The largest TV in the world in the way to conquer the American Continent.

SU-O1.-  Pics K.M, Miami Fl. May 2013/ The C SEED Entertainment Systems, CEO Alexander Swatek in Exclusive Interview introduce in the East coast, C SEED 201 Giant Outdoor LED TV. The latest finest technology created in partnership C SEED and Porsche Design Studio.-“The C SEED can be the highlight in any property, this is a top luxury product for just a selective market, and our annual production is enough for our up-scale clientele”- Said the executive.

In seconds the largest TV in the world gets UP & DOWN with he touch of a buttom

In seconds the largest TV in the world gets UP & DOWN with he touch of a buttom

In the kinematics this state of the art column it comes up from the ground and with a touch of a button in remote control elevates in 15 seconds up to 4.65 m (15 Ft) unfolds 7 massive LED panels seamless and silently in 25 seconds. Settle up this TV screen can process data of 100,000 times per second over 725,000 LEDs enabling this mega TV display 4.4 trillion radiant colors in high definition. Also the C SEED it has perfection in power acoustics with 6 broadband speakers from left to right and 3 subwoofers for low frequencies.

Alexander Swatek, C'SEED, CEO

Alexander Swatek, C’SEED, CEO

All component that makes this colossal TV-Screen an avant-garde, is that all have been design to function under all weather conditions.–“As an out-door product it has been design to hold till 40 knots opened and the components comes or the most prestigious auto builder in the world”- answer to our concern over the unexpected changes in the Floridian weather. The New Style Icon, Designed by Porsche Design Studio, was installed in the gorgeous Palais Schönburg in the heart of Vienna, the C SEED 201 provides a dazzling modern counterpoint to a Baroque jewel. The sleek, functional look of the C SEED 201 was honored with the “RED DOT”: BEST OF THE BEST 2012” award for product design, after fulfill the 3 important categories: product design, communication design and design concept.

Executives of C'SEED & PORSCHE getting the RED DOT Design Award

Executives of C’SEED & PORSCHE getting the RED DOT Design Award


An award that have more than 14,000 entries from  over 70 countries; the RED DOT DESIGN Award, internationally reaches more advocates of good design, than any other design competition; therefore C’SEED is by itself THE BEST CONCEPT DESIGN IN THE BEST COMMUNICATION DEVICE. Definitely, PORSCHE Design Studio, interpreted the giant outdoor TV as a high-Tech sculpture that combines elegant minimalism with a flamboyantly crow-pleasing performance.

C’SEED was created to please a very sophisticated private consumer, however and considering all the great qualities and gadgets of this unique giant TV System.

In seconds the largest TV in the world gets UP & DOWN with he touch of a buttom

In seconds the largest TV in the world gets UP & DOWN with he touch of a button

I do believe seriously that a Technological jewel like this one can be well integrate to the fascination in the luxury of the Golf Courses, Polo Clubs and even Stadiums where concert can bring a new experience in the shows. Meanwhile wise luxury developers are excited to adapt in their high-end mansion and some metropolis like New York in their skyscrapers, the C’SEED Giant TV as plus to their innovative ideas and electronic proposals with awarded art and architectural design.

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant

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