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SU-O1. Graphic Reporter L. Klessig

Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"

If the “Oasis Of the Seas” caused a big expectations, her sister ship “Allure of the Seas” was the Royal Caribbean main course that everybody could smell and desire in the process to complete the “Genesis Project” which started on autumn of 2005 when Royal Caribbean International did the unthinkable, ordered the world’s largest cruise vessel to former “Aker Yards” now “STX Finland”. Unthinkable as it was that ambitious “Genesis project” has been the odyssey this 2 major players has been passing through, to do the impossible after all the world financial down turn and achieve their goals in the precise time, without scarify quality and class they have as their signature.

President & CEO RCI in Preview of Blue Planet

 Then in September 2010, when “Allure of the Seas” was in her final stage of being complete, passing all test and inspections, the news of the green entertainment was release with the original production of Royal Caribbean’sBlue Planet” an original musical play, that showcase the element of the planet in a spectacular performance in acrobatics and magic visuals; for October was the passion of the award winning musical “Chicago ” in which preview the cast gives an outstanding performance that any renown star can pair to this young and talented actors7 actresses and dancers.

CHICAGO in Allure of the Seas

Great performance of CHICAGO

And the arrival was announced in precise time with a beautiful day “Allure of the Seas” arrives at her home Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale Fl.  in November. 11 20, to be with her sister ship “Oasis of the Seas” in the Atlantic Ocean on November 13.

Allure of the Seas, at Home

Inside Allure new & unique features

Finally we were able to get into this magnificent floating city, where the neighborhoods are located in the same areas as her sister ship, but maintaining a different flavor in her décor, flavors and colors, new features and amenities such the first famous coffee shop Starbucks® in the middle of the Royal Promenade and  the traditional American 50’s hamburgers and fries of Johnny Rockets® near by the Aqua-Theather, where the Aquacrobatics are premier Olympics spectacle.

1st Starbucks in the Oceans

Tireless and amazing is the unique featured green natural park in the seas as this “Oasis-Class” vessels Central Park unique exotic natural plants maintain the balance in the middle of the oceans with first class sophisticated restaurants as the 150 Fine Dinning Restaurant with award winning chefs in both ships, and “Allure” host and features the first Art Gallery form Latin worldwide, master Romero Britto, who spend the day signing the piece he created especially for “Royal Caribbean”.

Allure Host Int. Latin Artist Romero Brito

150 Restaurant with awarded Chef in Allure

The first class amenities as Royal Caribbean traditional signature have splendid services such the Vitality at Sea, Spa & Fitness Program. A week is not enough to know this beautiful international city in the oceans that also take their citizens around the world to the most precious destinations, as his international crew of 2,394 where the Capitan is from Argentina and as young adventurous as the entire Royal Caribbean team and management is willing to indulges you in the fantastic experience to live on this magnificent “Allure of the Seas”.

Allure's Captain Hernan Zini

As Royal Caribbean International slogan The Nation of Why Not  even in the catalog of destination their leaders assure their slogan can hold for what they stand, a prove of it, is Labadee®’s Royal Caribbean Ltd  30 year inversion in Haiti,  where after the 2009 earthquake hit Haiti and this Cruise-Ship company assisted during the tragedy, now they are open a School facility to make a meaningful contribution not only as part of the recovery but a sustainable solution to the population in the North of Haiti.  L’ Ecole Nouvelle, is Royal Caribbean’s first School to be built in Haiti to educate new generations and also will operate as vocational training facility for adults to bring them the opportunity even to work in this company that already gives jobs over a 200 Haitians in their ships.

Chairman, CEO & President, CEO RCI

Definitely founders and shareholders has to be more than happy to have in their company great visionaries leaders such Chairman CEO Richard D. Fain and President & CEO  Adam Goldstein among other executives, keeping this huge company not only floating literally in the Oceans but even succeeding in the worst economy storms. And since is well know that Project Genesis included one more gigantic ship and currently Royal Caribbean Ltd has 3 ships under construction, the “Oasis Class mega cruisers” it can be just the beginning of a thread for a largest chain of amazing adventures Royal Caribbean International The Nation of Why Not  is willing to amaze us in this growing and fruitful Ocean Industry.
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