The state of the Industry Cruise Shipping Miami 2010

SU-O1.- Cruise shipping Miami, the most expected and well attended  Cruise Shipping  Expo and Conferences in the capital of the Americas Miami Fl.

Coming from all over the world delegates to the Session The State of the Cruise Industry is the open box to the entire Industry with the high rank players.

Richard E. Sasso Chairman CLIA & CEO MSC

The State of the Cruise Industry

CEOs form most Important Cruise lines in the world

Cruise Shipping Miami 2010

Photos by Andy Newman

Totally sold out in full capacity 2 of the largest conference rooms at Miami Beach Convention Center,

speakers :
President & CEO Carnival Cruise lines Gerald R. Cahill, President  & CEO, Royal Caribbean International Adam Goldstein, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises  Daniel J. Hanrahan, President & CEO , Holland America Line, Inc. and Kevin Sheehan, President & CEO , Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise Line International association

Introduction by  Chairman of CLIA  Richard E. Sasso  as his signature use music to give the first inside report and then pass it on the executives on the table. 

In this session each one of this successful Cruise Shipping leaders,  present the trends on each one of their companies, a full report of the strategies that so far has worked in their companies, their growth in their itineraries and platforms to expand their destinations aside the challenges they has faced during the economy turn down.
With interesting comradeship and great sense of humor all these gentlemen express their experiences and forecast from their own particular experience.

MSC Cruises

Chirs Chaiman, from Seatrade Communications Ltd,as the official moderator of the Cruise Shipping top Session introduced to the audience the pannel of experts  Mr. Richad Sasson Chairman , CLIA  & President & CEO MSC Cruise (USA) who has as signature in his presentation to open with music, and this year wasn’t the exception, he leave some pop-rock music fill up the entire pack 2 of the conference rooms in the Miami Beach Convention Center and doing the comparison last year he play Opera with Pavarotti, he start his presentation with the slogan “There is Music for every one” with that great statement in the Cruise Industry he set up, that each one of the companies has their own chance to sell to their own market.
As the Chairman of the Cruise Line International Association he manages accurate statistics coming from the members of that association.
Sasso announces than 118 new ships has been built in the last 10 years with an average of 7.4 % annual growth in passengers, he use past and present pictures about how the industry has evolved so well since 1975 but the boost he recognize has been after TV sitcom “Love Boat” that sold out the fantasy and pleasures of cruising.  He predicts with the new designs and variety of choices for people to cruise.
“This year is important that we capitalize in costumer services; we are getting more people cruising because people right now getting to a four cruises we need to capitalize in costumer services, they need to love us, and brag more than ever before” He close his presentation. 

NCL International

Magnificent EPIC fron NCL coming to America upcoming summer

Kevin Sheehan

President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines, also use ananlogies between theme parks and destinatios: “in cruises ships people has opportunity to experience the real thing”  Because NCL has the most exotic countries with amazing  destinations, Sheehan announced than in  2011, Norwegian Cruises will have new destinations such Barcelona in Europe, he urge to empower travelers and use more Press to showcase the great diversity of products each company has.  Of course he didn’t forget to give the lates about the arrival of EPIC and the features as the Freestyle with the largest SPA facility and fitnnes center at sea  with more athan 31,000 square feet with 24 treatment rooms.

Carnival Cruise Lines

During his time and on the spot Gerald R. Cahill, President & CEO, Carnival Cruise Lines also was optimistic in his presentation and he brings  all what it matters  in a deal, prices are now going up again in the  rates levels that were before the crisis;  then people has to be aware the economy turn off at the end was a good opportunity to have  experience of very affordable trips to a great destinations for a great prices.  Cahill, make a stunning comparison about the state of the Industry between 2009 to 2010 in all areas of the Industry and also about the booking on new ships to the prices for a cruise weekend, announcing also the latest order from Carnival  of the third Dream Class Ship from renown Fincantieri Shipyard in Italy to be deliver for 2012. 

Enviromentaly Friendly,

Holland America Line

Stein Kruse President  & CEO Holland America Line, highlight the universal appeal, the environmental printing and he address without hesitation Alaska’s Governor, Sean Parnell, on his presentation. 
He explain how absurd way to manage the arrival of turism with uneasy regulations for the cruise lines and  even drink water off shore for the passengers was harder than on board. He illustrate how Cruise-ship Industry always is ahead 1 or 2 years and  if Alaska doesn’t modify their uneasy regulations there will be no more Cruises willing to deal with all that nonsense. Kruse, takes very seriously a harmonious growth of the industry with the environment sustainability in his company is a priority “Safeguarding our guests, crews, ships and the environment in which we live and operate is not only the right thing to do, it is essential to the successful conduct of our business”  with that  statement Stein Kruse, give at the end of his presentation

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Proud after the huge success of deliver in time and getting a healthy respond by the consumers all over the world,  with the first deliver of Genesis Project “Oasis Of the Seas”, the youngest on the arena but well experienced Adam Goldstein, President and CEO Royal Caribbean Int. address the subject of  globalization of the Industry, the European potential the expanding of destinations in, Asia, India, and South America, he encourage the authorities of each destiny to improve their facilities and adapt the infrastructure to the arrival of the new fleet of ships that are now in the market.

Daniel J. Hanrahan, President  & CEO, Celebrity Cruises.  Emphasize importance of  media in publicity, to show the costumers the new technology on board in this floating travel cities, the incredible facilities they offer on board and the innovations some ports in the world are doing to receive this great benefit of the cruise-shipping industry, he invite to apply the partnership strategy as his company does with the ports and congratulate some of those ports such “Costa Maya” in Mexico for the renovations and high mantenince, he remaind that costumers not only want to have a great experince in thier ships but in the arrival of their destinations.
In Conclusion of the conference The State of the Cruise Industrycan be resume  that the Cruise Shipping industry is among others doing great, so far, so good over other industries.
The challenges to keep growing and evolving in a world of innovation has to apply not only in the fleet but on the destinations.
Keeping as priority as well the use of friendly new technology available, to make this industry more sustainable.
marketing strategies, on a direct approach to the media and even the opportunity to update them selves in social media, since mostly all this high range executives are in the Social Media.

Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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