Dr, Seuss THE LORAX , a movie for kids, with adult content!

Genius Theodor Seuss Geisel

SU-O1 ( Pics Courtesy by Universal Studios) Genius Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr.Seuss, made so easy and understandable the Anapestic tetrameter write style, a poetic meter employed by many poets of the English literary canon. An old style surviving by generations in Dr. Seuss books since 1934, when after so many rejections of other of his books Dr. Seuss succeed with “The Secrets of the Sea” a booklet about Nautical World© but it was till 1950 when he breakthrough with a series of books for children like: “If I ran the zoo” becoming the bestliteracy for kids at the early 50’.

The Role Model Hero

Dr.Seuss books have topped many bestseller lists in 95 countries, sold over 222 million copies, and been translated into more than 17 languages.
Dr. Seuss famous publications have been sold by kids but the content of his work are full of great messages on a remarkable variety of social and political issues that adults can learn from:


“Horton Hears a Who! (1950), about anti-isolationism and internationalism, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (1957), criticizing the materialism and consumerism of the Christmasseason,“Yertle the Turtle” (1958), about Hitler and anti-authoritarianism;
“The Sneetches” (1961), about racial equality and “The Lorax” (1971), about environmentalism and anti-consumerism.  Buy its Universal Studios with Chris Meledandri’s film making team at Illumination Entertainment, the ones that finally bring Dr Seuss THE LORAX best version ever to the mass.
The latest release now in DVD and Blu-ray™ 3D combo pack is available to everybody.

Ed Helm a talented

THE LORAX, is a colorful and entertainment story about how in an apocalyptic world where the air is sold in a plastic bottle, similar as we are consuming water now, in the name of love a young boy find the propose of his life, discovering that the oxygen provide by trees is the life per-se. A current issue with a kids understanding approach, the most interesting part in the puzzle of the movie is the message “UNLESS” and it apply in all areas our human-kind.

Danny DeVito
The Lorax in 4 languages

The masterpiece animation of “THE LORAX” is a classic that every child shouldbe seeing, the story is valuable, the animation is totally attractive for them and the content is vital.


A great fit for all generations, perfect guide-line to boys to be the heroes without crazy powers, just with determination and the will get the ultimate glory and with it save the world.

Zac Efron

THE LORAX have the finest cast with actors such: Danny DeVito as the Lorax, Zac
Efron as Ted, and Ed Helms as the Once-ler.

America’s Granny
Betty White

New characters introduced in thefilm are Audrey, who is voiced by Taylor Swift, Aloysius O’Hare, voiced by Rob Riggle, and Grammy Norma, voiced by Betty White. No doubt THE LORAX becomes one of the best classic movies for all generations to come.

Talentes Cast

“Unless” Someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get  better!  THE LORAX

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