In the land of freedom, Success & Power are great tools

SU-O1 .- The Estefan, Gloria & Emilio has been the smatters entrepreneurs not only in the entertainment getting enough reputation and financial growth in their investments but in the power race in the land of freedom.
They has been wise enough to play cards in both parties in the US, with republicans they were not that up front but always they have one of their protégées inside as it was singer Jhon Secada during George  Bush Administration  as one of the members Commission Co-Chairs the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
Gloria still “breaks a leg” with her concerts all over Latin America making enough money in the 2 years of global depression to become part of the selective group of the Dolphin Stadium owner’s
And Emilio now as writer has his own book, and with his private powerful circle they can do what anybody can do.
In less than average time he got the blessings by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie to create the Spanish version of “We are the World” with mostly the group of singers he has helped to get a ride in the Hispanic US market.
Now after one of the regular practices of repression in Cuba, with the US presidential galas endorsement Gloria is willing to leave her castle and go outside to the streets.
It needs a tragedy for some people to do something notable, last March 18th after a catholic mass for dead of Orlando Zapata hunger strike,  the “Ladies in White” peaceful  Organization were attacked and arrested by Castro’s regimen security forces.
Gloria Estefan organize in less that a week after the latest attack happened in Cuba, a similar march than “Ladies in White” has done since 2003 as a peaceful resistance to Castro’s regimen.
Of course for this march has been invited a select group of Estefan’s celebrity friends and provably security will be as tight as the 200 Castro’s security officials who bit and arrest 30 inoffensive “Ladies in White”.
So who wasn’t invited better stay away from that event.
Gloria is inviting in a brief message to her followers in her web site to come and reproduce Ladies in WhiteMARCH “In Support Of Freedom”.
Media from all over the world has been show casting the images of Human Rights violations that these women have been victimize.
So either the Estefan are investing their time, talents and money to the great causes publicly or the international media exposure that Haiti’s  hurricane and now the attack against the “Ladies in White” presented to them as an opportunity they can capitalize.
The Estefan are a well set up family with few scandals in their record, but never were so out promoting or even leading public events in favor of any cause, but after all not long time ago Emilio has been called the “Midas King” with a turn down become less  profitable in the music industry as it was a decade ago, maby now they could find in philanthropy a great source of publicity, branding and sell….
If not ask the master of it,  Mr. Donald Trump who after down hill of the Real State he keep alive his multimillion contract with NBC “Apprentice” reality show with a twist  with celebrities instead of potential employees in the name of great causes.
As I said in the land of freedom nobody with an abundance mentality will be poor and with Success and Power as tools they cannot fail, less when the opportunity felt it to the table.
So,  go for the cause and enjoy mingling in the Little Havana walking with Gloria Estefan and celebrity friends.
Meanwhile  we will be testing waters in the international free Cuba in Miami famous restaurant café, where we use to sit in the street during the massive resistance in the case of Elian in 1998.

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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