Colombian Bicentenary celebrates with Bogota’s Philharmonic in Miami Fl.

SU-O1.Phots By Dreams Studios. Several countries of Latin America celebrates their anniversaries of Independence from the Europeans 

México Bi-Centenary


 Conquerors and it happened that Mexico & Colombia share the same year of their emancipation from Spain. To celebrate this important event Bogotá’s government, capital of Colombia decide to bring to the Colombian Community in USA their Philharmonic Orchestra (OFB) with a program they have been promoting since 2009 around the World. 

Colombian Bi-Centenary


 “Mestizaje” (the mix between the Spaniards with the American Natives) is a program that honored a mixture of all kind of rhythms and instruments as well.
Maria Claudia Parias Duran, General Manager Bogotá’s Orchestra Philharmonic, in exclusive interview at the Adrienne Arsht Center of the Performing Arts; Said: 

OFB Manager María Claudia Parias Duran


“The internationalization of the OFB ( Bogotá’s Philharmonic Orchestra) started in 2009 with a tour in nine cities in China and Italy, promoting the Colombian talents   and the highest cultural level of our musicians”  Press was allow to attend the rehearsal and with it to have access to the young Director Ricardo Jaramillo who explained in one on one interview that “Mestizaje” program has a lot to offer to all audiences; however we were curious how classic musicians can get along with singers and composers announced in the program that clearly doesn’t have any formal training in music… 

OFB Counductor MAster Ricardo Jaramillo


 “We found harmony and both sides we work together to set this program” a great program with a variety of music genders were in the program: Rock-pop with Andres Cepeda, Tropical and salsa beats with Janio Coronado, Native Colombian rhythms with Afro-Latin music, with Toto la Momposina, Hip-Hop with Choc QuibTown, Jazz-Bossa-Nova with Monica Giraldo, and the great Juancho Fernánadez. The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts was full as its entire capacity at least a couple of hundreds were around the theater looking for tickets.  

OFB Rehearsal


 Minutes before the Concert started we have the opportunity to sit with Concert Master Luis M. Niño Rodriguez and first viola and group leader Anibal Dos Santos, who shared their anecdotes during their China tour which we can’t imagine the reaction of that audience, they give us up heads about a surprise we will have during the concert and breaking the preconceived idea about the intellectual behavior and distance between up-scale conservatory musicians like them with the pop and popular composers and singers they are working within this “Mestizaje” tour, both agree:  

Music Masters Luis M. Niño Rodríguez & Aníbal Dos Santos


 “We are like any other human beings and we love to have fun doing what we know how to do”. Also there is a general appreciation that musicians use to live a very bohemian live and unable to have the benefits of a good job, but on the contrary being a classic musician and get at that level is not only well paid and with a lot of benefits but give them the opportunity to travel around the world and educate other cultures about the richest variety and talent as contribution to the humanity. 

Bogotá's Mayor & USA Congress man


Miami & Bogotá Authorities


The Show started with the welcome by local authorities of Miami City to the Bogotá’s Mayor Samuel Moreno Rojas, who also give away presents to congress man Mario Diaz Balart who leave the place before the concert start. Light were down and the 84 musicians dress up in sophisticated elegance black & white tuxedos and long night gowns ready to perform.  

A concert Started


Maestro Conductor Ricardo Jaramillo arrived to the stage and direct 11 classical Colombian pieces as part of the first part on the program, after the intermezzo singers were coming to the stage and in beautiful music arrangements sang without any technological support as they use to have in their own presentations, even thought Totó la Momposina and her percussion group make the ensemble not only to enhance her performance but sang the choir for “Rosa y el pescador” ( Rose and the fisherman) song, and even people stand up, the high light was the great up and high notes maintain in a long period of time the 80’s year old Colombian tribe native Juancho Fernandez

Popular Singer Juancho F.


 People make him come back to the stage, and the entire Orchestra was part of that presentation not only as musicians but wearing hats by the men and women wearing flowers in their hair that nobody expects they would break that formal look than usually classical music protocol required. 

Classic meets Popular music in Mestizaje


 The audience was totally exited clapping, singing and balancing in the aisles nobody want to leave, celebrities and VIP diplomatic guest stayed till the end in a concert of a very classic music with a festive Colombian flavor. 

Nobody wants to leave


Artist & Authorities together


Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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