IBD Closed it’s 52nd Annual Meeting in Cancun México

SU-O1.- The 52st  IDB’s Annual Meeting ends in Cancun Mexico … 

Unexpectedly in the program of the event, where closing press conference with IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno and Mexico’s Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero Arroyo. 

52nd Annual Meeting IDB in Cancun Mexico


During March 19 to 23, were a series of seminars on topics of interest to participants in the IDB the Boards of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) hold their Annual Meeting in one of the Bank’s member countries this time in the Caribbean side of Mexico. 

Arrival of Mexican President to the 52nd Annual Metting of IDB with Pte Luis A. Moreno


This gathering is a forum for discussion among the institution’s Governors, most of whom are Ministers of Finance, Presidents of Central Banks, or other high rank level authorities of the member countries also representatives of multilateral financial institutions, development agencies, and private banks get together in this reunion. In total 48 countries were represent in this annual meeting. 

IDB is one of the few institutions with constant financial support to develop new environmental programs, to governments and private initiatives. 

More than 8 Countries got a loan during the IBD 52nd Annual Meeting


IDB have been financially supporting Mexican initiatives with the creation of aeolic energy parks since 2003, getting positive recovery of their millions of loans, and during this annual meeting at least more than 8 countries were receiving loans by the IBD.


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