A New Era for BERTRAM “Feel the Ride Live the Legend”, New address, More Jobs, Bigger Yacht, everything MADE in USA.

Bertram Captain and President Alton Herndon with Hans Kux

SU-O1.- May 2012.-  Last year BERTRAM made waves with the 50th Anniversary “blast from the past”celebration; even though growing was the natural upcoming for the historic USA founded brand, nobody thought they will be in the need to say good bye to Miami.

New facilities in Merritt Island Fl.
Nuevas Instalaciones en Merritt Island Fl.

The USA founded shipyard (specialize in luxury fishing yachts) was holding under the sleeve the news of a huge step in their New Era; BERTRAM is moving away from their historic operating and manufacturing operation site in the hearth of Miami.

BERTRAM’s Press conference in New Home
Conferencia de Prensa en la Casa Nueva de BERTRAM

The move responds to 2 mayor factors: the new luxury development in the surrounding area near by the Miami International airport where BETRAM has been operating for 50 years and the demand for larger yachts witch where almost impossible to build in their current facilities.

FL. State Rep. Steve Crisafulli
Rep, del Edo, de la Florida

The inevitable move it was done and new BETRAM facilities are getting ready now in the Space Coast in Merritt Island, in the Brevard County Fl. That’s why they had a “VIP Blast Tour & Lunch” opening for the press, workers and friends.

State Representative Steve Crisafulli, County Commissioner Chuck Nelson and Bob Whelen Chairman of the Board of the EDC (Economic Development Commission) where the officials who welcome all visitors and the BERTRAM executives;

Autorities y BERTRAM Excecutives
Autoridades y Ejecutivos de BERTRAM

but the one who always take the house down is BERTRAM’s President Alton Hendronwho is one of the most grounded bosses in the industry.

With great sense of humor and huge excitement, Alton Hendronexplained the move and announced the New Era of BERTRAM with larger production in quantity, quality and the care of the environmental measures they are taking to be ahead of any other brand, but most at all the fact that BETRAM will stay in the state it was born, Florida:

BERTRAM team of Professionals
Un equipo de Porfessionales

BERTRAM team of professionals
Un equipo de profesionales en BERTRAM

“In BETRAM Yacht we deeply value our 50 years of history and culture in the State of Florida and we are enthusiastic to remain in the State” he declare to the press and he got more than enthusiastic to announce the increasing labor platform from 125 employees that are working in the company to 221, 96 will be recruiting to cover the production expecting for the end of 2012.

Exclusive Interview with BERTRAM CEO
Entrevista Exclusiva

In exclusive and due the rumor that “Ferretti Group” which BERTRAM belongs to it, could be sell to Chinese prospects, Mr Hendron declare: There is nothing definitive yet, however the negotiations are more incline to the “investing” term that the ownership” he concludes
Alton Hendron, assures the quality and the manufacturing of the BERTRAM yacht won’t be influenced by any investors if that was the concern.

In the same subject CEO and Founder of Ferretti Group, Norberto Ferretti, not only endorse Mr. Herndon statement but clarify, that the Chinese deal is not a new kind of investment opportunity for the Asians in the Ferretti Group, but a “win-win” opportunity for all the parties involved as it has been with Brazil, where there is a Ferrettimanufacturer, operations facility and show room to attend the demand of their faithful costumers in that country.

Exclusive Interview with Founder of FERRETTI GROUP
Entrevista Exclusiva con el fundador del Grupo Ferretti

Therefore Mr. Ferretti afrim “If the negotiations with the Chinese get to a close deal, it will be just in the financial sector and won’t change the quality in the design of affect any other decision made in any of the brands of the group, neither the manufacturing process in USA, nor to affect the Historical BERTRAM brand…  Mr.Ferretti continues….If the Chinese demand for our products we will be open to build and work in their country to bring a product for their own consumption” he concludes.And with that the celebration for the new facility in their “Made in America” historic brand BERTRAM, continues  Mr.Ferretti clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the leadership and the amazing Group reorganization that embrace 8 luxury motor-yachts production brands.


BERTRAM is so welcome in Merritt Island that the new address also has it name “1230 Bertram Way”, this iconic brand will start operating in this location next month, however the larger 37 acres facility is getting ready to be in full function for October 2012; using environmentally sound manufacturing practices including a low emission lamination process that incorporate infusion techniques to manufacture fiberglass parts.

Ejecutivos del Grupo FERRETTI Y BERTRAM

And promise to deliver their new models for the beginning of 2013… So BERTRAM the Legend still continues…

50 years in BERTRAM, Mr Hans Kux
50 años en BERTRAM, Sr. Hans Kux

BERTRAM’s the workforce and clients’ stories will be also a new chapter of this great NEW ERA.


Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

2 thoughts on “A New Era for BERTRAM “Feel the Ride Live the Legend”, New address, More Jobs, Bigger Yacht, everything MADE in USA.

  1. When I worked at Bertram in 1980 they chose to stay and built a big expansion at their HQ in Miami. They threatened to leave to the Jupiter area then, before the expansion, because of all the crime from the Liberty City riots, Mariel boatlift, plus more.

    The Miami city government made a deal to keep Bertram there. As an employee that commuted from Boca Raton and couldn’t afford to live in Miami (yes the real estate/rent was more expensive than Boca) and because of the crime, I left and went to the Melbourne area. Now Bertram moved – 30 years too late – just up the road from Melbourne! Timing is everything.

    Rosana, do you work for or with Bertram in PR?

    • Hello R. Michael Brown… Wow very nice of you to share your testimony about a Great American Legend as it’s Bertram… Well on my understanding they are growing so maybe you can apply your experience to the New Era!
      About your question NO, I don’t work for the company…They have a very active lady in PR and Media relations.
      However it’s possible the group that now Bertram belongs can be interested in go far with our Nautical World TV, in more active way.
      I really appreciate the time you took to write your comment and share with us.
      Kind Regards Ü

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