The TRIP of “Identity Thieft” available in HD & 3D

Identity Thief the TRIP

Identity Thief the TRIP

SU-O1 (Universal Motion Pictures photos)- Last February when it was the launch of “IDENTITY THIEFT” in movie theaters, the film’s comedy-crime had a poor recognition by critics for the light and comic way with which was taken the complex and growing problem that already claims more 2.061,495 victims according to statistics recent Consumer Sentinel Network an institution that compile the information of the most recognized federal agencies in the United States. In the film “IDENTITY THIEFT” the story takes a roller coaster at the initiative of the victim with the purpose to accelerate the process of arrest and stop the crime, traveling to make civil arrest to who stole his identity, so the journey of the “IDENTITY THIEFT” with the criminal becomes a real adventure.

Federal Authorities

Federal Authorities

At the same time of the trip, the plot includes the effect domino when interlaced other crimes such as drug trafficking with “IDENTITY THIEFT” the one of the most common and sensitive crimes caused by the new cyber-society in the world that we live in; contributing factor to that failed percentage just of 20% of the comments favorable to this production.

Director Seth M.Gordon

Director Seth M.Gordon

However “IDENTITY THIEFT” is a film with a great cast and a production perfectly balanced in every way. This time the famous Director SETH GORDON chose a proposed project by actor JASON BATEMAN along with producers SCOTT STUBER and PAMELA ABDY, but as always SETH GORDON made its contribution to redo the ending that really gives a totally unexpected touch to a comedy.

The plot is about “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” JASON BATEMAN the main character who is a victim of identity theft and he does not play the passive role waiting for the slow police’s “Protocol” that exists about this terrible crime, causing the same similar or worse damage in a person’s life than any other crime that destroys the existence of another individual.

Identity thief  caught

Identity thief caught

The film maintains a perfect balance of interaction among all couples JASON BATEMAN and MELISSA Mc CARTHY as the criminal and antagonism in which they are involved as an effect domino that is surrounding this crime. Without any tendency of creed or religion, the plot emphasizes the value of family on the solid basis of the couple and the leadership of an honest family man with strong moral values of “Sandy Bigelow Patterson”. Without a doubt is one of the best films of crime and comedy with a great team of actors, contributing in every scene with excellent messages: “what NO to do”, “why NOT to do” and the consequence of bad behavior.

A trip that bring the best of all

A trip that bring the best of all

Like other recent films, “IDENTITY THIEFT” it also has a very interesting message for authorities; in the scheme where regular people take justice in its own hand, doing all the work as to be done in the process to stop the crime. If someone missed “IDENTITY THIEFT” the opportunity to see the history and the heroic work of “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” in the movie theaters and wants to have an opinion about it, now can do it with bonus and access to the  making of this production on DVD and Blu-ray unrated edition.

A loyal faithful husband got his life back

A loyal faithful husband got his life back

After all at the premiere “IDENTITY THIEFT” was placed as number 1 in the box office with $34.5 million the first weekend, getting the place number two in the second week with other $ 27,500 million dollars. Returning to the first position in the third week and continuing in the eighth place as the highest grossing film in the national launch of the year in the United States, and now no restrictions on the DVD where  the “IDENTITY THIEFT’s” TRIP continues.

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant


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