Yucatan, a Land and Flavors of the Mayans in the 2012

SU-O1 ( Pics Internet) Few chefs and People have the knowledge about the extraordinary range and sophisticated Mexican Cusine.

Rosana Sandoval Gallardo Tasting

Rosana Sandoval Gallardo Tasting

Great chefs  from European and American countries have devoted part of their lives in Mexico exploring and learning the infinite variety of Mexican dishes, trying to summarize in few recipes the endless wealth of flavors and textures offered from each area of a country immensely rich in vegetables, fruits and spices that nature has provided to pre-Hispanic cultures that produces countless Mexican dishes …

It is estimated that each of the 29 states of Mexico, treasures more than 100 recipes originating without being repeated in any other area of the country with only natural ingredients that nature gives in each one of those 29 state.

Yucatan Mayan’s land
Yucatan tierra de Mayas

And in Miami the airline “Aeromexico” proudly sponsored “The Yucatan’s Gastronomic Week”, Yucatan is the Southeastern Peninsula of the Mexican country, which inherits the Mayan food, and with the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and the JW Marriott in Miami, “The Yucatan’s Gastronomic Week” offered a menu for sophisticated and educated palates that can enjoy and tasting the good food of Yucatan.

Proud Sponsor

The menu included in the “Hors D’Oeuvres” Delicious TurkeySalbutes, Codzitos and Dzikilpac salsa. As Appetizer the exquisite Lemon Soup, the “Entree” a variety of traditional Yucatecans dishes as the only juicy and tender Cochinita pibil, a tasty Pavo en escabeche (special marinated turkey), and delicious juicy Lomitos (loin) Valladolid …

Yucatan Mayan’s Food Festival
Yucatan Semana Gastronomica

Dessert”: Appetizing Dulce de papaya ( between jam& jelly papaya), and a pleasant Manjablanco (variation of milk cooked)   and gourmet Neapolitan cheese (unique sweet tastefully kind of flan)…

Salbutes, Codizitos & Dzikilpac

Definitely a perfect combination of flavors textures and colors of this menu where able to transport the diners to the beautiful and tranquil Mexican state where the rich archeology, pre- Hispanic, colonial and contemporary architecture blend as the ingredients in the Mayan’s exotic cuisine, masterfully inherited by millions generations to our delight.

Yucatan tierra de Dioses Mayas
Yucatan Mayan’s Gods Land






Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

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