NASA’s Space devices we use in our daily activities! (Part 1)

Space products we use !

SU-O1 (Images Courtesy NASA)
The sophisticated industry to flight and search the Universe has been one of the most beneficial tasks that NASA has been achieved providing invaluable knowledge for entire humanity; furthermore since 1976, NASA has published a list of every commercialized technology and products linked to its research. At this time the National Astronautic Space Agency NASA has filed more than 6,300 patents with the US government, in which include products that are vital inventions that most people in the world take for granted like improved pacemakers, state of the art exercise machines and satellite radio. Each product was made possible thanks to NASA idea or innovation.  Also because of all that creativity and inventions NASA occupies the top as persistent an outstanding leader in this amazing space race. Here the first short list of those things provably few knew it comes out of NASA laboratories.

Dehydrated & Frozen food

SENIOR MEAL .Using experience NASA gained from feed human in space projects, a meal system was developed to fill nutritional gaps for senior citizens unable to take part in meal service programs in US, and now those meals are also a trend diets around the world.

Toothpaste 0º gravity for kids

A dental consultant to NASA developed foamless toothpaste that is practical for the zero-gravity environment of space. Since it can be swallowed, it is also useful as first toothpaste for children.

, Inorganic space ship coating in iron beauty supplies

INORGANIC COATING. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida developed a coating to protect metal structures from sun, salt and water. The coating is nontoxic and nonflammable, bonds quickly to steel and lasts for more than 25 years. It’s use in park’s benches and hair irons.

Resistant lens materials

Plastic lenses use NASA’s technique of plasma polymerization to make lenses lighter, cheaper, stronger and virtually shatterproof.

A piece of Astronaut helmet in sunglasses

Gold coating and ion beam bonding were used in astronauts’ helmet shields to make lenses darker and more scratch-resistant to protect astronauts’ eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation in space. This technique it has been use in sunglasses available to everyone since the 1950’s.

First laptops & Video

NASA first used fans required to cool laptops in portable computers that monitored navigation. Computer technology also made giant strides when NASA used computer programs as analysis tools to design machinery, wrote code to analyze aerodynamic heating on the space shuttle and analyze polymers, and developed programs to predict the effects of component failure.

Space material in Jewelry

Jewelers can now work on heat-resistant bases made from the same material as space shuttle tiles, saving them from the risks of working on asbestos, which disintegrates at extremely high temperatures.
The list is larger and there are so many more products that are used in everyday activities for everybody in the world than have been taking for granted. Scientist in NASA work on the daily basis to create sustainable products to reach the space, in the process those products make human live easy in all areas that to know all of them will blow people minds, but everyone enjoys them since the 50’s when all this devices were just part of a science fiction movies and now amaze us how valuable the inventions of the finest people in NASA works in our behalf…
So this history will continue…

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM

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