A night of “Music for Hope” 2010, to improve lives in Jamaica

SU-O1 To become a philanthropic in some circles is more than a trend of need to belong to a group,  is to be part with real interest and commitment  to the same cause and get authentic involved.  For Jamaica Inc.      

For Jamaica, Inc.


 a Florida legitimate nonprofit organization (501) created by the Azan Family in 2006 the goal of get together with friends and acquaintances is to bring furniture sources such beds to improve the quality live of orphanages and shelters throughout the island of Jamaica, is a mission that includes and motivates teenager volunteers from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Plantation Football Club. Every year under: Ladies Tea Party, Chinese Year and an Evening of music with Luciano themes the nonprofit organization, For Jamaica Inc. has been able to raise enough money to provide beds and mattresses to: Granville Place of Safety in Trelawney, Clifton Boy’s Home in Westmorland, Worley Home in St Andrew, West Haven in Hanover and 4 in St James:  Blossom child Care Center, Home of Charlotte Children, Garland Hall and Melody House.
So far For Jamaica Inc. has provided a in 8 shelters 240 beds frames and mattresses for kid who has slept on the floor per years. 

Brian Gold

Fine Music Entertainment


After a sophisticated selection in music with great interaction of musicians leaded by master cellist Dave Eggar people was stimulate to make a great contribution to this generous night.   

Dave Eggar & Paul Chong-You


Night's leader Dave EggarBrian Gold


Aside class entertainment, gastronomic personality “Chef Alex Kuk  and friends” such  Aspire Catering Events’  Chef Michael Moran and Exquisite Catering  By Chef Robert,  put together a Jamaican food and other international delicatessen.
Southern Wine & Spirits offered  a great choice of fine wines and prepare delicious mix; other mayor sponsors like Breezes Grand Resort & Spa  from Jamaica and Sunset Resort, give for the rifles tickets visit  to their properties and enjoy their services. Obliged silent auction with interesting variety of items were in display in the main salon.     

Interview with Dave Eggar
Morley with Caribbean Network Magazine

Interviews were perform in a very relax atmosphere around the pool or in the living room with piano music in the back ground, having one of the most prominent producers from the Caribbean Mr. Handle Tucker, was imperative to talk about his most recent production and the comparison with the innumerable, versions of “We are the world” after  he brings a fresh and original motivating song “Llisten 2 the call” “The goal of this project is to inspire people around the world to “Listen 2 the Call” -not only of the poor, the suffering and the neglected but to listen also to their conscience, and extend a helping hand  not only in times of disaster,” Tucker settle down.
Producer Handle Tucker is well-known as one of the few creator in music industry with talent to bring extraordinary pieces in a short time, as he did of Jamaica’s proudest moments when the Reggae Boyz qualified for international soccer competition, “Rise Up” a song recorded to bolster support for Jamaica’s World Cup soccer qualifiers in France. Definitely people not only can get motivated to contribute for a great cause when they can enjoy great food, upscale entertainment and be able to mingle with all sort of celebrities without need it the backstage pass. That’s just a taste of what For Jamaica Inc. does every year to improve the lives in the orphanages and shelter in Jamaica.

Rosana Sandoval 
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM. 

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