Educated Costumer get good deals for their money

SU-O1.-Finally recovering from the trauma to have 3 hell days in a world of ugly selfish way to live in so call “luxurious living?  Exclusive amenities? a warm community?

I think who does the promotion never has been there… Unfriendly Condos Bay Parc Plaza in Miami, if ignorant understand cheap, insecure, rude and nasty expensive place means luxury… well then you can be happy over there.  

Since there is not rule in the land of nobody in North Bay shore Drive  Miami where the condos such Opera Tower or Bay Parc Plaza among a bunch of empty ones the entire area doesn’t have any visitors space for residents less than $40 or $80 DL just for parking per day …with this economy ???????

Not even visitors can have any break, for more than one night in the simple one bed room surrounded by other buildings that you must have close windows to deserve some privacy even from the bathroom….

If you go to visit anybody there prepare your wallet like paying a nice hotel but instead to expect that your car will be broken in the only place that also you have to pay per hour overnight or you will get a ticket.

Stressful time in the streets “parking authority” just giving tickets away, but nobody is responsible for the cars security, a lot of police cars in the front of the buildings as decoration because there was any officer when I was attacked by that sick dog woman.
Warm community???? Scary residents with all sort of dogs….Elevators stink, and managers cannot help visitors’ guest to get any discount with valet parking mafia…

Terrible experience in just in 3 miserable days, I got the lock of my car broke that cost me aside the great amount of money an entire day lost with so nasty people around….Then a parking ticket next day, an ugly sticker when my host allow me to use it’s space inside the building but what’s top the experience was the terrible experience to be bully by a crazy dog-woman barking me all over the night I decide end that hell, this crazy woman get aggravated after I let know her that I will take 15 minutes to bring back my luggage to avoid the charge of waiting.

Who pay for wait more than 10 minutes?????


And there was any kind of security and any reaction by the counter guy with full of cameras. !!!Pathetic.!!! Awful costumer service.


If for ignorant luxury means throw away your money to a rude service, cero amenities to your visitors, offer parking tickets for park around the building and get a nice red-orange stink sticker in your window that will block all your visibility in your right side plus be bark by the staff should ease and make your visit unforgettable hell …Then you have it that area is the place to be.

Complains yes, but with B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau) because there is a legal right for all residents to be able to bring even “potential residents” to their places and give the space to park safety without charge.

However I can only predict that area will be soon an empty “A hole” of huge buildings since who wants to live without visiting after all drama has to pass visitors nobody would like to visit ?????

And unable to give a space for visitors out-of-town???

Just to high light unprofessional and insecure way to run manager offices in that place is as inefficient as their valet parking service they start at 10:00 am and even I was late for the nasty surprises, I have to leave latest at 8:30 as other professionals.
Hopefully residents will value themselves to avoid sign with that sort of irregularities, and become the prisoners who pay to be mistreated.


People deserve to be visited when they are paying so much money for a simple and nothing special one bedroom and living-dinning space with open mini kitchen counter and when you cook all the smells and aromas fill the entire floor with noises and views from other buildings or dirty parking lots…


An educated costumer understand what is to live in real luxury places for the right price and good costumer care for him/her and their visitors who eventually can become neighbors when they have a great experiences.
If not, I strongly recommend to check more than 5 nice beautiful on the beach buildings from 42 to 56 Street in Collins Av. In Miami Beach where I use to live and prices were almost 25% less than people is paying in that area for a huge apartment 2 bedrooms private kitchen and huge dining living room, great balcony for a garden table for 4 and 2 bed chairs and my collection of roses and hibiscus draw trees in big pots with amazing views in the west incredible intercostals view with sailing boats and the east immensity of amazing ocean…
And 2 parking spaces that’s LUXURY at the right price Nothing between. 

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.



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