Extraordinary Weddings at the seas!…. Discovering a New World of Possibilities!

By Rosana SandovalSU-O1./ There is none better stage for romance than the beaches, the sea and everything related to the Ocean, and the Nautical World©  has a lot to offer not only to invite couples to get  marry to fulfill a beautify fantasy furthermore is the new trend and best option, that suits all budgets without sacrificing taste.

Weddings in the Seas

The eccentricity offered by Yates for weddings, anniversaries and renewal of vows, is magnified in the floating cities in the ocean as Cruises have, an industry growing at an impressive rate and represents a unique adventure for couples who decide to get marry in the middle of the sea. Fortunately Florida ports are home to the most important Cruise Lines in the world and competition in supply to perform marriages is better than ever.

Royal Caribbean “Oasis Class”

Royal Caribbean, not only has the world’s largest cruise ship in the world with the class Oasis; Oasis & Allure of the Seas, but with a special department to meet the needs and fulfill the dreams of aspiring couples to tie the knot. “Royal Romance” is the specific department of the Royal Caribbean line inspired by the wedding of British Royalty, offering cruise packages in its 22 vessels. These valuable options begin in less than three-thousand dollars and include: Officer and coordinator for the wedding cake, the marriage certificate, a bottle of champagne, the honor of dining at the captain’s table for one night and one hour session with a professional photographer on board. Additional options are to perform weddings in the private islands that Royal Caribbean has in Haiti and the Bahamas.

Carnival Cruises

Meanwhile Carnival Cruises has the alternative of wedding to remember forever with the “extras” for marriages taking place in the Carnival’s ports of destinations where Carnival have in their itineraries, with travel availability from 16 days to paradisiacal places like: The Bahamas, Caribbean Isles, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, New England, Canada, Bermuda, Europe, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands with benefits that include the two major events: The Wedding and Honeymoon Package .

Carnival hold the high record
in Weddings at Seas

The offer starts at $1,600 to $ 2,000 which includes: The ceremony, reception, music and photography. What’s more couples enjoy other benefits in the spacious facilities in SPA’s fun aboard Carnival cruises. “Convenient and Affordable” are the key factors which secure Carnival’s success it had with the 2,200 weddings held in 2011 aboard Carnival’s 23 cruise ships and there are currently more than 2,400 reservations for weddings during the 2012, not counting the anniversaries and renewal of vows.

NCL FreeStyle

Norwegian Cruise Line also offers an endless menu of options in detail for couples who decide to join in marriage at sea; Norwegian has the ability to perform from the celebration of commitment and marriages on the beaches of choice destinations and aboard their 10 massive cruise ships. Starting with packages for commitments “Aisle” $ 275 which is prenuptial event counseling and testing menu including: consultation, tour for the couple and the guests on the cruise of your choice for the wedding.

Free Style Weddings
at NCL

The detailed range of products offered by this cruise line is amazing and available for all types of religious ritual, gazebos, glaciers, on board and on the beach, garden, terrace, where it fantasy leads to the couple who decides to marry the only “Free Style” of Norwegian Cruise Line.
These are just alternatives that offer the 3 largest commercial cruise lines on the market.

Luxury at it best

In the segment of the Luxury cruise-lines, there is also an exquisite range of alternatives for higher budgets and sophisticated destinations and more refined tastes and budgets … The proposal is there, Wonderful Weddings in the Middle of the Sea are a trend that extends to anniversaries and all kinds of celebrations in the sea with many benefits and that everyone is pleased with the great experience of sharing an important event with the amenities on the floating cities in the Oceans and Discovering a New World of Possibilities.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM

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