Fresh and wise Evolucion of young singer Lorenzo Duarte sang in compass with Master Musician Daniel Andai


In a cozy ambient with great meat cuts and fine wines full house “Morena” entertainment Restaurant, presented the acoustic version of the hits of  young pop singer Lorenzo Duarte…            

”Evolucion” was the song that upstanding musicians manage to keep a high energy  mature audience that was enjoying the pleasure of the exquisite menu “Morena”s’ prepare for the night of Lorenzo Duarte.
On exclusive Interview, Lorenzo share his confidence in his talent and his determination to prove his capabilities to come over the top after his part on the team of MDO vocal group.            

“I know what my responsibility to become a soloist is that’s why I prepare myself to sell my self out “Lorenzo assure with an unexpected young maturity…             

Exclusive Interview Singer Lorenzo Duarte


In a music industry crisis where the sales are not longer the source of a mayor income, Duarte has an admirable knowledge of what are his possibilities to succeed in this complicated time for singers and musicians.            

 “Certainly the sales are not the main way to support a singer but with the technology and places we can show our versatility as I’m doing in this acoustic concert, people can appreciate and pay for the concerts and my music” …            

Lorenzo Duarte Acoustic Concert at Morena (Irwin C. Photos)


Lorenzo has prepared himself to face the challenges of a soloist and also as growing celebrity that can lead his generation to a better life making a contribution with his talent in several fundraising project as singer and with his clean and healthy image.             

On stage Lorenzo was surrounding and endorsed by great violinist master Daniel Andai who has played in the most respectable theaters in the world with repertoires of master classical pieces, showing how versatile upstanding music can be accessible to the mass. 

Master Violinist Daniel Andai with Lorenzo Duarte Acustic Concert (Irwin C. Photos)


Definitely Lorenzo Duarte is evolving taking new leadership for a so needed fresh well style role model to lead all this self destroy generations that are growing lost in the noise on absent of quality in music, where Lorenzo is bringing to a high standard the pop music.     

Lorenzo Duarte with Beauty consultant Monica May


In the audience, renown stylist Oscar International and Beauty Consultant among other socialite and Hispanic celebrities.            

Oscar I & Carolina in Lorenzo Duarte Concert ( Irwin C. Photos)


Following Lorenzo advice, visit and enjoy his video on:   




  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.   


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