The Good News!… In the Celebration’s Industry!

Rosana Sandoval-G Journalist

SU-O1.- In every event in your life you have to look spectacular to celebrate. And to do so in this edition we have the experts in the skin care and image consultant who will help you how to look like a movie or television star, in the best shape with the great choreographer that will take you there dancing, so will spin in your celebration leaving the testimony with the photographer that will bring the best of you for cover page, so let’s get the good news!

Tammy Fender

A young mother of 2, made her passion for organic products creating her own natural skin care “holistic” because it achieves some would say the beauty inside and out, Tammy Fender is the creator of natural facial creams and treatments for millionaires like Trump’s in Palm Beach, her products based on herbs and vegetables produces fantastic incredible results, wiping the face of blemishes and scars, restoring freshness and natural texture. Julie Marques Moran is one of the line specialists team of Tammy Fenderand all those men and women who want to look spectacular can  at 561-504 6042

Certified Image & Etiquette Consultant, Melissa Mezzalira

Your skin is now ready you look like royalty, then you need the expert guidance to choose the best to dress and accessories to show the best of your beauty and enhance  your personality for that you have the expertise of  Melissa Mezzalira an Italian expert makeover and Certified Image & etiquette Consultant with all tools to all people  can look at their best. You can get in touch with her via e-mail: 

Angel Diaz Choreographer

To get in shape and keep up the energy with all the rhythms in any celebration, there is an excellent choreographer who has the experience and talent to help you, to have fun and learning all sort of dances from classics to the hot are in; Angel’s Choreography by Choreographer Angel Diaz, has experts and popular ballroom dance classes, salsa and more. Call for an appointment and have fun dancing and getting in shape, check them out in their website: then what is you waiting for to call for an appointment at 305-772 4886.

Designer Sha-Ali Ahmad


He has dressed beauty queens around the world, from India to Latin America. Shah-Ali Ahmad travels around the world designing most interesting and colorful dresses for beauty contestants, teenagers, brides, bridesmaids, he does beautiful creations for graduations, all handmade and perfect fitted for a woman’s body to wear that one piece … More than couture Shah-Ali Ahmad creates an individual and memorable piece for the woman in the world. Connect with this exciting designer via e-mail:

Gabriel Bancora, Photographer

Already you are spectacular, perfectly dressed for the occasion and moving as a professional on the floor, now it’s time to perpetuate the result with a picture that is the testimony of the excellent result of taking important decisions for the day and the best for that is  Gabriel  Bancora, he is an expert in the lent that focuses on the covers of fashion magazines, so get your best angle and you can show to the world your best in the celebration that will last forever, with the images that will make you revive that great moment. Call for the wide variety of photography services packages that he has to fit your budget, call him to 305 772 2666.

And remember for to choose good…! You have to know who!

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Media Consultant
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In the National Association of Wedding professionals! Girls don’t want just to have fun, they mean business!

SU-O1.-  informative, entertainment and productive was the last meeting of the NAWP in the oldie Marco-Polo hotel in Sunny Isles,   

Marco Polo Sunny Isles


where Location is the main attraction of this property which is the one that hasn’t any other building that private their guest to have a long sunset on the beach.   

Jeannet Alix President of NAWP & Founder Down The Aisle


Janette Alix, President of the Chapter in South Florida East Coast of the NAWP was sure that the group meet each other and then everybody knew who is who and what part of the Industry were representing.   

NAWP South Florida


 Her motto “The members of this association becomes friends and partners on business since always is more comfortable to share business with friends, thats why is important to know each other” Alix, always encourage people to get involve in each other professional activities.   

Venues & More @ Revolution Live


MK Consultant @ NAWP


 Music in Motion Interactive Events, Field of Flowers, Revolution LIVE, Mary Kay Cosmetics, were some of the companies that had a representative in this event the entertainment part by Sax player Roberto Carlo and Magician Armando Vera.    

Armando Vera MagicianFlowers & more


Flowers & more

Beatriz Murgido,
Director of Catering by the Marco Polo, guides the members to the tour for the property and offered a taste of the menus options are available for the potential event planners and Professionals of the Industry.   

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM