Miami Yacht & Brokerage 2013, a wave of luxury for the Americas.

The Larger Yacht Market

The Larger Yacht Market

SU-O1 (Graphic Reporter: Kris Mincev) The “Miami Beach, Yacht & Brokerage Show” had over 200 different representatives between shipyards, naval architects, dealers and yacht brands ready to deliver the best experience to buyers in the largest international market of the top luxury lifestyle.

From out to the ♥ "Remember When"

From out to the ♥ “Remember When”

In a multimillion display of Mega-Yachts, potential yacht’s owners have access to great vessels like the 162 feet (43M) on display for HMY and build by Christensen “REMEMBER WHEN”.

Sales, Charter, Managment & Construction

Sales, Charter, Managment & Construction

“Remember When”
is a fascinating 3 decks ship with huge solarium, jacuzzi and large area for all kind of toys. This beautiful floating mansion, is full of all kind of comfort and available to potential buyers.

Diamonds Are For EverMega Yacht

Diamonds Are For Ever
Mega Yacht


Just as the largest Mega-Yacht in exhibition of 200′ (60 M) without limits in sumptuousness “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” built by BENETTI.

40's Nostalgia, time traveler "BREAD"

40’s Nostalgia, time traveler “BREAD”

And how about the stunning recreation of the 40’s era vessel, the only-one in the world super yacht of 137′ (41M) “BREAD” built by KANTER, and master refashioning nostalgia in the era of the modernity.

Luxury yacht brokeragesales, yacht charters, crew placement...

Luxury yacht brokerage
sales, yacht charters, crew placement…

Designed by Annie Santulli “BREAD” is a yacht back that brings the feeling to travel in time to the past with the amenities and technology of our milenium, a true piece of art floating in the Oceans on display by Northrop & Johnson

A Group of 8 brands for all exquisite taste

A Group of 8 brands for all exquisite taste

In the impressive display of the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2013, is becoming a tradition that leader in the yacht industry FERRETTI GROUP, makes its official opening with breakfast for the entire PRESS in the nautical world.

Ferretti Group FounderNorberto F. Welcome MBY&BS 2013

Ferretti Group Founder
Norberto F. Welcome MBY&BS 2013

Founder NORBERTO FERRETTI, lives up to its heritage and as good host, endorse each year the eight brands the italian group represent to satisfy every taste and need to lovers of the ocean; thereby ensuring quality and the impecable italian design with oustanding performance, to endure all traditions and values that has kept the FERRETTI GROUP firm in the top.

Ferretti has a Yacht for every taste & budget

Ferretti has a Yacht for every taste & budget

During the presentation of their yachts, FERRETTI GROUP broke its own record in the group’s history with 26 different models and unveiled four newly build yachts in 4 of its 8 brands and available to the U.S. market.

Class, Speed, Fishing, Pleasure, Performance

Class, Speed, Fishing, Pleasure, Performance

Therefore FERRETTI cover a wide variety, to satisfy collectors and offers new models for those who want to update for a larger ship, consequently FERRETTI GROUP brings in its CUSTOME LINE the “NAVETTA 26” an 85′ yacht with perfect balance in agility sportiness and comfort.



FERRUCCIO ROSSI, FERRETTI’S Group CEO, led the masses that each press member represents and in exclusive interview said: -“We are ready to show what we are made of”.
ROSSI made the statement with entire confidence after all success he has achieved after he was appointed to be in the top job in the company last year.

Offices around the world

Offices around the world

The young executive has been working in the group in different positions and contributing with his professionalism at every stage of the company to go exactly to where the FERRETTI GROUP has become, mergin in the world with 60 showrooms offices for sales and 80 major cities.

FERRETTI Group Representatives and Executives around the world

FERRETTI Group Representatives and Executives around the world


Just in American Continent FERRETTI GROUP have experts representatives in countries like: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peri, Brazil and Argentina.Being an Italian born firm, with family roots and values FERRETTI shipyards are established in Italy and the new President in Asia.

Pershing 82' Innovative aesthetic,unmistakable performance

Pershing 82′ Innovative aesthetic,
unmistakable performance

Thus FERRETTI GROUP covers like a tidal wave with a wide variety, to choose from style to performance.
As the clean-cut line PERSHING larger 82′ Yacht, which have pure distinction in a fluid opening, spotless unique  features in this model such: optional retarctable sun-roof that have enough space for a navigation statio with rudder and solarium on a third unespected level in this size, that can be access by a state of art staircase made by innovative carbon steel.

Seductive & Elegant Riva 86'

Seductive & Elegant Riva 86′

Without doubt faithful customers of the FERRETTI GROUP, have more than enough to select, where and how they will choose between the 8 brands on display, including the bold and sensual model DOMINO, in its latest and customized version from the sumptuous FERRETTI GROUP line RIVA.

MBY&BS 2013

MBY&BS 2013

So the MBY& BS 2013 was presented in an area of ​​1.2 million square feet of space on the waterway a strip of water a mile long canal in Indian Creek and Collins Avenue that had over 500 boats new and resale which together reached a value of billions of dollars and some of them available to potential new owners another wave of visitors who were not intimidated by the cold and rainy weather, a very unusual climate for the sunshine State and the island of the sun the beautiful Miami Beach.

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant

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