Alessandro Calligaris, brings to Miami Nobility and Class with practical furniture & lighting

Calligaris since 1923

S.U.-O.1.- Aristocracy, elegance and practicability are just a few of the great qualities that CALLIGARIS have  in their products. Since 1923 when it was manufacturer the first chair by Antonio Calligaris, a new style in comfort and design was created.

Calligaris’ first chair

From wood chairs to a new millennium glass orbital dining table designed by the late auto stylish Sergio Pinifarina; all CALLIGARIS products are made by the best material, taste and operability. The new show room in Florida, have display of beautiful and useful furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, terrace and a great variety of aimed chairs.

Alessandro Calligaris
3rd Generation blood line

During the reception of the official opening, the 3rd generation blood line of CALLIGARIS descendant, Alessando CALLIGARIS president of CALLIGARIS took care personally of the press to guide in a tour in the perfect display of variety in combinations and options to set together his beautiful pieces in the “Home Solution” proposal.

Alessandro Calligaris
take care press, personally

The New CALLIGARIS Store is located in strategic point in the busy Biscayne Blvd expanding the “Design District” and bringing his nobility to the zone. In the Exclusive Interview he gave to SU-O1, Alessandro CALLIGARIS share his family anecdotes that lead each one of them like steps to set CALLIGARIS as the exquisite international furniture brand validated by tradition of class,viability, quality and durability.

Art wall Ilumination
By Calligaris

“Now we are introducing Home solution lightingthat enhances all, with a practical art  wall that make any home and office beautiful” Mr. CALLIGARIS said.   AlessandroCALLIGARIS shows us how the new style to lightning a room with a wall light design transforms any place to loft ambiance in the home.
Art and solutions is how CALLIGARIS does best.

Design & Practicability

And if that was enough CALLIGARIS has a great variety in catalogs and consultants to help an educated costumer to choose according the life style, space and taste that match with the buyer to get the best product CALLIGARIS have for them.

The best Home Solutions

CALLIGARIS feature tables are adjustable in the most unexpected way, in high or short; length, large or small but the extraordinary CALLIGARIS Orbital Glass Dining extending table, combines cutting-edge design and technology:

planned by Pininfarina in collaboration with the CALLIGARIS technical team who invented the ingenious opening mechanism; when extended it can seat up to ten and all exposed metal elements are available in the stylish new Mate Silver finish. The base is steel finished with a polyurethane coating.

still alive 1st Calligaris
Chair design in 2012

Eye-catching Orbital will take center stage in the dining area a finest CALLIGARIS’product made in Italy.In every one of the pieces of CALLIGARIS, the style and functionality match with the space and ambiance; a concept running in the company since 1923 when Italian manufacturer Antonio CALLIGARIS brought its passion and attention to detail to its products.

Calligaris the Legend
is alive!

The legend CALLIGARIS offers home solutions in the kitchen, dining-room, bed-room, patio and more with the best material and components, to make life easy, classy and beautiful. CALLIGARIS’s new store in Florida is located at 3915 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 103 Miami Fl.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Media Consultant