The Just Why not? Royal Caribbean is environmentally friendly even in their shows.

SU-O1.-  ALLURE OF THE SEAS, is in the process of coming to America; finishing details and organizing  the new 2,394 members of the crew  from over 71 countries. The sister-ship of the OASIS OF THE SEAS and the 2nd newest OASIS CLASS SHIP from Royal Caribbean is getting ready to arrive at Home Port Everglades at her Terminal 18  in  Fort Lauderdale, Fl. in December 2010. 

Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"


  Royal Caribbean President and CEO Adam Goldstein shared with the press a lunch hosted featuring by the characters of the animated movie  “Madagascar” Alex (the Lion), Gloria (the Hippo), King Julien (The Lemur) and Sweet Maureen (fatty Aye-Aye)  set the mood with their song ♫♪ I like it move it, move it♫♪ ,song to shake us as the preview to the general rehearsal of one of the top shows that will be performing on the sea, “Blue Planet” the musical. 

R.C. Madagascar Lunch


 Surprisingly, in his official opening welcome speech, Mr. Goldstein is statement was confident about what his company is capable to showcase with this first class entertainment team, he said: “Is not if we can do what Broadway is doing , but  can Broadway do what we are doing? And he wasn’t kidding. In a really bare stage rehearsal at one of the storage rooms in the Nova University, without any costumes or stage lightning stage or  decoration, the cast of almost 30 dancers and gymnasts with 4 singers, 2 men and 2women in their black regular training leotards, barefoot or jazz shoes; gave us a show that could take any one out of the chairs…  

Confident CEO Royal Caribbean


Beautiful clear voices with pop great hits were telling story of the play which portrays the elements and ecosystem on the earth, “Across the Universe” by the Beatles was part of the genesis in the show, flying couples in stoning acrobatics abilities, perform interesting choreographies in the right side of the set stage was a screen with the sketches of the costumes in each one of the songs. Louis Armstrong hymn “What a Wonderful World” beautiful arrangement also fit in part of the transformation from the sky to the rainforest and a Tree Of Life that really comes alive with 17 members of the cast is a promissory delight … “Here comes the Sun” by the Beatles welcome the dunes of the desert incredible reproduce it along, between the hands and bodies to have a transfer for the water which has the intention to bring a feeling of being submerged in the deep sea; everything from U2, Madonna and Patrick Swayze  top hits, among others between the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s  pop songs enhance transformation from the Wind, Fire to the human being.  

"Blue Planet" Cast


The astonishing physical condition and training  of the cast with such powerful way to hold in fly, jump, roll, dance to culminate with an amazing mini reproduction of an energetic version of (Cirque du Solei) bouncing beds; that hopefully with a great costume will crack the house. The Amber Theater is the second largest cruise-ship on the sea ALLURE OF THE SEAS will host extraordinary shows , however the “Blue Planet “ musical is the best way to show the world that Royal Caribbean is environmentally friendly even in their entertainment productions  where they’re recycling top hits music with a very current theme on conscience on the natural elements with upstanding human production. 

Production Team's Alison R. for Hispanic Media


 The “Blue Planet” musical pledges such unique entertainment with plenty of energy, in a perfect balance with a spectacular theme about the natural wonders of the world.
Certainly Mr. Goldstein with his analytic nature knew that his and our expectations would be satisfied, and if these previews keep the audience clapping with this extraordinary performance, for sure passengers of ALLURE OF THE SEAS who will be able to enjoy this production in full, with costumes, all electronic elements and décor on the stage, will have a blast!  

President R.C. Always great with the press


  The “Blue Planet”musical, enhances the exclusive Central Park feature on ALLURE  OF THE SEA. It is an area with the natural Cuban laurel, golden bamboo, clusters of Calla Lilies in a beautiful collection of plants and a mix of coastal and highland sub-tropical species growing from around the world. 

Central Park at Oasis of the Sea


Also Park’s Horticulturalist educational programs for kids and parents, learning general gardening techniques and lessons on unusual ecology  of the Caribbean such coffee plants, cocoa trees, tiny Dwarf pineapples, ginger sugar cane, dwarf banana trees among others species.  

Real trees growing in Central Park


As her sister ship, ALLURE OF THE SEAS, has been designed with energy efficiency and carbon footprint in mind, with solar panels technology as one the most energy efficient major ships in the world.  

Real plant growing on the Sea


Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"


Cruising is not longer a luxury but a way to learn, enjoy and travel around the world in beautiful cities on the sea.
A healthy experience, that everybody in the Cruise line of Why not? of Royal Caribbean is able to reach. 

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

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