If Lady Diana or Jackie Onassis were alive they wore NICOLAS FELIZOLA’s ORINOKIA 2011 Collection.

Cocktail, elegant and modern

SU-O1 ( Photos Victor Espinoza) .- October began with the best of the Fashion Industry in Miami and keeps on going on.

Nicolas Felizola a big production

 But is the Venezuelan Nicolas Felizola one of the youngest International prestige designers, with his highest couture’s style, who christening this season at premium venue MAC (Miami Art Center) with a fundraising event in benefit to the International foundation “Friends of Kids with Cancer”, in which he introduced  his collection ORINOKIA 2011, a finest cohesive combination inspired on the nature ambiance and variety of ecosystems where the Orinoco River is passing through. 

Sexy, cute, perfect finished beautyful

 Felizola make one of the most elaborated productions with natural elements, in a combination of nature, technology and even clouds in a presentation for almost 100 beautiful well done garments in finest fabrics, light feathers to cashmere, from feminine perfect suits to work for executive ladies, with elements used in the baroque times, pleated on the jackets with sexy laces and the practicality of the 3rd millennium a vanguard heart cut on the mini pensile skirts seal the deal.

Artificial snake skin fabric

Lovely captivating classic cocktail dresses well fit in the waist and tulle as used in the 50’s are the choice for cocktail.
His night gala proposals were form bright sequins mini dresses to luminous snake fabrics that fit tight to singular elegance in Felizola’s women bodies.

Cohesive & solid ORINOKIA 2011

Definitely Felizola is maturing and becoming the best designer in Latin America, there was not one, in more than 100 unique and well finished designs he presented that weren’t wearable for modern classy women in the world.

Men ORINOKIA 2011 Collection

As great as was women’s collection, Felizola awe the audience with his young but well tailored men’s collection, in light colors and smooth finest fabrics, he rejuvenated the entire look in man’s suits, and even the Tuxedo become practical and approachable  by the guy who wear it.

Designer Nicolas Felizola & Jaqueline B.

Felizola has been dressing 3 Mexican TV actresses Susana González, Patricia Manterola and the one who wore the ORINOKIA 2011 bride’s gown on the runway was Jacqueline Bracamontes.

Emilio Uribe Hair & Makeup Artist

with Artist Emilio Uribe

To pair this skilful designer in this incredible fashion show was another successful Latin-American talent, blossoming hairstylist, Emilio Uribe who brought the latest trends in editorial refine runways,  his exquisite taste enhance  a whole look and bring splendid solid concept with the perfect custom work of the exceptional Young Designer NICOLAS FELIZOLA  Haute Couture.


Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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