Life, in all great variety,as ritual of Easter, equinox, rebirth, Just Blossoming

SU-O1 .-Beautiful Easter, Equinox, rebirth, beginning,  cleanse time in the beach with the 4 elements, wind, water, fire and ground…  We had amazing experience in sailing, the most environmental way to navigate the ocean and fascinating communion with the win and the sun and the water to end taking a nap in the ground to process the serene experience.
Of course in between snorkeling with a lot of blue jelly fish..  What a wonderful scenery is to enjoy nature at its best in the surface of the ocean and it’s magnificent…
 I have certain sex appeal to barracuda a great school were around me all the time I was able to count around 15 all over me moving in the direction I did as if somehow my yellow polka dots bikini were ruling them protecting me even for small sergeant mayor little fishes, so funny but magic feel they care and guardianship moving in the same direction I did and even when I just stop.
Also there is any experience similar to see a bird to swim and try to catch one of the barracuda around that was the highlight for the snorkeling time  it was so fast I couldn’t see if was a Pelican or a Seagull I just see the wings get like an arrow determinate to strike  and unfortunately  to that bird, the barracuda are the fastest sharp silver knifes in the ocean they just scratch it and it was gone back to the air empty hands I was stone and sort of shock for the seconds of excitement and that I was in the middle of it .
After the great experience is amazing share a nap with thirsty of knowing innocent hand a promise that never has run away from this great experiences gifts of life, in the warm sand  free to choose to be in the right moment at the right time in the best day.
This rebirth it’s come with knowledge to reject and don’t embrace: narcissist, maquiavelic, chauvinistic, people around of oneself;  because if Christmas is remembrance of the birth of Hope and New Year a sense of great possibilities in time to come; Easter is a conscious decision to celebrate a great  blossom in all our seeding time, and expecting  that we will receive the harvest of it: exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond as got it from  Ephesians 3:20
And if there is a doubt about that possibility go and get in direct touch with nature in it magnificence just take a couple of minutes observing how amazing variety of life is there living among us in excess, abundant  above and beyond in the sky, the ground, the water and forces like the win or fire, try to contain any of them and then you will get this concept better… Meanwhile keep blossoming with all possibilities to get your life fruits in abundance that you are bold enough to  stretch yourself out of your familliar zone  to reach exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond.


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