“Fashion’s Seeds” Establish Designers and Hair Celebrities on “EXPOMODA 2010”

SU-O1.- ( Expo- Moda 2010) “EXPOMODA 2010”  is the most important event n the fashion industry for Colombians  in South Florida after their native mayor  fashion week  in their land “Colombiamoda”.       



 Even though in the Textile and fashion industry worldwide report said that United States, Venezuela, and Mexico are the three largest export markets in the Continent, Colombian fashion industry has flourished over the last ten years and has been well noticed due to the high quality of garments, low cost of production, and the unique and exotic ideas from fashion designers.     

Anamaria Trujillo original textile design


In Colombia there are almost 500 textile mills and 10,000 apparel producers which produces over 800,00 direct and indirect jobs.
As an extension in Miami County “EXPOMODA 2010” is organized by Colombian Chamber of Commerce and aside the traditional runway it’s an opportunity to bring winners of a “Fashion’s Seeds” contest for the youngest designers to showcase on international window their innovations and high quality development in this competitive industry.         

Agatah R. de La Prada & Ana Maria Trujillo


The 2010 “Fashion’s Seeds” was awarded to youngest designer Anamaria Trujillo with her couture well made fresh practical designs in her original printings and line.         


C.A.CH.C. USA President Carmenza Jaramillo & Designer Agatha R. De la Prada


Also during this event, mayor worldwide designers are recognized for their strong influence on Colombian fashion culture and this new decade happened to be for the Spaniard daughter of the 3rd Marquess of Oris and 26th Baron of Santa Pau, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada world-wide known since the lates 70’s  when she started the bright-colored designs and innovative motifs of moons, stars, suns or hearts, which also transferred to her designs for bags, furniture, carpets, crockery, lamps, pens, pencils, lip balms, scents, sleeves, towels or bed linen as well as clothes for men, women and children.         

Amor Real owner Odilia B.


During “Expo-Moda 2010”, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada brought some of her Milan Fashion week designs, her own wardrobe was brilliant and full of live and happiness.
As if the Queen of Colors were enough creative in the “Expo-Moda 2010” other artist was orbiting and getting inspired with the Duchest’s hair, Odilia Bulit owner Stylish of “Amor Real” created with a new product Sexy-Do under hair comb.      

Sexy-Do Toni CH & Emilio Uribe -


A sunshine Florida  hair volume accessory  perfect for the original tiaras creation and signature of De la Prada accessories.  
Toni Chayeb creator of Sexy-Do, also share her creative “under-comb” product with “Fabulous” Colombian hair designer Emilio Uribe who was the stylist for more than 20 models whom participated in the runway in the “Expo-Moda 2010” in the    

Intercontinental Hotel in Miami Fl. 

Press Conference with Agatha R. De la Prada


Toni Ch, Odilia B, Agatha R. De la Prada & SU-O1






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