Pulitzer Prize Nomination, Tabloid “The National Enquirer”


Prestigious Pulitzer Prize


SU_O1 / April 2010.  The National Enquirer, a gossip tabloid, got a nomination for the most prestigious journalism award THE  Pulitzer Prize,  for unveil the most deceptive men in US, Starter from John Edwards unforgettable affair  when his wife was fighting against cancer and  battling  for him in his political campaign,  jeopardizing her own life for Edward’s success,  meanwhile he was getting pregnant a WTW (worst than whore= women that get involved with married men knowing and doing in propose to destroy marriages)    

Gossip Tabloid, exposing cheaters


Also The National Enquirer has been specialize to bring to a light  the other ‘easy down pants’ of John Gosselin who cheats with all sort of  WTS ( Worst than Sluts= Young women capable to suck whatever and whomever is on tv business, from waitresses to socialites and they do just to have 15 minutes of fame)  meanwhile his wife Kate Gosselin was taking care of 8 kids and writing books  to ensure certain life style for her children. But Enquirer  reporters throw the bomb finding as all WTW & WTS embrace the poor manhood of another  ‘hypocrite nice good boy looking’  Tiger Woods, who  certainly got whatever (including all sort of collection of venereal diseases) after his rich collection of affairs he collected during his marriage.
 And the cherry on the top for all this Enquirer assertive findings a less than a week  after Sandra Bullock got her Oscar, her unfaithful husband was betraying her with  his WTW+WTS + crazy person.
Definitely Enquirer deserves recognition even though they are doing these stories as great way to engross their income in consumption by the morbidity of certain population. The secondary good effect is that heterosexual men will consider to use some suspenders when they get married understanding what the VOWS of marriage means.  

Well Done to NE to Exhibit family criminals

Another “A”+ The Enquirer exhibits these WTW & WTS women who should not only be in rehabilitation but also arrested as criminals.
At least in US so far has been approved a law in which spouses that have been cheated can sue the lover of the cheating spouse. The Victorian –Statutes in protection of marriages and families should be renewed, to be current and apply no just  to men but to  women who get between married couples. In the Victorian-era statutes gave men the right to sue anyone who seduced their wives.
The terms at the time were “criminal conversation,” which meant adulterous sex, and “alienation of affection,” which could be anything that destroyed the love between husband and wife.

Justice to victims of unfaithful spouses


Well if the Pulitzer Prize is given in the justice for all women that has suffered the humiliation for narcissist,  chauvinist maquiavelian husbands, such as the Kennedy wives -Jackie, Ethel, Joan-  Lady Diana, Jennifer Aniston, Hilary Clinton, Cyntia Rodriguez, Elin Woods, Elizabeth Edwards, Sandra Bullock , Dayanara Torres, among other women less famous but who have experienced that  traumatic and inexplicable betrayal, because of the poor manhood of those dysfunctional men who asked them to married them and keep the hunting with them as wives, meanwhile these men are just keeping score and conquering sex awards.
 ! Well Done! To the Pulitzer Prize nomination to  National Enquirer  as the only publication that has been bold enough  to expose in public and  humiliate all those men and WTW & WTS as they deserve. Because they shouldn’t be penalized just financially in Court during the divorce, but should be screened like other criminals to prevent them from doing the same again.
!!!There is no excuse for CHEATING!!!. Being unfaithful to a personal decision to get married is criminal behavior that causes emotional distress for the cheated spouses and destroys the basic cell of society, the family. Aside from secondary damage they cause their kids, the cheaters’ unstable personalities break homes in which the children can’t build any stable trust and knowledge of what LOYALTY means.
Congratulations to the  National Enquirer after all they found a great cause to expose,  without any complacency of social cover up, but  the truth as it is, giving certain closure to the uncertainties of several wives that have been victims of those criminals.
And the other tabloids, please stop giving attention to those WTW & WTS as celebrities. !Expose them,!!! yes  as what they are- human predators without self-respect, bugs like cockroaches ready just to infest something that will never belong to them or  that they will never be a part of, since they will never be marriage material.
And well Men should be trained from their youth about the commitment and responsibility they have as life-time partner in the most important business partnership as it’s a family with the woman they can grow and succeed together.
 A Real MAN can make happy his own woman, if not ask Robin McGraw, or Victoria Osteen,  who so far, are  married with famous and attractive men who respect them as their wives and included them in their public life and the best part Phill & Joel,  know how to be men with integrity rejecting all WTW & WTS that everyday poured over those decent men.    

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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