US National Aeronautic Space Administration

SU-O1  May 2012.-( Photos Courtesy NASA)
Last year it was scandal when President Obama decide to interrupt the NASA Shuttle program STS (Space Transportation System) due uncontrolled spending which went far away from  the original budget established in 1981, when NASA had estimated that the program would cost $7.45 billion ($43 billion in 2011 dollars, adjusting for inflation) but the real price went orbital when the Per-launch costs can be measured by dividing the total cost over the life of the program (including buildings, facilities, training, salaries, etc.) by the number of launches.
With 134 missions, and the total cost of US$192 billion (in 2010 dollars), this gives approximately $1.5 billion per launch over the life of one of the most extraordinary and valuable NASA program.

Shuttle Program 1981-2011
Space Transportation System

Then because of the great accomplishments and remarkable contributions the STS Shuttle did also as the only one Space Transportation till now, for more at least of 5 scientists at once, without consider the expenses, media spread the word that NASA will close or even disappear.
Commercial TV networks and general media still don’t get to know what NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is really about..


Within 15 locations between facilities, laboratories and Space Centers available to visitors; the leader in Space exploration in the world NASA is a scientific research institution about uncountable  sectors such as:  Aeronautics: pioneers and creators of new flight technologies that improve the ability to explore the space, which also have practical applications on commercial air transportation.

NASA’s Solar System

Human Exploration and Operations are focuses in the International Space Station beyond low Earth orbit.
In Science: explores the Earth, Solar System and the universe beyond; and reaps the benefits on Earth and space exploration for society.In the early 21st century, NASA reach spans the universe.

NASA’s Robotic
Discovery on Mars

The Mars Exploration Rover is still studying the red planet after the arrival of its twin Spirit in 2004. Cassini is another spacecraft in orbit around Saturn, and planned to get back in earth on 2017 and the same Juno makes its way to Jupiter.

NASA Hubble
Powerful tool

The restored and most powerful Space Telescope Hubble in the Universe continues to explore the deepest reaches of the cosmos.

NASA Latest image of
International Space Station

With the building and amplified International Space Station, NASA is extending the permanent human presence in space; at this day  the ISS is fully staffed with a crew of six scientists, and American astronauts will continue to live and work in space 24 hours in the 365 days a year.


NASA’s International
Space Station P.A.

Part of the U.S. portion of the station has been designated as a national laboratory, and NASA is committed to using this unique resource for scientific research.

NASA’s Satelites

Earth Science satellites are sending back unprecedented data on Earth’s oceans, climate and other features that are helping us in our daily basis.


NASA’s Satelites help
Prevent disasters

NASA’s aeronautics team is working with other government organizations, universities, and industry to fundamentally improve the air transportation, experience and retain USA leadership in global aviation.

NASA Searching
for better ways to fligh

The end of the Space Shuttle Program never meant the end of NASA or even of NASA sending humans into space. NASA has a robust program of exploration, technology development and scientific research that will last for years to come.


Aquanauts ready to be
Astronauts in NEEMO

Right now NASA finest teams are getting ready for extreme training in the deep Ocean in Florida. NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) missions will continue on June 11, 2012.

NASA Extreme Enviroment Mission Operation

It will build on lessons learned from 2011’s NEEMO 15 mission and test innovative solutions to engineering challenges allowing astronauts in the exploration on asteroids.

Exploration in Asteroids

Moreover NASA is designing and building the capabilities to send humans to explore the Solar System, NASA teams are working toward a goal of set humans to discover form insight the red planet.

Pair a Pair
with NASA

In the process of modernization NASA includes commercial companies who are in the same page of scientific research and pass the same levels of commitment, this private companies are well on their way to providing cargo and crew flights to the ISS, as is happening today with “SpaceX”  the first private vehicle that transport  their “Dagon”.

Space X & NASA

A capsule of provisions to the International Space Station allowing NASA to focus its attention on the next steps into our Solar System.

NASA Scientist
working in progress

Meanwhile NASA is researching ways to design and build aircraft that are safer, more fuel-efficient, quieter, and environmentally responsible.
NASA is conducting an unprecedented array of science missions that will seek more knowledge and understanding of Earth, the Solar System and the Universe.

New value usefull data
about our Solar System

And in the process humans gets a great deal of benefits of it, such: Satellite communications that allow us to get in touch with amazing personal devices around the world.

Sunglasses as result of
the advance helmet protection
for Astronauts

Even the vain sunglasses are result of the UVA protection sophisticated glasses technology used by the Astronauts helmets and now that creation works in our benefit and protection to our health.
NASA develops every day amazing technology to help improve everything from better household fans to stronger ceramics for dentistry.

Never on Sale
nor close

Now you know NASA never was nor will be on sale…

Latest Launched in

NASA is on Fire!
NASA it is rejuvenating with new strategic to include the private sector and still hiring fine, healthy, disciplined, genius in so many areas of expertise, people who can live the high standard of knowledge, integrity to become a team player with the best people in the world and to keep the goal of be part of the leadership in the exploration of the Universe for the benefits of  humanity.

NASA Finest, healthy
minds and people in
the world

As result, NASA’s technologies work for everybody here on Earth, is solving everyday problems, saving lives, creating jobs and making a better existence in the planet.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant.
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau.

“Mission Complete, Houston”

The beginign of STS

SU-O1 Fl. 2011) “Mission Complete, Houston” … Were the words of Major Ferguson, reported to Mission Control Station in Houston, on the last flight of the Program Space Transportation System (STS) Shuttle, when the spacecraft “Atlantis” achieves the soft landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and thus seals the end of the STS Program at the NASA Space Agency

Shuttle Program 1981-2011
Space Transportation System

The last mission of the Space “Shuttle” on the flight vehicle 33 of the “Atlantis” was to deliver more than 9,400 pounds in parts and other equipment along with 2.677 pounds of food and enough supplies for a year for researchers in different expeditions working in the International Space Station.

NASA Space Vehicles

Any other space program in the world has been able to transport the amounts of materials to build or resources for human survival as it did in its 30 years of service.

Without falling importance of the previous Human Space Flight Missions, such as Mercury (1959-29630) Gemini (1963-1966) Apollo (1961-1972)  the first one to bring human life in the Universe and a walk on the moon, Skylab (1973-1974)  To build the first American Space Station, that countenances the STS “Shuttle” mission to enlarge and alliance that Space Station to the International one.

NASA’s STS Re-builds The
International Space Station

NASA Hubble Telescope

the Space Transportation System (STS) which stared functions in the 70’s and it materializes on April 12, 1981 with the launch of the first reusable spacecraft capable of carrying 7 or 8 astronauts in multiple orbital flights on and back return to Earth.

NASA STS Explorer

Without falling importance of the previous Human Space Flight Missions, such as Mercury (1959-29630) Gemini (1963-1966) Apollo (1961-1972)  the first one to bring human life in the Universe and a walk on the moon, Skylab (1973-1974)  To build the first American Space Station, that countenances the STS “Shuttle” mission to enlarge and alliance that Space Station to the International one.

Dr. Ellen Ochoa

In total 5 vehicles flew 852 times with a distance of 542 million miles in 135 flying around the planet for 1329 days, achieving over 2,000 performing experiments in the fields: of our planet, Astronomy, Life Sciences and Matter.

C.”Sid” M.Gutierrez

The Space System Transportation, STS also featured a great diversity of talented Scientist that include several women and from almost one of each country in the 30 years of function.

Ing. Danny Olivas

The Space System Transportation, STS also featured a great diversity of talented Scientist that include several women and from almost one of each country in the 30 years of function.Aside of the Astronauts well training by NASA; as Mission Commander, Pilot and Mission Specialist, the Shuttle Program opened a door for Payload Specialis.

@ NBL Houston Tx.

A Payload Specialist was generally selected for a single specific mission and were chosen outside the standard NASA astronaut selection process  and 61 of them flew to the Space as part of the prestigious crew in the 135 launches, without being American Citizens, and some of the where from Mexico, South the Arabia and other Countries and professions like Congressmen, teacher and other not scientist profession.

Frankling R.Chang Diaz

Note, this program generate more interest in science to thousands of professionals around the world adn were selected by NASA  several Hispanics where in the orbirter more thatn one time and all fo them had an important contribution as Colonel Sidney M. Gutierrez (2 ª. Generation Mexico-American descent) who participated in 2 missions, Dr. Ellen Ochoa (2 ª. Generation Mexico-American descent) who participated in 4 missions in the STS Programs.

Ing. José Hernández

The brave crew who made history in the last flight was the Commander Christopher Ferguson, Co-Pilot Douglas Hurley, and Mission Specialists Rex Walheim and Sandra Mangus. They also carried during the last mission as a backup plan a small Russian Soyuz capsule in case Atlantis had some flaw in his return to Earth.

STS Atlantis last landing

The three orbiting spacecraft that made history in the Space Transportation Program Shuttle will be on display at the Visitor Complex for NASA, “Discovery” is the hangar of the Smithsonian in Virginia, “Endeavour” will be at the Science Center in Los Angeles California and “Atlantis” will be at home in the Visitor Center Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Fl.  STS Was close but not the era of the Space exploration…

A Great and Productive Program


Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM

US President goes from Kennedy Space Center to Miami Beach tinsel starts

NASA image Best Picture by NASA of US President arrival


SU-O1.- US Air Force 1, was incredibly accurate with the agenda, at 1:30 pm it arrived at the Shuttle landing Facility of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral  with US President Barack Obama on board.
As his characteristic easy-going personality, Mr. Obama greeted and waved during his tour in the commercial rocket processing facility “SpaceX” at Cape Canaveral in the Air Force Station, on his way to the Operations and Checkout Building where he delivered his remarks on Space Exploration in the 21st Century.  

NASA images of Mr. Obama's Tour


Since the US Aerospace Industry has worked under small budgets but accurate strategies to make it possible to keep several research programs alive in outer space, the media are causing a scandal after the announcement of the closing of PART of the “Constellation” program (which started in 2005, to explore the moon, build rockets & spacecrafts that cost $ 10 billion). Obama clarified that it wasn’t his administration that decided to close the program. However it is necessary to invest in more groundbreaking research and include innovative companies to make the “Orion” Program possible for future missions.
 Fuss and buzz created by the retirement of the Space Shuttle and the threats from the competitors in the space race, such as Russia and China who are developing new Space-vehicles, is bringing great stress over the current  old American space-ships that have endangered  the lives of the Astronauts.  

NASA images, US President Remarks Space Exploration in the 21st Century


President Obama expects with the new budget and with strong participation of the private sector, to compete and develop better Space-Vehicles to transport humans in short time with more safety and even emergency flight if necessary to the International Space Station.
Also President Obama, is setting a date for the plan to create 2,500 jobs along the Space Coast in the next 2 years, to modernize the Kennedy Space Center, upgrade launch facilities, and include companies across the US to compete to be part of the Space Transportation Industry, projecting more than 10,000 jobs nationwide over the next 5 years.  But Obama’s emphasis was in this statement:
So I am proposing a $40 million initiative – led by a high-level team from the White House, NASA, and other agencies – to develop a plan for regional economic growth and job creation. And I expect this plan to reach my desk by August 15th. It’s an effort that will help prepare this already skilled workforce for new opportunities in the space industry and beyond.”
Following the President’s remarks, NASA’s  Administrator Charles Bolden, hosted a conference overview, with Norm Augustine, chair, Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans, Committee and John Holdren, assistant to the President for science and technology and director of the White House Office of Science Technology Policy. 

NASA image "For pennies on the dollar, the space program has improved our lives"

It was impressive the public recognition by the US President about the great efforts that all these Scientists have done in NASA, which has operated in high-capacity for pennies on the dollar improving the life and advancing the society, strengthening the US economy and inspiring generations in science and math.  Mr. Obama is determined to revitalize NASA and its mission:  “Not just with dollars but with clear aims and a large purpose.” He assured.
Polite as a politician can be, the US President concluded his remarks and shook a couple of hands before his punctual departure in the US Air Force 1 with destination to Miami Beach to the Asian Menu fund-raising dinner at the Estefan’s mansion.  

NASA images, President Obama finished his remarks

Meanwhile NASA Administrator, chair, Review of Human Space flight Plan and President for Science and Technology are working on the President’s proposal.
The United States of America has been the leader in the Space race,
and to keep that place it really needs to invest in better spacecrafts, also upgrade NASA’s facilities. Because even though it is a great experience in the NASA amusement Park feeling the sensation of going back in time, Scientists and Astronauts deserve a better workplace.  

NASA image. More investment by Private sector in NASA Programs

Although the private sector has participated in the US Government projects with NASA, now is the time to get more enrollment and investment.  
The process of a butterfly is starting with an ugly caterpillar and gets uglier in the cocoon but it develops into a gorgeous butterfly. So hopefully all pessimists will understand NASA’S process of growing and instead of criticizing, why not follow more closely  NASA projects, learn for it and then be able to comment and contribute to it.  

Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
Special contribution by Leonie Chong You
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM.