More Exotic floating cities to explore, in the Nautical World© of cruises.

SU-O1-(K.M. Pics) If there is an industry that has evolved in all aspects is the transportation in the Nautical World©. Currently the huge ocean liners, more than transport between continents to people and products, by themselves are an experience to explore.

3 Favorite consumers Cruise-Lines

3 Favorite consumers Cruise-Lines

The 3 largest companies in the industry compete to include: better services, amenities, dining options, and fun activities, in the innovative floating cities.
The maritime industry as the technology sector, has had an explosive evolution in 2 decades, the unpredictable growth of cruise ships at the end of the last century and the new millennium has been unique in the history of the Nautical World ©.

Carnival, MSC & NCL have new ships in their fleet in 2013

Carnival, MSC & NCL have new ships in their fleet in 2013

Just in 2013, have been launching 3 of these giant cities AIDA from  Carnival, NCL BREAKWAY, and MSC PRECIOZA.
And by year’s end will arrive to the market another 3 competing with exotic itineraries, first class entertainment, integrated casino, adventures in their paradisiacal Islands in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and needless to say unique experiences in specialized destinations as at the North Pole. Despite recent tragedies in the cruisers of the largest line of tourist boats in the world Carnival Corp, the percentage of accidents and piracy in the oceans is minimal.

"Quantum" the new Why Not? innovation of RCCL.

“Quantum” the new Why Not? innovation of RCCL.

As safety, operational and environmental, international regulations are becoming more severe. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, the line of WHY NOT? It is another
consortium of passenger ships which maintains the leadership of innovation with their aquatic
metropolis; in principle it has the 2 larger on the planet with their
OASIS Class vessels; Oasis of the Seas
and Allure of the Seas, among the 20 remaining cruisers, 12 newly renovated around the world, without counting in its 2 brands fleet subsidiary Celebrity and Azamara.
And WHY NOT? Royal Caribbean continues the legacy go to the forefront in design, entertainment and services, announcing the arrival of a new class “QUANTUM”  that includes 2 new high-tech cruises that will be ready to enter service in 2014. Market Statistics

In the other hand and between 11 subsidiaries cruise lines, Carnival Corp., Costa Cruises and Carnival UK, which include, among others the total luxury brand as Cunard summoned more than 90 cruise ships around the world; they share with the visionary company of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line 75% of the market leaving the remaining 25% lines: Norweigan Cruise Line ® with 13 fun and
innovative cruise “Freestyle“; MSC and its 12 glamorous cruise ships, and the youngest company in the industry, Disney Cruise Line with 4 themed cruises.

Cruise Shipping 2013

Cruise Shipping 2013

During the world’s fair of Cruise-Shipping, regulatory authorities as Bureau Veirtas, associations such as CLIA  among others, all together with presidents and executives of this growing industry; they report on  the general assemble and interact in the world market with vendors, new products and services for this sector; the same thing with the ports and destinations on the planet. And it is precisely in this global event where the shipyards of the most advanced countries in the Nautical World© get construction contracts for new sailing cities which it turn on sources of employment and income from its construction to its operation for thousands of families around the world.

Healthy Options for the Cruisers

Healthy Options for the Cruisers

Cruise-Shipping forecast for 2014 in it’s 30 anniversary of this massive event predicts break the record of 11,000 visitors from 136 countries of the world and more than 900 companies, of 123 countries display including the 93 who participated for the first time.

Authorities in the Cruise Industry CEO RCCL & President of CLIA

With Authorities in the Cruise Industry CEO RCCL & President of CLIA


In short, the Nautical World© in cruises, represents the best deal for vacationing; for the same price and ticket, traveling in a floating hotel, with events, food and activities included to the experience of exploring these beautiful cities; that is already worth the price on the way to the fascinating destinations they have in their itineraries in all continents.



Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant

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