“The TOP 3 Yates Companies that Hispanics prefer”

SU-O1. (Graphic Reporters: Gabriel Bancora & Said Bazze)
Yachts are for U.S. and European the financial success completion, not for Latin Americans, the important marine capability for super yachts in places like Florida in the United States, Cancun in Mexico, Flamenco in Panama, Santa Marta in Colombia, Los Roques in Venezuela, Papagayo in Costa Rica and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, to name some of the most famous.

Practicality, Comfort & Elegance in the Ocean

For Latin Americans have a yacht is part of their sport or the house in the sea where they can escape to exotic destinations without having to pack in each heavenly place of their choice and enjoy all the comforts of their home services, with the privilege of privacy and exclusivity that a yacht provides.

3 are the favorite companies of Hispanics in Latin America.
The top 3 are those who have between 50 to 70 percent of his clientele Hispanics celebrities in the world of sports and entertainment or business entrepreneurs,
The top 1 for water sports fishing in the 3 chosen by Hispanics is certainly BERTRAM, the American company that practices the slogan “Feel the adventure and live the legend.” BERTRAMreached 50 years of building fishing yachts.

Feel The Ride, Live The Legend

BERTRAM produced by 60% yachts for Hispanics, around the world. The perfect combination in the exterior design of its incredible storage capacity, without altering the comfort of its interiors are a treat that stars like Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers enjoys in his BETRAM.

Magglio Ordoñez prefer BERTRAM

 BERTRAM also pleases the taste of couples who have been loyal customers of this company and the women’s confidence in the stability and security of owning one of these yachts and / or share with the male sector who enjoys the adventure of ocean fishing in the unmatched BETRAMyachts.

It is precisely for this reason that adventurous women are increasingly interested in owning a BETRAM.


BETRAM 64 made in Miami

And BERTRAM  brings for 2011 a new more streamlined model with all the technological innovations available, BERTRAM “64” which is on display in all yacht fairs in Florida.

LAZZARA, made in USA

Another company in the top 3 for Hispanics certainly is the exclusive Lazzara Yachts is the American family business founded over 50 years by Vincent Lazzara. The unique linear style and innovations such as windows that may be transparent or opaque at the touch of a switch, or the balconies in the bedrooms at water level, has been a great attraction for Venezuelans, Colombians, and personalities such as Oscar de la Hoya,  to choose a “couture” their LAZZARAfloating luxurious mansions.

In order, Exotic Lazzara 64

Oscar de la Hoya enjoys Lazzara

LAZZARAS formula is to create new models every year to please the taste of its customers and in 2011 LAZZARA has presented on yacht fairs the new “LAZZARA 64”available to potential owners in Ft Lauderdale’s  Marine.

SANLORENZO from Italy conquer Americas

The Italian company SANLORENZO, is another chosen in the Top 3 because it has fascinated several executives and Mexican families in yacht fairs with models such as the SF90 and SD92, both have a special distribution in the interior space of the finest materials and products brands such as Ralph Lauren and Hermes among other famous designers.

Sanlorenzo 92 in American Continent

So that’s why SANLORENZO established SANLORENZO Americas division in Fort Lauderdale, in 2011.
 In the next edition, leaders in the yacht industry.
Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM


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