TEAM is the RULE for the Revolutionary cyber Power Couples

Individual devices
New relationships

SU-O1 -. In the great decade of the 90s, when personal communications began to be viral with mobile phones, individual computers and tablets available to the masses, along with the access to Internet in the fastest revolution and creation of the cyber world. All this devices set a new form of communication with a global connection.

Amazing inventions

And with this new couples relationship star has a unique way of interacting with more accessible, with fast and understandable intimacy that favor all these devices, allowing people to interact at different levels, however, the commitment “per-se”and hardly achieved.

A new kind of Communication
& Intimacy

The side effect now is that
promiscuity in established relationships is becoming more complex and sophisticated for all users of these personal electronics, the TEAM RULE applied by all the geniuses who invent and discover these individual equipment and worldwide media, proven by their lives testimony that regardless of these incredible and indispensable
connections COMMITMENT to each other, as an act of personal will, is necessary  to show the world that the relationship in marriage is no different than the business partnership.

One of the 3 creators
of Internet Donald Davies

The members of these POWEFUL COUPLES understand their position in the relationship as PARTNERS to share, grow and move TOGETHER in the same direction with the same goal and thus ensure a better chance of maintaining a healthy relationship in the commitment of MARRIAGE. A promise that generates An enormous force on each individual to grow as human beings clearing the path together and become a POWERFUL TEAM of achievers as these talented humans who have created this world of instant global communication in the cyber space.

A Happy wife Diana from one of the 3
Creators of Internet + Donald Davies

The Formidable TRIO of brilliant minds who invented  the packet switching networks better known as INTERNET: (Deceased) 2 of them: Paul Baran and Donald Davies had a stable relationship with their wives on their VOW “Till death do us
part” The third , who still works as a professor, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock,whom by the way is onsidered the father of the most important invention in our time  the INTERNET when his huge computer was the main host and became the first node of the Internet in September 1969 lead the transmission of the first message to go on the Internet and circulated by fellow British Donald Davies on October 29, 1969 and thus opening the way to the world of instant communications. Well going back to their private life and in particular their marriages.

Father of Internet & Wife
Leonard& Lynn Kleinrock

Both, Baran and Davies, had no record of infidelity or marital relationship problems, instead obituaries and posthumous interviews given by their also now deceased wives; are that both were: dedicated professionals, men and impeccable husbands devoted to their families. However Dr. Leonard Kleinrock is the only one of this select group of inventors who had a divorce, but overcoming that sad episode in his life, he rebuilt his life and renewed its pledge in MARRIAGE  to Lynn Presser  in 1995 and to who Dr. Kleinrock has decided to grow up and enjoy till his life graduation.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.
twitter: @RosanaSGM


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