Michael Capponi the Philanthropist who is winning the battle of poverty

He is supporting thousands of families in Haiti.
SU- O1-Following the earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, the international media found a person who has been the first to go hand in hand aid to whoever needed help.

Michael Capponi, More than a year providing hand by hand aid

Several major nonprofit organizations in the world along with opportunists, were collecting all sorts of first aid products, food, medical supplies and all that can help restore at least the wounded after the natural phenomenon, but all those things were left in the storages until “someone” decide how and when things should be distributed. After a month the media turned their attention to other natural disasters in the world, following the rating of the drama and only a few followed the recovery efforts in the tragedy of Haiti. Being one of the world’s poorest countries, corruption is one of the calamities that limit permanent victims to receive aid from other countries. The money that many NGOs have been able to collect, never reaches those who really need it.

His family always supports Michael’s humanitarian initiatives

Michael Capponi, as civilian, not as an organization in which he is involved, it is he who with his own resources and organizing his own life with his family, friends, colleagues and employees who has been continue to provide relief with singular discipline and hard work for more than a year, to thousands of victims.

In 1 year he delivered housing & supplies in his 27 times in Haiti

Capponi has provided medical care, food, shelter and even education to thousands of families that practically he has adopted.  As a businessman and visionary, Capponi managed to balance its commitments in his company with its high level of social life to search for ways and sources of revenue to maintain the same level of health in his “camp” as he calls the group people that he has given shelter and care:”These people are my responsibility, I have to help until they are self-sustaining” he said.  

Close friends goes with him in this noble venture

And so far in each of their  “missions” as he calls his visits to Haiti to provide supplies that are about almost 2 times per month, Caponni has improved the lives of these families and he is guiding them  step by step through this time. Notable was the decision by Michael Capponi to have happened in December 2010, he and his family celebrated Christmas with these families delivering toys to all children, and other implements of survival as water purifiers.  

Capponi gives by heart but in wise ways

Also Michael has inspiring and convening a group of professionals who have decided to follow his example and help contribute. In addition to the celebrations Michael completed a census of the families he has been protecting and using his talent as a businessman he decided to start a new goal, moving all these families to an area where they can learn and develop their skills in the hospitality industry and tourism in that way he give them the opportunity to become self-sufficient. 

Michael Capponi knows what and how to help

 Port of  Jacmel is the first city in which Capponi began his project to recreate the “Golden Island” in the Caribbean, with high-level tourism development for celebrities and “socialites”.

He helps with a vision of sustainable solution

Like all Michael’s successful projects this is ongoing and to date are already building a hospital and a school under his personal supervision and with the luxury and good taste that characterized the firm’s visionary Michael Capponi, with the unforgettable gratitude from the families he is changing their lives.

Invaluable is what Michael Capponi does for these grateful families.


Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM

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