At if 50 Years MOONEN is the more Youthful, Fun, Innovative and Sophisticated Yachts Brand.

SU-O1-(KMpics). Since 2011 when the Netherlands was named as the happiest country in the world; MOONEN shipyards one of the young company in the nautical industry from the city of Hertogenbosch in Nederland, made its début at the Nautical World© of the Venice of America, the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. In the FLIBS (Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show) the largest and most important international market for sale, brokerage and order of new yachts in the world.

MOONEN Family welcome the press FLIBS 2012

MOONEN Family welcome the press FLIBS 2012

Then the vibrant joy of MOONEN with their happier citizens of the world could not pass unnoticed. And there continuing in consequential markets coming back to the “Capital of the Americas”  Miami, in their happy bright colors of the shipyard MOONEN’s family, creators of a new class of yachts and always distinguished themselves in between traditional brands. The bright and enthusiastic colors harmonize perfectly with the singular kindness of hyperactive CEO and General Manager of the company EMILE BILTERIJST, who, beside his wife ANGELINE BILTERIJST as part of its professional team; we were introduced by his daughter DORIEN BILTERIJST Director of communications of the company MOONEN.

Managing Dir. explained the secret of MOONEN

Managing Dir. explained the secret of MOONEN

MOONEN is one of the newest companies in the Yacht industry; however from the time its inception has launched a distinctive signature to establish itself as brand for the innovative design in the form of its aluminum hulls. EMILLE BILTERIST proudly explains how customers usually confuse speed with comfort performance in navigation – “Some of the potential costumer are looking for a displacement yacht that will reach say, up to 22 knots, that all we know it’s impossible a contradiction just from the connotation of the word; “displacement is a placid way to surf and 22 knots in any boat is speeding“- Explained the expert naval architect during his participation at the MIAMI BOAT SHOW. –Luckily for all this potential clientele and after doing and work in all to please our exclusive clientele, MOONEN design a unique style of hull shapes such as “fast displacement” after running all test in High Speed Displacement, getting into conclusion to use the right knowledge in the right way for the right propose”– Conclude the expert.

MOONEN have 4 Ways to deliver

MOONEN have 4 Ways to deliver

And it is thus that MOONEN yachts have distinguished themselves by adding the proven technology of variable-pitch propellers, to the hull of displacement of high speed making the perfect duo between the adventure of the speed in the comfort and stability of navigation of these floating mansions.
In 1963 young MOONEN shipyards began building three to four boats per year, focusing more on the quality of each of the vessels, and not on the quantity of production. And still continue the philosophy of the MOONEN experts, who strive to give life to the unique idea and project on each customer’s request. Inside each boat boasts impeccable joinery of fine wood and engraved by hand, furnished and decorated to the taste of the owners with suitable advice and supervision of the expert designers MOONEN.

MOONEN uniqueness  + Diversity = Luxurious Variety

MOONEN uniqueness + Diversity = Luxurious Variety

In such a way that each of the 4 categories in the manufacture of hull in motor yachts from 20 to 45 m (65′ to 150′), that are built in the first world of MOONEN shipyards have been awarded for the exquisite design that exceed the expectations of their owners who satisfied return to upgrade for a new yacht.  Also MOONER offers an integrated service with all kinds of maintenances and personalized attention. In this 2013 MOONER is celebrating its first 50 years creating a brand style in the world as a name that represents innovation in naval architecture, comfort, adventure, luxury and reliability. Additional MOONEN
represents fun and creativity with drinks that created in honor to the 4 categories of construction selected by exclusive clients from countries with extensive history, culture and sense of sophistication such as: Russia, Turkey the Middle East and Mexico. Among others that are part of the loyal clientele of MOONER a company that know, values and appreciates the advantages of diversity and choices, therefore its managers do not find fascination in their products but in the personal relationship they have with their select customers.

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant

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