The 3rd Wise Man, is a real Angel Now

SU-O1.-Not even a good swim and deep sleep make me feel better about the early departure of a great friend and the memories of the amazing learning time I had when I met Mr. German DehesaEl Charro Negro”.

Professor & Friend Mr. German Dehesa

I can’t remember him without my other 2 wise god fathers of journalism. Unfortunately all of them had pass away last June, Carlos Monsivais departure  when he was 72 years old; and the oldest one Mr.Andres Henestrosa, who die in 2008 when he was 101 years old; all of them great human beings than aside of my father they were invaluable guide to me…It was just one time when I was the youngest reporter in “60 Minutes team” when we all were together by accident in an opening event of very cozy bookstore where they allow to eat and read, very bohemian place in the Condesa area in Mexico City.

Professor Andres Henestrosa

 On that day I can recall feeling that experience like being in a cartoon with a  little devil and the angel talking with me with  quiet awe just ready to take me out of that nest… For me at that time was overwhelmed to be surrounded by those Mexican celebrities in the Intellectual world; the most respectable writers of my country, the three of them owned international recognition by organizations such UN and  they were there sitting at my side sharing food and drinks.
That night I was mute for the high respect I had for all of them smiling and sharing some “taquitos” almost like I could eat on them all the knowledge and kindness of this 3 masters talking about me and giving me their insights about how to manage my young career as journalist …

Journalist & Communicator

Meanwhile “The AngelDehesa  playing with my lack of experience at my early 20’s encourage me all the time to use my sense of humor he said:  “People will be more easy to listen what you have to say if  you use sense of humor”; Henestrosa older than all of us in that table, already a well known journalist , writer and experienced politician assure me success being demanding and courageous:“ You have to be firm and wise to expose and use the media on those investigative reports” and Monsivais the strong realistic straight forward one, who mostly keep himself as observer told me:

Professor Carlos Monsivais

 “Just be YOU  keep yourself well inform, get good connections and do a good research, in simple terms be responsible about your career, then YOU will do it… After he finish his statement give me his phone number, then polite Monsivais say his good bye and leave us… It was amazing have the 3 wise men talking to me and giving me advice.
I had  to call my family as soon I got at my place in Mexico City and tell them that finally I was baptize and endorse by  the high rank authorities in the Journalism world,  my Mom faithful believer said give thanks to God, my Dad as Catholic one ask me to pray a rosary since that happen in November. 
From then on I had the opportunity to go and visit each one of this wise men to their work places when I was doing a research for an advice or when they invite me, I also inherit books related with certain subject that they consider I should read.   After my departure from Mexico I lost contact with 2 of them first with Monsivais who wasn’t happy with my self-impose “exhile” as he called, he just answer one of my phone calls and nothing else since 1998, then with Henestrosa last phone call was on 2000, but the one I keep in touch till last August was with Mr. German Dehesa who was cyber-active enough to manage the Internet very wisely almost from the beginning this technology arrive in Mexico.  We share part of our Purepecha blood heritage when he discover that I was like  his mother from Michoacan the Mexican State where I born; we laugh several times on the chat and he gave me words of strength when departure of my Mother, ironically with similar situation she was diagnosed with cancer in a very late stage, metastasis. 

Humorous and assertive

He announced last month on his column “Angel’s Gazette” that he was diagnosed with cancer and his life expectations will be till the end of 2010; but he was optimistic that he will beat that deadline….I think he got early assignment in heaven, “the other world” as he called.
Even though he said openly he doesn’t believe literally in the way we were taught to believe in God (catholic way) he loved Angels, becoming one for God (“sake”)  as he react when I make him look how much he love God to name all his work with This singular “Angel” name:  “Angel’s Gazette” was the name of his daily column in the news paper, “Night’s Angel” was the name of his delicious funny and educative  TV show… And latest “Little Angel’s blog”… In his private life his brother was and son name is Angel Dehesa. And a lot of his colleagues in the University assure he had mass initiation on his college years. He and his talented wife Adriana Landeta were the power couple, together in TV or theater, they manage to bring the authenticity of their integrity, talking very openly about love, marriage, sex, politician, leadership, endanger words, recipes about quality life in general with a terrific humoristic real approach, just genius.
He used to talk about his private life and how the corruption and other national issues affect the regular life of any other citizen in his daily writings, using very colorful names. He had great respect and acknowledges great writers that also he promotes all the time like: Mario Benedetti, Octavio Paz, Emilio Salgari among youngest writers he discover in his curiosity and love for literature… 

With Professor Fernando Savater

 Dehesa, laugh and enjoy re-read Spaniard philosopher and Professor Fernando Savater booklets “Etica & Política para Amador” in a long distance with me, when I found the new versions with dictionary to understand Savater international Spanish terminology.  Also he was amazing supportive and proud when I sent him the picture with Professor Savater in US; he ask, when we will have one too, I answer that we’ll have time to do it.

His permanent advice in all situation was “Read”, whatever you like but read… This was Dehesa’s Angelical friendship, always recommends to me in every e-mail we exchange without matter which were the circumstances: If I share a trouble, “Read was his answer” and then a book’s name related with it as his advice.

El Charro Negor & El Angel de la Noche

 If I share a success, Read; if I share a frustration, Read; If I share a doubt, Read.So now I have to re-read everything he wrote to keep him alive.
And I will laugh remember his quiet but funny way to write his pieces.
He wrote everyday reviews about Mexico and the Mexican daily basis with common sense, objective criticism and unique sense of humor.
He wrote several books such  :
Adiós a las trampas, ( Good bye to cheating)  
La familia (y otras demoliciones) (The Family and other disasters,)  ¡Qué modos!: usos y costumbres Tenochcas, ( Tenochcas’s  ¡Oh-Manners!, trends & traditions )
¿Cómo nos arreglamos? Prontuario de la corrupción de México.(How we can get along? Mexican guide of corruption)
Las nuevas aventuras de El Principito
(The new adventures of Little Prince)
No basta ser padre, (It’s not enough to be a father)
Viajero que vas, ( A traveler on the way)
Cuestión de amor,  ( It’s a matter of Love)
Adiós a las trampas 2 (Good bye to cheating 2)
Los PRIsidentes,  (PRIsidents)
Fallaste corazón. (Heart’s failure or Heartache )
He also wrote several Theater’s plays such:
Tapadeus III,
El gabinete de Belem (Belem’s Cabinet)
Borges con música  (Borges with Music)
El pórtico de las palomas (Pigeons Port)
Pacto con botas   (Pact with Boots)
Monjas coronadas (Monks Topped).
He also was part as actor on the first new age in the Mexican film industry with “ Cilantro & Perejil movie ” where he becomes a fresh point of view about relationships in this time, marriage and fast sex, infidelity and lack of values and self discipline.
La Planta de Luz” Fridays night was his regular stage, how many nights I learn about a new author a new point of view in life, I love to laugh with his simplicity and humorous way to see the world, he loves the good life in all sense, he appreciate everything and every person he meet, he was serious and firm with kindness and great humanity.
German Dehesa had clarity of conscience and he uses his genius talent with his soft voice to say in a very allegoric way the true and how living by it. The graduation of his life came too soon, he was just 61 years old when still he was so productive and creative. He loves his soccer team “pumas” he allow himself to be his own cartoon hero with great stories.

He was recognize around the world

He got awards from his fans and all sort of organizations and association to even by the King of Spain.
His energy is now in his Angeles dimension, he is all over now, and he still and will be a productive funny genius, my mother said never said good-bye to your love ones, then… So long Professor.!!
Here his last blog:

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

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