With over 10,000 NGO’s in Haiti before and after quake, Where Haiti is now?. The Earth is evolving

SU-O1.- Sustainable Haiti Conference, Caribbean Network Magazine report. After the tragic earthquake in Haiti the world will stress to Haitians to balance everything in that Island.    

Haiti after Earthquake


Haiti rebuilding


39 panels and conferences supported by 47 mayor sponsors in 3 days  from 7 am to 7pm . presentations run  with dignitaries, and experts on al variety of  themes :
 “Rocket Fuel” for Haiti: Launching a Nation into Global Networks of Investment, Industry and Trade, lead  by Mike Fairbanks, OTF Group. 
Lunch Roundtable for Social Venture  Capital Social Enterprise.
Celebrating entrepreneurs, Education, Micro-Finances, Insurance, and Roads; Family Health on $2 a day, Bank & Finance, Manufacturing, Property Rights, d. Tourism #2.  PLENARY- Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise, Miami-2010,
Maximizing  NGOs, Shared Vision on Entrepreneurs, Transparency, #1
Social Entrepreneurship, Transparency, #2 .
Water management , Human Rights & Health, b. Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship, Public/Private Partnerships.
Media’s Role & Responsibilities, Reforestation, Manufacturing, Housing, Corporate Responsibility, Telecom, Agriculture’s Compelling, Tourism’s New Day, Social Venture Capital, Investing Outside the Capital (Decentralizing).   

Highlights in : Renewable Energy, Diaspora’s Moment, Children: Building Hope, Maritime Shipping Logistics.
In Finances: Mobile Banking/Remittances, Sustainable Haiti Profile, Effective Government Media – Representing Voices Unheard.
“Sustainable Celebrity: How Artists and Celebrities Can Remain A Force For Good”    

Official representation


 !TOWN HALL ON HAITI: Getting committed now!
 Te opening had a s KEYNOTE, Prime Minister Jean- Max Bellerive (invited) who also give the Update post-earthquake.    

Haiti 25 place in poverty in the World


During the conference of Maximizing “Efficiencies & Effectiveness” Steve Vetter from Partners of The Americas analyze how with over 10,000 NGO’s operating in Haiti ( 2nd highest per capita in the world next to India) Haiti is still the 25th poorest country in the world  with high level of inefficiencies and lack of communications among the organizations around.
How can true collective power of NGO’s be operative?    

Haiti in Global economy


In a more civilized and diplomatic way some countries needs another succesful countries interventions to help them come up from the inability to offer the education, and options to their societies to become self-sustainable and competitive with an inevitable globalization.
Evidently Democracy has to prevail in those countries and more initiative from the society to pick the right leader to manage better the Country sources to bring better opportunities in jobs and development in their countries.  

The natural disaster that Haiti suffer is just one of the upcoming changes in our planet with or without, human responsibilities, this planet is older than our Gregorian Calendar and is telling us through archeological discoveries  that before us were another civilizations and animal species that were extinct by natural “disasters” or as we can see more often adjustment of the earth.    

Satellite image of Bangladesh


We are living in amazing century full of incredible and accessible technology that allow us as humanity to know where some of this natural phenomenon will appear such Hurricanes and take precautions to survive as Charles Drawing teach us in his books “Origin of the Spices & Theory of Evolution”  in which he unveil to us “Law of the Natural Selection” in a world that is evolving every second.    

Chile Earthquake magnitude of 8.8


in comparison with Haiti had a higher and longer earthquake; 3 days a go a Rock Island in the Bay of Bengal, causing a 30 years of dispute between India and Bangladesh rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them:
the island’s gone.    

Disappearance of an Island


And Cuba has the earthquake as well. 
And China had an unexpected sand storm last week as well. 

China Sand-Storm picture by Goh Chai Hin AFP



Hopefully NASA and other Internationals agencies with Satellites and all sort of technology can use now those sources to guide the humanity about the natural movements, adjustment & changes are happening in plates tectonic in other words in the real structure of our beautiful and untouchable planet earth.  


Chile needs AID as well


Meanwhile Recovery Haiti is in a big mission and hopefully same attention and resources will be distributed to Chile as well.    



Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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