“I’m doing this because I have the best chance in my life time to build a self sustainable society”… Bill Clinton about Haiti in CGIU 2010

SU-O1 .- President Bill Clinton has been devote with his Global Initiative University since 2007, supervising on firsthand each “Commitment” – founding to the students that has been approve by his committee to put in action those initiatives. 

Clinton Global initiative University 2010


This year, students made about 1,000 new Commitments to Action, with universities and national youth organizations.
 A Commitment to Action is a concrete, measurable plan to make the world a better place.
During last weekend Friday 16, Saturday 17 of April, the University of Miami hosted the plenary sessions on international and domestic topics such as: THE FUTURE OF WATER,

President Clinton & UM President Dona S.


The plenary session started with remarks by Donna Shalala, The President University of Miami who also introduce President Bill Clinton, Founding Chairman, Clinton’s Global Initiative. Regina Benjamin,Surgeon General of the United States. Robyn Allen, Student, MIT Founder Vehicle Design Summit. Sam Adelsberg, Founder, Lendfor Peace.org. And Pharrell Williams, Musician and Entrepreneur of Recycle Bionic Yarn.Having the best leader in US, students cannot make mistakes so they break in small groups to make a smart proposal that will include basics in business as Marketing, Fundraising and Community Engagement.
! Hands on !  Was the first message to start by the former US President in his opening remarks: “Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) members have shown that a few people can make a tremendous difference in the world,” Clinton said  

Interesting panelist in the plenary session Photo UM


Inspiring others President Bill Clinton


 “Whether they are distributing microloans, building community gardens, or teaching children about nutrition, the students here are dedicated to expanding opportunity for others. I hope that, when they return home, they will inspire others to follow their examples.” 

 $42 million dollars will be fully funded to the commitment made by the universities and organizations to meet results of those commitments that involves, more than 230,000 students and faculties engage in awareness to fight cancer and become more environmentalist in their own campus; help to 120,000 people with disabilities to better access to health care, another 7,000 students will be working to help 185 000 war’s survivors.
And 2,000 families in Haiti will have emergency housing with the effort of students from Universities from Haiti and Dominican Republic

Sam Adelsberg, Founder, Lendfor Peace.org.

Sam Adelsberg, Founder, Lend for Peace.org.

Also new international commitments were announce such as: Institute of Food Security and Poverty Reduction, The Green force Initiative: Advancing Green Careers. Green Bikes. Books and Cooks! Solar Project, Tibetan Women’s Settlement Officer Training. US Green Building Council: Equipping Generation Green, Ocean Kids, Breaking Taboos & Building Consensus on Campus, Be the Key to Freedom. iRead: Books for Children in Developing Countries. Financial Literacy Workshops for Somali and Somali-Bantu Refugees, FIU’S Hope for Haiti. Campus Microfinance Alliance.  Sana Lab: A Laboratory for Promoting Peace and Improving Access to Health Care in Resource-Poor and Conflict Areas in the Philippines, Empowering Chinese Social Entrepreneurial Leaders (ECSEL), Energy Harvest, Walking-Aid Equipment, Higher Education for Students with Disabilities, A Sustainable Drinking Water Solution for Tumaipa, Suriname; Hippo Water: Improving Access to Water in India, Recording Our Dreams: Empowering Ugandan Youth through Music Production,  Microfinance and Maternal Health Initiative of Kibera, Giving the Green Light in India.The Science and Policy of a Renewable, Sustainable Future on India. Soley Ini: A youth-to-youth project in Cite Soleil, Haiti. Painting a Peaceful Present in Nepal, Beyond Pride: Public Service as Activism, Sewing for the Next Generation Sewing Sudan, Gifts of Giving Vietnam, Removing the Barriers to Surgical Care in Kampala Uganda, 3D Modeling of a Primary Health Care Clinic in Ho, Ghana: Applications for Global Health, Hens for Haiti: Feeding the Poor, One Egg at a Time, Universities for Ushahidi. 

Robyn Allen, Student, MIT Founder Vehicle Design Summit


Local to going National commitments: Within Her Strength, a project to commits to design an experimental course on how communities can promote healing for domestic violence victims.
Lack of Quality Affordable Healthcare for Migrant Farm Workers, committed to working with local physicians, to offer free blood sugar and basic cardiovascular health screenings for California’s migrant workers.
Fresh Produce, Fresh Possibilities: Implementing SNAP at Local Farmers’ Markets, will allow farmers’ markets to take part in the federal government’s food stamp program to increase access to fresh, healthy food in underserved communities. 

Pharrell Williams, Musician and Entrepreneur of Recycle Bionic Yarn.


Digital Incubation Platform for Student Social Entrepreneurs. Global Giving commits to help 150 student social entrepreneurs generate resources for their projects by utilizing Global Giving’s online platform.
After an introduction of the Commitments in the University of Miami, President Clinton attend the “Millennium Network” in the beautiful renovated Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, This reception was part of the fundraising activities to get the financial support for entire Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton and the official presentation of Mr Clinton was made  by Jimmy Jean-Louis, to make  remarks an motivate the attendees to give to this commitments. 

Plenary session on Moving Forward in Haiti,


On Saturday the event closed with a plenary session on Moving Forward in Haiti, featuring President Clinton, author Edwidge Danticat. Indianapolis,Colts Wide Receiver Pierre Garçon and HELP Scholarship Recipient Stanley Clermont. The discussion was moderate by Michelle Norris, host of All Things Considered on National Public Radio

After the official closing and during the press conference Clinton took seriously as personal offense all the questions related to his critics on his crusade in Haiti.
Clinton uses the analogy of the insecure situation in the Mexican Border were the drug cartels are killing everyday hundreds of people saying that, similar  situation will be nothing in Haiti in less than 10 years if nobody does anything about it, he assures…But  with enough passion he reclaim:  I have no illusions, I have made my own mistakes in deal with Haiti and taking responsibility for it, I’m 63 years old, do you think that I‘ll commit 5 years of my life to go over there, if I told that is a loose enterprise?… After I have quadruple bypass? I’m doing this because I have the best chance in my life time to build a self sustainable society… we’re auditing all the process to make sure the transparency and corruption free in  the money and human sources in the public and NGOs by computer and with the press
He pleaded the press to keep following and don’t get bore of the projects in Haiti… “And make us accountable, chase this money if the Haitians do and you do we’re going to be OK” President Clinton concludes. 

Alonzo Mourning Charities, Miami-Dade C. Homeless Trust’s Homestead


On Sunday, Mr. Clinton joined the students and Alonzo Mourning, founder of Alonzo Mourning Charities, for a service project at the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust’s Homestead homeless complex, a community of about 500 formerly homeless individuals and families. 

Homeless complex, community of 500 formerly homeless


With that visit President Clinton and his staff went back to their headquarters in NY after a raining but productive weekend in Miami Florida


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