ACCION-USA is financing Advertisement for small business

SU-O1.- “Small business are the core of the Economy” said  Jeff Pearlberg Citibank during the “Small Business Boot Camp” organized by ACCION-USA  and Citibank  in Dave Florida.  

Boot Camp for Small Business

Crowded as its capacity the Signature Grant, the mega banquet hall holds thousands of small business owners from 3 different counties, all this entrepreneurs didn’t take for granted the great opportunity to have one on one free advice from the experts, in 20 minutes session all the participants were able to get the right guidance to succeed in their business, from lawyers, accountants, marketing experts, business development, strategies on sales, distribution, public relations, branding  and  the most important credit and finances management.  During several hours people were moving from one table to another, getting invaluable information related with their own company.

Supporting the Community

Val A. Perez, Regional Manager of Small Business Banking of Citibank explained the variety of products his company has available for international impresarios “We have an international relationship with other countries’ banks to help small business coming from foreigners that are in USA or the ones that have manufacturers in Latin-American and Europe, we want to help them with lines of credits etc.”
In the round table the experts were hours and hours giving advice to a lot of people who were more than satisfy to get the information how to start a business; analysis of the industries that has most potential to succeed and how to do management plans also to the ones that are in the verge of bankruptcy.

Jeffrey P. & Val A. P. Citibank Rep.

Division Manager of Citibank South-East Coast Jeffrey Pearlberg assure us: “We are here to help and contribute with the community to make better decisions and grow together, we support the small business because they are the fuel for the economy, we want to be part of the recovery directly with the people who is suffering  the turn-down of the economy
Since 2009 ACCION-USA has done this Boot Camp as part of their campaign  “Survive and Thrive” in partnership with several banks who coach potential businessperson ready to be eligible for loans to develop sustainable business solutions and partnerships. 

William M. Program Dir Accion-USA

This innovative formula is bringing effective network with knowledgeable people who is giving the right training in micro financing with real possibility to get a loan to put them out in the window. William Mateo Program Director of ACCION-USA was one of the facilitator to explained one of the most important factor to succeed which is ADVERTISMENT, in the right media. “The Number one mistake of people when they start a business is precisely the absent of a marketing budget for a strategic campaign, they don’t have any plan and that’s why a lot of small business go down in the first year” Concludes Mateo.
The average loans that ACCION- USA, has provided is around $ 6000.00  since 2003 to the top of $50,000 to companies in the group of services such: Catering , cleaning, landscape, beauty shops and decoration. This formula has been providing a healthy financial support to companies that are generating in a 22% to the local employment. The industries that are in better shape in this economy are: health, food processor and services.  Harvey P. Muskat CPA, and CFF, was one of the professionals in the spinning room providing consultation to the attendants. 

Loans for advertisement to Small Business

ACCION-USA is a private, nonprofit organization that serves to low and moderate-income individuals, primarily minorities and women, who are unable to get access to mainstream financial services. As pioneer and recognized leader in the domestic microfinance field, ACCION- USA is dedicated to providing to micro-entrepreneurs and people on the economic margin with the crucial chance to reach capital and develop greater financial literacy.  ACCION-USA is a member of the U.S. ACCION Network, the largest U.S. micro-lending network, with over $230 million lent since start in 1991.  ACCION-USA loans range from $500-$25,000 and are offered nationwide via the ACCION-USA online lending platform.

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