NASA, the best of humanity through science and technology.

SU-O1.-  Meanwhile politicians and extremist are fighting getting the media attention in their twisted violent way to make this world a better place to live; there are thousands of fine people working in all areas in the Facilities, Space CentersResearch Institutes, Flight Research, Laboratories among Visitor Centers in the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)     

NASA Apollo 11, 1st Moon landing 41 years ago


Where  from high rank scientist to intern- assistants are giving their best, with the best interest in mind,  getting as result of their efforts great benefits for the entire humanity.
From all over the world scientist, engineers, doctors, technicians, operators, move in synchronicity even though it looks like everybody is in their own world, the great respect and self-sufficiency over delegated task between all this responsible people who thrust and surrounded at one point in the team partner, works  wonderful when they all get together and !VOALA! Things get done with an excellent time frame and precision.     

In a Decade NASA the Eagle landed


The natural quality of team work surface with amazing results, this grounded humans beings are able to go out of the space and even touch other planets, explore other galaxies, and the same time develop technology to create products  we use and take for granted in our daily basis, such: Invisible braces, cell phones, disposable diapers, power tools, laptop computers, improved running shoes, and many more items, as result of the technology this great inventors are capable to create in their way to put the humanity in another level of knowledge and exploration.      

NASA Test Laboratories


 Is very exiting watch launching and landing of huge space vehicles going back and forth from the space, but is not less amazing to see how these great flights can be possible.
Mesmerizing is the entire process to see how this creative human beings materialize dreams or fiction stories in the last century.      

NASA Centers & Facilities in USA


 But to make possible this incredible achievements and to reproduce the same conditions that are in the space this scientist face a great challenge to go against nature Physical Laws that rule in our planet, to train the more courageous people capable to develop a high level in knowledge in science and technology and at the same time in their physical capabilities to the extreme and keep themselves in such humble and valuable behavior.      

NASA Engineers,made from Space Rockets to Diapers


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Agency host practically the best and smarter people in the world working in 10 Centers and 6 Facilities from East to West and North to South in the Country, on Propulsion Laboratory, Space Flight Centers, Research Facilities, and with the benefit to all civilians who are curious about this amazing discoveries and human grow, to go to any of the Visitor Centers located in : California, Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, New Mexico, Mississippi, West Virginia, D.C. and  Florida with museums amusements parks, lectures with these master heroes  and even try simulators as taste of what all this genius are capable to get into.      

NASA Training, Knowledge and Resistance


 To become an Astronaut is a career that takes, discipline, commitment,  talent, knowledge, persistence and great health as result of self-respect life style, in which passion, temper, physical and mental resistance are tested to a high levels.      

NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab. pool plan


One of the most extraordinary processes on the training for an astronaut is in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, (NBL) which is the most fascinating reproduction of the conditions that are in the space using water. In the Sonny Carter Training Facility, is a monumental pool where all engineers, scientist and technicians who are part of       

NASA 1998 Space Shuttle Mission started


 IST International Space Station have been trained to assemble in the Low Earth Orbit, since the IST began in November 1998 as the first International Satellite Research Laboratory where personnel from all countries involved participate. This International Satellite Laboratory has as primary fields on examination: Human Research, Space Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Meteorology and Astronomy.      

Massive training pool at the NASA Neutral Bouyancy Hubble mockup


Practically this incredible space floating engineering, construction and space architecture has been build assembly in parts by the Space Shuttle team. (Coming from another NASA Center develop in Aeronautics)
The three node modules has been carried in parts by the STS (Space Transportation System ) the current human space flight  with the  Space Shuttle Program which had 5 vehicles: 3 inactive already: Challenger + ( 01-28-1986), Columbia +(01-16-2003), Atlantis retired ( 05-14-2010) and 2 on their last missions : Discovery scheduled into last Space Flight to carried Mission STS 133 targeted for November first, for 11 days where the crew will assemble the Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM)  and Endeavour schedule to its last Space flight on February 24, 2011.       

NASa, EVA training in the NBL


At this moment team of astronauts are practically practicing  submerged in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory which is the replica of the International Space Station under 40 feet deep pool that holds 6.2 ,million gallons ( 22.7 million liters) of water which is recycle every 19.5 hours.      

NASA Experts Life support


The training in this Laboratory is far from relaxed this is one of the most extreme process to be tested for Astronauts who are selected  in the EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity part of the Mobility Unit) the first, challenge is rely their lives literally on their team as life support, because it’s impossible for oneself get into the heavy  Space Suit of 120 lb and then get immerse in that pool.      



NASA Sophisticated Space life-support suit


Walk, be able to move and perform under the water and achieve all the task with the tools they have to maneuver under the semi rigid garment that will provide 7 hours life support.This sophisticated suit will control: pressure, temperature, oxygen circulation, carbon dioxide vacuum, humidity control, protection for radiation among other vital conditions and functions, to allow the survival of a person, but at the same time give them enough freedom to perform assembly in the out space.      

NASA,NBL work day


A training like these start every day from 5:30 with Critical System Startup, (ECS, BGS)  running to a test team 50 personnel check list, physical training lap swimming, suit and toll delivery to tank, Astronaut Test Conductor, pre-drive briefing, Suit Donning, Immersion initial weigh-out, transitions, test procedures.      

NASA Scuba-Diving Expert Team


Everything with rotation of Dive Teams in a settle time frame to end at 11:00 pm.
Every day  training is ongoing and they keep their attitude intact, hard as it can be just to walk and breath under the water this smart humans have to perform complicated task such use tools to set small screws, hold pieces and keep building the rest of the Space Station in conditions pretty similar out of the Earth’s gravity.      

NASA NBL observing Astronaut training


NASA , EVA training at NBL


Certainly during all this process other experts out of the water are working with the Astronauts as well performing their part in this amazing performance:  The Medical Team for starts are on call with physicians, paramedics, surgeons 12 physiologic personnel, Human Support Group who are on duty during the training  ready if need it with a full equipped Hyperbaric Chamber.      

NASA NBL Hyperbaric ChamberNASA Medical Supports


Full communication systems are on functions among suited Astronauts, topside trainers, facility test coordinators with the flight control team within Johnson Space Center Mission and the reminder of the shuttle crew not performing the (EVA) at the On-site Shuttle Mission Simulator.      

NASA NBL EVA team training


A series of underwater speakers allows one way communication to the support divers, even though the dual capability is in development. So far the STS has been performing at its 90% of the projected expectations mission and even the Program assembly is coming to an end for 2011.    

NASA NBL Int. Space Station Rep.


NASA continues bringing amazing benefits to the humanity in knowledge and understanding the planet we are living  and plus the entire technology is developing in Aeronautics, Robotics, Cybernetic, Automotive that apply in all appliances we’re enjoy in our daily activities.  

NASA The best for the BEST


And just by the record NASA remains One of the Federal Government’s Best Places to Work accordingly to a survey made  a year ago (7.24.09) Based on responses from more than 212,000 federal employees last year, NASA’s workforce continues to score well and the agency is ranked third among large federal agencies as a best place to work.   

NASA Research Center, Facilities & Visitor Centers


The rankings also reveal that NASA ranked second among all federal agencies in the categories of Effective Leadership, Teamwork and Support for Diversity, as well as other areas.    

NASA,Kennedy Space Center


And the fact is in NASA are the best people with the best intentions, grounded full of knowledge and willing to keep learning and exploring here and there to bring us a better way to live.      

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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At last, in her Home-port NCL Freestyle EPIC brings unique experience in amenities, amusing elegance to clever cruise passengers

SU-O1. – Born in France, Register in Bahamas and become an American on the 4th of July,  the 5th largest, Cruise-ship in the world NCL EPIC,  now at her Home Port in Miami.
The wait is over; EPIC the brand new 11th in the youngest fleet of Norwegian CruiseLine and the newest 5th largest Cruise Ships in the world finally arrives at The Port of Miami as her Home Port.         



NCL EPIC A year ago


After a great amount of challenges to become a reality, EPIC has been delivered from STX Europe Ship Yard in Saint-Nazaire, France, leaving in the past all those unfortunates events during her construction that make her strong and magnificent NCL EPIC Journey rising of the Phoenix in her arrival to America as the first largest sip in the New York Passenger Ship Terminal on July 1st Christening on July 2nd by “I’m a survivor” Academy award country start and actress Reba McEntire.         

NCL CEO MR. Sheehan


NCL EPIC God-Mother and faithful traveler REBA Mc.Entire


Since then EPIC is making history being in the hot spot, during the most patriotic celebration in US the 4th of July, EPIC hosted astonish Macy’s 34 Year fireworks telecasted by national NBC TV network and on the sunset of July 7th, finally the well massive advertised NCL EPIC is welcome to her home port in Miami becoming the most charming, modern, cozy high-end design with amazing amenities never before experienced on a great massive cruise-ship.         

Rising of the Phoenix


 NCL EPIC has 19 decks; each one, with their own personality and full of greatest technology available in the world; incredible crystal windows walls in all state rooms in entire vessel. Since we were early birds we have opportunity to have the ship just to ourselves and we really enjoy the Freestyle NCL is offering to the passengers in the great EPIC.         

Embarking Costumer Desk in Deck 5


 Form Stern to Bow in 8 hours time with lunch and press conference breaks, we walk from Deck 5 to Deck 19, in each one them we find modern structural accessibility, different design style and ambient with great playful new feel and look  décor with fine art and valuable memorabilia.International food available starting on Deck 5 In exclusive and sophisticated French cuisine in “Le Bristo” Restaurant,        

NCL Le Bristo Rest & Art Gallery


 where also people can acquire original pieces from great international masters like Salvador Dali and Joan Miró among others and also enjoy the amazing menu with great ocean views in this Victorian gold’s era style atmosphere.
 The lively free space for Costumer Desk Shore Excursions & Guest Services are together in the Atrium         

NCL Atrium 2 Deck high HD Monitor


 Which display a 2 Decks tall size huge plasma monitor with 3- D sensation, next door WNCL Broadcasting Studios and Master Click  picture station with hundred screen monitors  to choose and print pictures; in the back high end computers with Internet access.          

NCL TASTE Restaurant


  “Taste” Retro ChicEuropean Restaurant with traditional and contemporary cuisine at the rear of the Deck and Epic Theater in the Front.         

NCL EPIC Freestyle CASINO on the Asile


Going up the Open Casino in the middle aisle of Deck 6 on the way to the Stern where is the outstanding Manhattan Room Restaurant a cosmopolitan, majestic place to enjoy a luscious dinner with amazing 2 decks windows wall, giving a great back view of the ship…         

NCL EPIC Manhathan, Amazing 2 Deck tall windows


Definitely a perfect space for weddings and corporate events in a sophisticated NY style. Going to the Bow still in Deck 6 you can find all sort of entertainment clubs Bow Fat Cats Jazz and Blues Club, Shanghai’s Chinese’s restaurant and noodle bar, bowling at O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill, Spiegel Tent Dining & Entertainment showcasing Cirque Dreams ®& Dinner and across the aisle Headliners Comedy club, to arrive another elegant entrance for glamorous 2 Decks Epic Theater. 21 restaurants with exquisite menus available to all tastes.
The Cagney’s Stake House on Deck 7was the place to host members of the Press; a bold balance between elegance, antiquity and practicality with generous portions of first class meats cuts to order on the menu matching perfect wine selection suggested by the Sommelier of the house. There were no flows in any of the meals they serve; in our table we share a bite from all menu options to have an accurate evaluation of the rich food variety they offer … The unanimous verdict deliciously PERFECT 10.         

NCL Cagney's Stakhouse


NCL Svedeka, bold & cold Report with Peter Grant


 Keep walking we found the incredible “17° Ice Bar” Svedka the 14th in the world with gigantic ice sculptures of a Viking and a Bear with great ice branches and Sits from where we did our cool broadcast. 
Japanese in Wasabi & Teppanyaki, food options across the aisle not without enjoy stupendous wide up of the top of the huge white crystal cuts Chandelier, the largest on any ship and also the most energy efficient at sea.      

NCL 3 Deck high light masterpiece


 It is completely illuminated by LED technology, using over 10,000 diodes. An impressive artistic functional structure, the focal point of the ship’s in 3 Decks another 10 in the score.         

!!!Shopping time!!! At NCL EPIC  Tradewinds  in Deck 7 with exclusive brands in all imaginable products you can get on a luxury mall: Jewel, perfumes, make up, and more.         

NCL Tiffany & Co. Miami Dir. Mr. Gonzalez


Then more fun in the Bliss ultralounge, with the most mixture in design: gold dance floor, Chinese bed lounge, practically a showroom of fancy, comfy modern amazing furniture; unbelievable variety in loveseats, armchairs, ottoman, chaises, sofas, divans, Andromeda, Mars, Lateran among other design chairs a billiard table in one side and an electrifying bowling in the other, definitely a place with so much to have fun.       

NCL EPIC great views


From Deck 8 to Deck 13 are the greatest staterooms in the sea, and all of them with great ocean views, family and Deluxe Balconies, Amazing area in the ship it comes from Deck14 to the top.
Deck 14 has the astonish “Fitness Center, Pulse” free space, great wall windows, “zero” impact gravity playground in the largest ever gym on the sea.         

NCL Fitness Center "Pulse"


Well strategically design treat for exercise discipline, is the utmost large SPA in the Ocean “Mandara Spa & Salon” is heavenly pampering full, really full Spa Services, Botox, whitening thee all kind of rejuvenation treatments; private male and female separate steam rooms and family ones,.     

NCL Fitness Center O g. ImpactNCL Mandara Full Spa


  Multi-treatment pool and thermal benches with Jacuzzi and single steam room with ocean views, that’s NCL Freestyle enjoyment with private access and services in the Spa-Suites.       

NCL Multitermal Pools


NCL EPIC also has the extended area and attention of KidsCare in “Recess” where toddlers have their own area and Nickelodeon’s characters such SpongeBob, are on charge of the entertainment and teens can have fun with all safe technology available to them.        

NCL EPIC Aqua Park


Restaurant on the Deck 14 is precisely on the Bow with airy beautiful views in a garden décor, delicious smell of variety in fresh basil and all sort of herbs combinations in “La Cuccina” the Italian option in the EPIC which offer huge long salads fountains with crispy lettuce and gleaming vegetables, what a temptation, the best combination on the richest alternative in all sort of fresh Italian pastas; from “La Cuccina” you can access to Deck 15 at the “Garden Café” on the Bow of the Ship with amazing ocean views, where you can find international pastry or delicious Italian sweets, sorbets and ice-cream, to keep fresh in the wide open sky  Deck 15 full of activities to every taste and age, Aquaparks for kids and adults, pool bar, pool casino, solariums, market place, kids arcade and arriving to the Stern to find the Spice H²O Pool Bar& Grill Theater.       



 Up to Deck 16  with also more open activities Entourage teenclub, climbing wall, first high 3 Decks water slide and sun loungers all over, to get a well deserve nap and tan in 2 third parts of the Deck, in the 3rd up front secctor  it is  the exclusive         

NCL EPIC CLUB Exclusivity on the Sea


EPIC CLUB an entrance to selected Decks, 16,17, 18 and 19 on the top-end in the Bow, preferential area to the members of this selective unique club; hosted personally by NCL Executive VP Andrew Stuart  in which NCL EPIC brings the absolute paradise in The Villas          

NCL EPIC CLUB Host VP Mr. Stuart


 A selective sector in top Bow of the ship with the most outstanding views, private elevators, enclose balconies, intimate pool area, luxurious suites, an opulent restaurant with high-end worldwide delicacy menu and wines selections.         

NCL EPIC Club class & Style another world


In this leisure ambiance fill up in details and exquisite pieces of art there is elegant and fancy courtyard and fitness center, Jacuzzi, sun deck. Theses penthouse facilities have of course concierge services for the private beach club “Posh” a combination of the sizzle of South Beach and the Ritz of the Riviera. This is another level available in the freestyle to the members of this select EPIC CLUB.         

Miami Dade Commissioners, NCL's CEO, Port Director


CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines Mr. Kevin S. welcomes to the members of the press in the NCL EPIC Theater with The Director of the Port of Miami, both more than satisfy since the time expectations for the arrival of the NCL EPIC has been more than precise.         

Com. Rebeca Sosa, NCL CEO, Jose Pepe Diaz


Miami Dade Commissioners Rebecca Sosa and Jose “Pepe” Diaz give away a declaration in the opening day as de NCL EPIC day in Miami Dade County.         

NCL Master Capitan's recognition


Master Capitan Trygve Vorren also receives recognition for his 30 years on the company and the one to have on charge each one of the new fleet of the NCL.         

Exclusive Interview NCL's CEO Mr. Sheehan


Ex. Interview Miami Dade Com. Jose "Pepe" Diaz


After formal ceremony  time to get exclusive interviews with the big players.    

Ex. Int. with Director Port of Miami Mr. Johnson


EX. Interview Miami Dade Com. Rebeca Sosa


Without doubt the Freestyle of NCL EPIC cast the nature of entire company where the leaders of this humongous corporation can be reliable and at the same time respectable charming; they are great hosts that makes everybody being at ease around in their signature Freestyle.  

Ex. Int. from Bridge with Master Cap. Trygve V.


Definitely is a good indicative why costumers are loyal to this amusing travel experience to go visit new countries and get a delightful trip in these entertaining cities on the sea.
 And for the ones who haven’t try the 11th Norwegian Cruise LineFreestyle experience, NCL EPIC is a life time adventure with style and efficient friendly upscale services, with great fares for an encounter that anybody shouldn’t miss it.
If you want to be part of the !!WOW !! in the sea…  NCL EPIC is your destination  

Graphic Reporter: Peter Grant
Corp.Pics by NCL.                                                                                                            

 Rosana SandovalG.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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twitter: @RosanaSGM.

Super Human Determination, Kevin Costner Heroic oil crusade

SUO1.- Since we are living in a world where mediocrity and corruption are  awarded and the media promote violence, cheating, drama, scandals as way to become notice; extraordinary people has to work harder to awake the mumble mentality of bureaucrats that generally work only to build obstacles as their job meaning, when solutions are in need.

Actor Kevin Costner face bureaucracy

Determinate people with positive attitude and financial sources have been taken the front line to get things done over the huge barriers of bureaucracy. Great humans being become versatile adapting their skills and going more than a mile a head to get the result and show the world how things can be accomplish. 
As does actor Kevin Costner who is showing that he is way over of any of his hero’s characters, taking a wise initiative with environmental vision, investing his time and sources to solve an inevitable catastrophe in the Oil Industry.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989

Costner start his venture as business conservationist after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989, getting the urge to find a solution to minimize the damages on the environment with the Oil Spill caused by the vessel, since then Kevin devoted financial sources and time to find a centrifuge technology that could recover the oil from the oceans.
Having the prototypes working successfully, Costner is forced to go into a crusade dealing with the resistant of: US Government and Oil BP Company during the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico since last April after Deep Water Horizon drilling rig explosion.

Ocean Therapy Solutions, new way to do business

Kevin Costner and his partners jump up to the ring to bring their centrifuge tool, as he call a legitimate “Oil Spill Respond Technology” for emergencies on oil drilling offshore.

Great human efforts with poor results in Oil spills

Is a fact the oil Industries doesn’t have a solution for this sort of accident, none of international oil companies has any effective emergency respond for these inevitable hazards. Pouring more chemical substances to the spilled oil didn’t work to recover it, on the contrary become a total loss and increase damages to the ecosystem.

Centrifuge devices OTS

The centrifuge device developed by Costner not only separate and treats the seawater to get back 90% to its natural state, but recover totally the oil to being processed as a gain to the company that has the bleeding in their pumps. Finally in June not only the Federal Agencies but BP give Costner the green light to deploy and work with this centrifuge machinery to collect the oil before it get to the shores lines and so far they are using the first ones successfully to collect the oil that has been spill and there are in order another 32 centrifuge devices to clean up in the Gulf of Mexico

Efficient & practical OTS devices

– I didn’t came to save the Gulf or make an income of it, I’m a dreamer and honestly I’m just a “what if?”… Kind of guy – Costner has been repeating at the end of his statements every time questions rise about great revenues he will have with this efficient, friendly device if, adopted in all oil platforms around the world.

K. Costner Oil Conferences

Kevin has been traveling and participating in all fair-trades and conventions related with this particular industry and Costner is totally ready to apply these centrifuge techniques to other industrial sectors working with toxic chemical substances that come out from cosmetic and fabric factories as well.
Ocean Therapy Solutions, is a company founded by young entrepreneurs Costner’s partners Erick M.V. Hoek, John Houghtalling II, Patrick N. Smith, they have been selecting a great team of experts to developed and testing centrifuge equipment and improving techniques after Kevin Costner show them the result of his 15 years of research in the separation of fluids from water such oil and other toxic substances, with excellent results in purity and volume.

Going to next step

 Now OTS, start a new partnership to create cargo- ships designed with this new technology incorporated to go immediately as emergency respond in every oil platform around the world when is need it.
Kevin Costner has become the smarter proactive and authentic driven environmentalist and entrepreneur HERO to do the right thing, with the right intentions and why not the right business approach. During his latest interview Costner with his natural charming and authentic good nature, expressed his concern about the impact of this oil spill in the entire Gulf of Mexico and he express his will to support any mexican initiative to get his technology and clean up any residues that this oil spill can cause in the entire Gulf of Mexico.
Stan Lee the creator of the first vulnerable comic Hero, Spider-Man in 1962 said: “People is ready to understand that heroes can be young and vulnerable”

Definitely the world need more human Heroes like Kevin Costner who has been showing in his evolution that real heroes have characteristics such INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, SUPER HUMAN DETERMINATION and PATIENCE to keep fighting for what they believe, and at the same time living as normal humans with their wives, families, jobs, ups and downs like all of us, showing us that we can be Heroes  and do the right thing as well.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.