By Faith, A young Mexican American Hero in Hollywood

SU-O1 .-Photos By Irwin Cadenas
 A wave of Mexican Hollywood heroes is moving like soft but refreshing movie proposal over the traditional indestructible American hero. 

Mexican-American Actor Danny Trejo


Meanwhile action movie “Machete” is a character that reproduces the everlasting role model with humanitarian immigration reform and against the corruption, first actor Danny Trejo performance has relied in his audacity and physical strength to performs that role. 

A week after there is new MexicanAmerican hero Jacob Vargas, who has to depend on his spiritual strength such his pure faith in a supernatural  thriller where his role as one of the 3 security officer in a building than far for haunted choose by the devil to take 5 souls in one strake. 

Young Mexican American Actor & Heroe


Even though the previous hasn’t been released the cast’s promotion is running all America and Florida host the Mexican American young but experienced Actor Jacob Vargas  who was in Miami Beach to give the advances with well organize exclusive interviews of the incoming “Devil” the movie. 

Exclusive interview with Jacob Vargas


Fresh and willing to please each one of media members, Jacob Vargas declares how satisfy he is with this new role:  “It was a good way even to go back to my own faith and my believe system” When I ask about how this thriller impact not only his career, but his personal life, he answer: “I was totally depressed and I get out of that just praying” he assures.
He is son of a member of one few native Mexican alive tribe Purepecha in Michoacán State, and even though he was raise in US since he was one year old, Jacob use to listen from his own father those old- Spaniard conqueror’s  legends about this malignant entity that can fight against the great creator of all. 

No previous, but a twist ending Jacob assures


“I do believe in devil in different ways of that evil presence” Vargas said “However I also Believe God always overcome the badJacob continues, “In the movie my character is the only who discover and also the one to has face to face encounter with this malignant creature, but because his strong faith, he can be the hero of the story” Jacobs Vargas conclude.
 He start to laughing when I try to get the “How” the story will develop at the end, and we just get that at the end the movie has a thriller twist. 

Jacob Vargas in action


We assume even naturally GOD always will overcome any bad entity.
 “Devil” the movie is a supernatural movie thriller that could bring a reflection about how humanity is forgetting the consequences of very barbaric self centered, lack of values and immature behavior is happening around the world without any limits. “Devil”  is the first movie of The Night Chronicles

"Devil" the movie


 a series of terrifying stories conceived by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) that he now turns into movies with up-and-coming filmmakers such: Executive Producers: Drew Dolle, Trish Hofmann./ Produced by M. Night Shymalan, Sam Merce. Story by M. Night Shymalan./ Screenplay by Brian Nelson./Directed by John Erick Dowdle.  Devil the movie, is release in USA theaters by September 17. 

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Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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twitter: @RosanaSGM.

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