The young POWER COUPLE in the world.

Adam & Eva
1st Power Couple

May 2012 Photos: Facebook / Allyson Magda Photography
SU-O1. – In the history of humanity the POWER couple’s has been proved and justified through the centuries. In the creation in the Bible, Adam and Eve had the power to populate the world. There is plenty written evidence that tribes and kingdoms sacrificed “love” to strengthen partnerships POWER of nations in marriage …

Zurckerber & Chan
9 years together

In any case there is nothing extraordinary to see the natural result of heterosexual couples who are naturally attracted to start a family because they share the same values and goals in life … To understand and live in that position is POWERFUL….

Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg

So in an unbroken chain of successes, the self-made youngest world billionaire” Mark Zuckerberg got married with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan after a relationship of 9 years.

Priscilla & Mark

This young couple has not only shared the labors of hard work and harvest the benefits of their admirable discipline of working together on a life time project, but stand firm in their relationship and make themselves permeate to any invasion within and outside their circle, in the way nobody couldn’t break the POWER of that affiliation.

Chan & Zuckerberg
working together

In a private event with less than 100 guests who would come to celebrate “the recent Pricilla’s graduation as Doctor” and also congratulate Chan’s boyfriend Mark on his recent strategy to bring his company in the stock market; friends and relatives of the couple were surprised to witness a wedding not announced, the official union in which Chan and Zuckerberg become THE POWER COUPLE.

Sister of the groom
Randi Zuckerberg

On Saturday night at their Facebook page Mark and Priscilla changed their profile status from single to married with … And as soon as the official photographer Allyson M. had the authority to publish photos to the news-agencies, on Sunday afternoon in May 20, 2012 Zuckerberg and Chan already had their wedding picture in their profile.

Priscilla & Mark

The electronic media and prestigious financial publications columnists, began to speculate about the real reason why after 9 years of dating Chan and Zuckerberg got married, taxes benefits by entering the stock market, was one of their assumptions, however and although scandal, about that possibility every share got a minimum increase of 23 cents to closed the first day in the stock market.

Free style, living with integrity
Mark Zuckerberg

Regardless of speculation, the fact that Mark Zuckerberg shows admirable maturity represents a precedent and an example for many generations of men who have failed to understand the power of teaming with a partner. In his informal lifestyle Zuckerberg shows that he still can be responsible, assertive, effective and efficient without following patterns or stereotypes in his way to dress live or act; Zuckerberg responds more to values of loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and love.

Zuckerberg the Power
of Commitment

In the same way as the visionary Zuckerberg took a college project to a worldwide media empire; Zuckerber and Chan, have openly shared the secret of their success in their Facebook profiles, photos showing cooperation, team work, integration and fun, while at the same time Chan-Zuckerber and created a wall of protection to concentrate themselves in a common goal,

Zuckerberg pasion
for all he loves

and together they have become further than anyone could predict and many outside their circle cannot understand or enjoy the POWER that gives pleasure of teams with a person who understands, and share a life plan that is fully satisfactory for both.

Sharing POWER
Mark & Prisicilla

With the official union Zuckerberg and Chan top the list as the younger POWER Couple in the world and in the category of billionaires who have revolutionized communications in cyber technology next to Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve + and Laurence Jobs, Larry and Lucy Page, Sergey and Anne Brin, to name the best known.

Melinda & Bill Gates
Great Power Couple

Along with sharing the billionaire success, Marck and Priscilla as Bill and Melinda Gates, are real philanthropic activists who generously donate some of their capital and their time in contributing to effective changes in humanity; POWER COUPLES in the generation’s of technology is dominating and establishing natural patterns of coexistence and harmony in the world.

A playful generous young

Congratulations, Blessings and wishes of many more successes for this young, successful POWER COUPLE. Zuckerberg –Chan.





Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

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