¿Who is ?… Who?To get ”A” look to celebrate

ANMAR"Party Magazine" 15 years on the market


 SU-O1.Fotos: Irwin Cadenas, www.DreamsStudios.com Each social event is a unique celebration and to make unforgettable one, is necessary choice the best products and services available to the right Price. In this issue you are finding the Who is the best? for your image and accessories for a soap-opera celebration type. 

JOURNALIST Rosana Sandoval-G.


Let’s start with personal care: Hair is definitive a face frame and to select a good hair stylish for your event everything start with the expert hair as a sign that this person is using the products and care of the services is providing. 

Odilia Brit Owner"AMOR REAL"


At least 15 days before your event you should made a color, texture and hair style test. In other words visit the soap-opera expert in “Amor Real” (Real Love) unisex aesthetic where your hair is in the hands of Odilia Brit, owner who gives you a personal service in the best hair-treatments and give s you warranty to give a great results in hair care for me and women. 

Best beauty services for celebrities & more


“Amor Real” has services such as manicure, pedicure as well with free parking. Aside to be part of a selective clientele such beauty Queens, actress, actors and other entertainment personalities’ that use the care of  “Amor Real” in the corner of NW 7 and 42nd Av, in the first floor of Ocean bank building, just ask for your free consultation at: 305 446 6333. 

Sexy-Do a hair accesory


A basic product for your hair is SexyDo, an indispensable accessory for an elegant up-do hair style that keep your hair up in any weather and without hair spray products that will make your hair look like cartoon. 

Sexy-Do in daily basis


Sexy-Do is the accessory that will make you look sophisticated and sexy in your hair style. Sexy-Do is an underneath comb that become invisible and keeps the volume of your perfect up-do  to hold the tiara  or any ornament that you select during the entire time of your event and is so practical that you can use in your everyday activities if you have the up-do as your hair style. 

Toni Chayeb Designer Sexy-Do


Sexy-Do is just one of the variety of accessories has been created by designer Toni Chayeb, among other products and accessories to enhance the beauty feminine. There are Sexy-Do invisible comb to all hair color, burnet, blond, darks and salt & pepper, Sexy-Do, can be used in curly and straight hair in the way nothing will look strange in your hair, How to use it and where to get it , visit www.Sexy-do.com  or call directly to Toni  to 786 355 4045. 

Joe DePiro, PAPI Representative at Macys


Your man could be  interested in fashion,  if you introduce him in the comfort of  PAPI underwear, PAPI  men under-clothe  comes in all sizes and styles with incredible fine textiles that bring support and snug, 

PAPI variety: styles & colors


PAPI is a brand created in Miami “American Riviera” where multicultural society allows men to find unique creations in exquisite materials, colors, textures, and comfort without losing each one personal life-style;  plus, when somebody gets any underclothes from PAPI it’s doing a great contribution for the fight against AIDS. 

PAPI figths against AIDS

 Easy to find PAPI at any men sections in Macys store in all US territory. 

Belinda, amazing jewel accesories


Another beautiful accessory in Spring-Summer season that becomes a jewel when it was part of the intimate is the Bra-straps, G-strings, and Swimwear and dress bodily jewelry. Bedazzling by Belinda, Belinda found in the past a very gross the way bra straps and g-strings elastic come up from underwear and worst the strapless accidents in all ladies, then she create this outstanding jewel. 

Brides & Grooms are Bedazzling By Belinda


She made special garters for brides, and beautiful bra-straps and g-stings what even man can use; a great variety of these creations can be select at www.bedazzlingbybelinda.com and if you need a special request speak with the expert at 321-2319739. 

Event planers & coreographers


And don’t forget if you want to have an unforgettable celebration contact Angel & Marion Miami finest party planners and ask for their specialty as “Dance with the stars” choreographers Angel & Marion

Experienced Event Planners


Get a pick in their choreographies on their website: www.angelymarion.com.   

If you want to be part of this column or request more information about the products or services you find here feel free to contact Journalist Rosana Sandoval at e-mails rosanasg10@yahoo.com Subject: ANMAR Column Who is?… Who?

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