“Cruise for the Upscale Consumer” The Options, I

26 years with high rank Cruise Shipping Exec

26 years with high rank Cruise Shipping Executives


SU-O1.- On 2009 small cruises with service at “concierge menus” dominate the market and since the Cruise Industry always is 1 or 2 years a head. The financial downturn it didn’t affect the already sold out luxury cruises.
However they have to adapt to the upcoming consequences and they maneuver to adjust the upscale services with prices that appeal to a new demographics willing to upgrade their taste over the great opportunity to be able to pay the accessible rates in the most luxury and exquisite way to cruise in the most exotic and fine destinations.
During the Cruise Shipping Miami the experts were not only satisfy how their companies has been kep their Itineraries on  going in the regular pace, but how they found out that a new costumers are listing again their holidays in the luscious upscale cruising.                   

More than 20 years, leading Luxury Cruise Style


 Seabourn Cruises: is the Luxury Yachts brand line of Carnival, since almost more than 20 years ago, the ultra luxury cruises design small yacht look a like ships, have in their itinerary the world’s premier vacation choices.
With a fleet of 6 ships in service and the 7th one will be active in coming June 2010.                     

President & CEO Seabourn Pamela C. Conover


 As announced in a short but effective presentation “lady master” of the Cruise Shipping Industry Pamela C. Conover on her opening for the session: “New Features and amenities to attract and satisfy New Guests”  she appointed how new trends are happening in the line of this industry: Guest are younger, adventurous, less formal and cyber-active and with voracious variety, the average of traditional guest is now 10 years younger, Conover noted.


Young new costumer at Seabourn


Great out-door spaces

 The fleet in Seabourn cruises will keep growing with new features to please the younger costumers like outdoor dinners, and big spa spaces, contemporary designs, delightful intimate atmosphere.     

Variety in dinning options


  Executive Pamela C. Conover – President & CEO  of Seabourn  Cruises concludes her polish effective presentation with  the statement :   
 “ Young Costumers know what they want, when they want & how they want it… If you want to attract and satisfy this new breed of affluent traveler, you need to get acquainted with these three things”.       

PTE & CEO Seabourn Pamela Conover

New costumers knows: what, when & how

Seabourn cruises; has in its itineraries destinations such : Arabia, Africa & India, Asia, Canada & New Egnland, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, South & Central America, South Pacific, Transatlantic, incredible packages like: World Cruise & Grand Voyages.      

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.     

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