay Bernfeld, Miels Morgan makes possible this amazing program bringing from all around the world the best musicians to play fantastic compilation of variety of pieces in this exquisite program  this year Concerto Suave ( A concert at Palazzo Ruspoli) Building Up to Bach, Miami Brass with Director Brian Neal, amazing recital  of duet Vittorio Ghielmi ( Viola da Gamba) and Luca Pianca (Lute), The Brith of the Renaissance  “The Orlando Consort”  beautiful program of male  voices Cuntertenor, Tenor & Batirone.
Go to any of this magnificent concerts is travel in time and be able to enjoy what all royalty in Europe was use to listen and dance with it.    

Master Musician Recorder Dorotee Oberlinger

Master Musician Recorder Dorotee Oberlinger on her recorder solo performance


Master Musician Harpsichord Christian Reiger


The Bach’s Flutes  Concert with a vivid repertoire a perfect combination of fascinating romantic music and magisterial play, sponsored by the German Consulate in Miami has been one of the best Concerts in 2010, hosted personally by the General Consul in Miami Mr. Klaus Ranner and his distinguish wife Mrs. Barbara Ranner.    

Duet of Masters Musicians Dorothee O. & Christian Reiger with Mr. Ranner Consul Gral of Germany and his distinguish Wife Mrs. Barbara R. SU-O1 Exclusive Interview Masters Musicians & T.B.M.F. Director Kathy G.


SU-O1 Exclusive Interview Masters Musicians & T.B.M.F. Director Kathy G.


There is a great opportunity that people can come the upcoming concerts:  from Buenos Aires Argentina Resident Ensemble of Museo Issaac Fernandez Blanco, “Capilla del Sol , Under direction Ramiro Albino on March 4 at 8:00 pm.  In St Tomas Episcopal Church.   

Also The Consulate General of Switzerland in Atlanta is collaborating with the Miami Bach Society presenting on Friday march 5th in the City Hall of Coral Gables a “Music and Spirituality in the Bolivian Jesuit Missions” Lecture & Photo Exhibit. Belonging of Jesuit Archive in Zurich.    

The closing Reception of this magic week will be on March 6th with exquisite choice in a program from Johann Sebastian Bach;  Cello Suite No 1, Voice, Lute, Recorder, Viol  by  prodigious 8 years old master musician Cellist Sujari Birtt in the Merrick House  in the heart of Coral Gables Fl.    

Aside the mastery talent of all musicians is amazing to see beautiful original instruments in such great shape, Harpsichords, Flutes, Harps, Vihuelas, Viola da Gamba, Lutes is like to see, museum pieces being alive on a hand of masters and the unique beautiful sounds that come out of them is really music for Kings; this is an event in which the audience also get more than a concert but a great treat of appreciation for the organizers with fine wines and assorted combination of cheeses during the intermezzos. Definitely an event that makes you feel the great purity of essence of real music and part of a Royalty  in this 3rd Milenium.     

For more information and tickets go to:,    

or call at 305 6691376, tickets available sell at the door in each one of the beautiful locations selected for this great Festival.    

!Don’t miss it. Is just one time a Year !  

  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.  


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