First Symposium over the “Future of the Spanish”… JUST IN MIAMI !

1st Coloquio

SU-O1. – June 2012 (Photo Courtesy of Sinergia & Adriana Bianco OAS) The capital of the Americas, as been named of Miami City, in the U. S. and at the most symbolic building of the Cuban Exile, “The Tower of Freedom” it was held the first Ibero-American Symposium to study “The Future of Spanish” language specialists and authorities in all Spanish-speaking countries, met to discuss among other things, whether the rapid growth of the personal tools with which we globally connect,  the grammar of the language would be modified.

Arturo Morell

The Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College and the General Secretariat (SEGIB), headquartered in Spain with Synergy Consulting Company, convened diplomats, academics, cultural and education officials, to discuss the impact of Spanish in social, political and economic.
In different sessions scholars of language as: Fernando Zapata, Director of CERLALC (Regional Centre for Book Development in Latin America and the Caribbean) of UNESCO; Ms. Camino Brasa, Director of the Festival of Ñ in Madrid Spain; (Eminence) Gerardo Pina Rosales, President of the American Academy of Language; Consuelo Sáizar, President of the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (CONACULTA);

9 Consulados hispanoparlantes
huespedes en la recepción

Enrique Vargas Flores, deputy director of cultural affairs for the General Secretariat (SEGIB); Manuel Velasco , National Library of the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador; Carlos Alberto Villagra, Minister-Executive Secretary and Thaddeus Zarratea, Investigator, both of the Language Policy Secretariat of Paraguay.

Dr. Eduardo J. Padron
Pte. Miami Dade College

The opening night was a delight in the flavors, music and customs of 9 Latin American countries represented by their consulates and the hosts to welcome at the reception was by the President’s “Miami Dade College” Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón and Mayor City of Miami Mr. Tomas Regalado.

Miami City Mayor
Sr. Tomas Regalado

In two days and after the Conference: “The homeland of the Ñ” the experts discussed the issues at different tables, “The Spanish language in diplomacy,” The future of the Spanish language through public policies “and” The expansive effect the Spanish language”

Expertos en lingüística &
Rep. Discovery Networks

Since the growing digital media quickly and effectively communicate through symbols, this conference sets a precedent to consider the purity and demand to keep the grammar rules that have made the writing of Spanish an art that represents awards with spectacular financial benefits as “Nobel Prize” which it claims a perfect Spanish writing.

2 Dias con expertos y representantes
diplomaticos del mundo hispano

Spanish as spoken language is second in the world because the number of countries that use it, yet the dialects of each nation represented a challenge to communicate with each other, by the phenomenon using the same words but are given different meaning depending on the country.
Regardless of the conclusions that were reached in this first symposium and which include further academic events like this one. In particular the fact this event happened in Miami is an strategic key, for the diversity of Spanish-speaking immigrants living in a country that has allowed Hispanic minorities maintain their traditions, develop business and national media companies to communicate in their own language, a phenomenon that happens in any other country in the world than USA but… Just in Miami!

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM

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