SU-O1.-  Albert Pierini, is  the Venezuelan surgeon well known around the world as the sculptor of Beauty Queens in Venezuela, who arrives to Miami with a huge reputation, opening his clinic in which he is the President of a center that offers a whole variety in beauty treatments with specialty on facial and body plastic surgery, plus non surgical treatments such as: botox, fillers and the latest options in Laser therapies. 

Dr. ALberto Pierini

Because of his extensive experience in the beauty industry, in his clinic there are all kind of treatments available from skincare which includes permanent make up, body wraps, lymphatic drainage, holistic therapies, combined with latest scientific techniques in plastic surgery that have made Dr. Pierini so famous. 
Having Dr. Stephanie Stover as his Medical Director in the clinic, Dr. Pierini has assembled the best team of experts to provide top quality plastic surgery to all of South Florida. There are no more excuses! for men and women in Miami, to enhance their physical and inside beauty under the care of the expert and sculptor of Hispanic women who have represented the top  beauty getting  Miss Universe title.

 A botox party just for celebrities will be host By Dr. Alberto Pierini. 

Come and meet Dr. Perini personally in his clinic at: 8353 NW 36 ST, Doral Fl. 

 Call for an appointment at 305-303-3872