2011 is the first 50th Anniversary of the legendary BERTRAM FISHING YACHT

Feel The Ride, Live The Legend

SU-O1 .Photos Said Bazze- In the 2011 “Yacht & Brokerage Show” in Miami-Beach, it was announced by the Italian Ferretti-Ggroup the kick-off of the golden era of one of their brands.

Made in USA Bertram Fishing Yacht celebrate their first 50years of marine excellence, constant high performance with their unique deep –V hulls in the most luxury sport fish boats.

Bertram Captain & President Alton Herndon

Richard Bertram founder, put his passion to build boats with speed and endurance; however, the top design and engineering in the planet got together and from designer Raymond C. Hunt to the world’s best naval architects; Speed, durability were now part of the “fish machine” with the comfort and tastes of the most beautiful Yacht ever and the legend has been build with consistency, quality and stability proved in the most hostile ocean conditions.


Ferrettigroup CEO Salvatore Basile

Then on April 2011, the luxury party in the Marina Marriott, blows the official anniversary of the golden Bertram Fishing Yacht with a huge celebration. There were the original workers of the firm, like a huge family all together plays jokes and share great memories in the called “Blast from the Past” top party.
The welcome high end event, start with a exhibition about the extend heritage of the Bertram Fishing Yachtwith a record of it 12,258 unique design boats built with their owners personal taste.

Class Sailor Richard Bertram

All attendees, owners’ brokers and executives have a real blast seeing together all the beautiful and luxurious Fishing Yacht and their evolution in the style and trends.
 Every one of the Bertram Fishing Yacht become a classic model to be treasure by their owners, men and women who enjoy the qualities that makes this Yacht so desirable. “How Could I rely on anything else but another Bertram” is a common opinion of the faithful costumers of the Bertram Fishing Yacht when they upgrade their models.

Faithful costumers

The Captain of the Company Bertram Fishing Yacht, Alton Herndon kept the high energy and everyone in the party enjoyed the dynamic he uses to bring the memories and the anecdotes. “Has been a great time remembering the heritage and share the memories with our devoted associates, customers and partners
Mr. Herndonsaid after dinner and award ceremony.

Blast From The Past Golden Anniversary

The enjoyment of ownership shows in the statistics that most families spend large amount of time in their Bertram Fishing Yacht, than any other brand in USA aside the comfort and the excitement of the fishing sport; to become an owner of Bertram Fishing Yacht is being a part of a unique fishing family that can enjoy the tournaments together and become ambassadors in the international events and to be part of the exclusive Bertram Owners Council.

A year to celebrate the Legend

50 Years are not enough to continue the legacy of continuously refine for maximum performance finest design and efficiency in Bertram Fishing Yachtanother proud and fine product “Made in USA”, and the celebration continues May was the fishing trip to Guatemala with the Miami University Fishing Instructors.

50 years Quality, Speed & Luxury made in USA

And the coming Pensacola Bill Fish in July, with the rest of Bertram fishing league 2011 with prices of thousand in each tournament for the rest of the Year.


Rosana Sandoval
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
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