Home Design and remodeling Show, Growing Green

Home Design & Remodeling Show, Spring 2010

SU-O1 In 2009 environmental Activist Al-Gore has promoted the green building and the financing by law, then well-known companies in the construction has moved to more sustainable design industries, new environmentally friendly companies showcase their innovative products and services at the Home Design & Remodeling Show at Miami Beach Convention Center.
Home Design & Remodeling International Show is the largest home’s fair with newest proposals, trends in designs and builds with more sustainable less Carbon footprint options.
Vendors from all over the world came to this important Home Show to showcase residential and commercial decoration options  with the most outstanding products. 15 Companies specialized in environmental products were the highlight of this wise tendency with innovative styles in development for more environmental friendly builders. 

Smart Energy in AC

In Florida and mostly in the entire south-east of US houses are built with AC units and during this Show;  Dantin Services unveils a brand-new  home energy system that use solar power as the energy source for central heating and cooling as any other system in the market as Sun-Source™ which save enormous amount of money for homeowners. Dantin Services design home cooling and heating indoor air quality products ignited by solar power that also can be combine can run with other devices in the home that use electric energy. 

Drinking water out of the Air


The display was abundant, Air2Water is another appliance that collects the air humidity to process by air filters, condenses into water to the water tank and subjected to UV radiation to cut any remaining contaminants producing fresh drinkable water for commercial and domestic proposes creating drinking water out of air. 

Smart lighting


Lutron Electronic showcases the Eco-minder of lighting dimmer that can give a 15% of saving in energy. In addition Lutron Electronics introduces safer Roman shades without cords. 

Roman Shades


Great amount of decorating new ideas with affordable, good quality, practical and interesting equipment, products and services available in: Lutron, with Eco-dimmer, Orlando’s Custom Wood with recycle floor; Sileston by Pebrasx  with counter power; Green USA, with a solar flashlight, AAA Energy Saving Solutions, Bath Fitter, Kohler Water Savings.
Other experts were offering their services such pro-energy consultants, who they come to your property and make a test of your energy consumption and even find if you are wasting some energy in some of your devices

Eco Home


Then if remodeling is in your budget or is a chance to start a new building project, be aware and consider all this great options that are available to the ones who are doing their contribution to live in harmony with the environment and partnership with nature without loose a modern lifestyle. 

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM.