The Experience at Collectors Lounge, ART BASEL MIAMI.

Ernst Beyeler,Trudi Bruckner creators of ART BASEL

Ernst Beyeler,Trudi Bruckner creators of ART BASEL

SU-O1. – (Kris pics. Mincev & ART BASEL) Since 33 years when Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt, visionary gallerists from Basel in Switzerland, created the first multicultural art fair. The formula inclusive and vanguard of “ART-BASEL” has been a success, which began with 90 Galleries 30 editors from 10 countries in the first exhibition, fascinated 16,300 visitors.



Since then ART-BASEL has evolved over 300 galleries on display and record over 65,000 visitors with media coverage from all over the world, it how it ART BASEL becomes a global franchise in major cities in the world, linking continents “ART BASEL, grows as” ART BASEL-MIAMI “and from 2013″ ART BASEL HONG, KONG”.

Former Director and founder of ART BASEL MIAMI

Former Director and founder of ART BASEL MIAMI

“ART BASEL MIAMI” has its debut in 2002, under the visionary leadership of Samuel Keller and it becomes a fair that immediately rises to the rank of being the PREMIER ART FAIR on the Continent. “ART BASEL MIAMI” is the most important ART-FAIR
with exhibition and sales rooms thru works of art from North and Latin America, including Europe, Asia and Africa.
ART BASEL MIAMI inherited of ART BASEL: perfection and balance between the work of the masters of classical art, modern and contemporary.

ART BASEL MIAMI Chairman Norman B.

ART BASEL MIAMI Chairman Norman B.

The Chairman of “ART BASEL MIAMI” NORMAN BRAMAN has become more familiar and recognized personality that has endorsed whit his presence, the press conferences and as a good host to opens the door for the famous fair in a toast with the welcoming committee side of the Mayor of the City of Miami Beach MATTI HERRERA, to GUY MORIN President BASEL City, JASON CHANDLER UBS  Managing Director, Head Private Wealth Manager & Chairman Private Bank, and Art Basel Directors MARC SPIEGLER ANNETTE SCHÖNHOLZER, with  CHAMPAGNE RUINART one of the selected firms in the VIP “Collectors Lounge’s” sponsor.

Official's welcome! ART BASEL MIAMI

Official’s welcome! ART BASEL MIAMI

RUNIART made all in order to become the center of attention with the installation of the giant  cooler reproduction MIROIR a silver cool box designed especially by sculptor STRAETEN HERVE VAN DER. The pointed angle cooler RUNIART, made limited edition of only 50 pieces made in fine French goldsmith CHRISTOFLE.



NICOLAS RICROQUE, RUNIART Director for the United States, in an exclusive interview said: “This is the third consecutive year as official sponsors of ART BASEL and we are establishing that RUINART has an interest beyond selling Champagne. Don Runiart founder of the company, was an art expert and the RUNIART family has a
historical trajectory as collectors, therefore this installation represents not only the characteristics of the legacy in quality and style of the 300 years of RUNIART as champagne, but the pioneering mentality of putting into production nine months to create this giant cooler MIROIR as access to the piece of art it contains the finest and luxurious bubbly (Blanc de Blancs) as is the RUNIART GHAMPAGNE”- 
Concluded the executive.

JASON R CHANDLER Pte. manejo de patrimonios UBS en el Continente Americano

JASON R CHANDLER Pte. manejo de patrimonios UBS en el Continente Americano

Meanwhile UBS the Swiss financial institution headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, has been official sponsor since the founding of the International Art Fair. And in a private display for its members exclusive access introduced the installation of the stars of KIKI SMITH. – “UBS as a global financial services company has its own collection consequently being present at this Art Fair is the most natural and logical way to support our members “- Exclusively said JASON R. CHANDLER, UBS’s Managing Director Bank’s and wealth management at in the Americas. Contrary in wide openly displayed, due the success in this Art Fair where FREEPORTS a storage company and co-sponsors of the collectors lounge VIP area.



FREEPORT- SINGAPORE in this edition used visual technology to demonstrate the expansion of its facilities, FREEPORTS in SINGAPORE, LUXEMBURG & BEGING, luxurious and spacious storage centers and art exhibition. FREEPORTS, SINGAPORE, LUXEMBURG & BEGING offer a 360,organic transport, management, analysis and conservation of works of art, spirits, car collection,  and precious metals in Europe and in Asia. With amazing architectural designs and premium services FREEPORTS offers professional care in the handling of fragile objects with trained professionals to meet the needs of all types of management and conservation of all types of assets. The location, access the  new mega-storage place is unique: You can have entry by sea, air and land-claims Sixtine Crutchfiel, – “Each of our facilities has the potential to be the same an exhibition center and negotiation as sophisticated high-security warehouse, where the pieces are safeguarded in the best conditions “concluded the representative.

Archives Dir & Curators for Condé Nast-Microsoft Experience

Archives Dir & Curators for Condé Nast-Microsoft Experience

Something totally unexpected and new it was the blend of two institutions, MICROSOFT & CONDE NAST to recreate the time journey in history of fashion and art photography to educate, assess, a track record of VOGE magazine and more. The photo exhibition carefully selected by curators of the Foundation for the Exhibition of hotography (FEP) NATHALIE HERSCHDORFER Switzerland and TODD BRANDOW FRANCE, worked tireless with SHAW WALDRON Director of the Archives of Condé Nast. – “It was a task of months and months to select the photos that determined the precise in time and the  photographer’s career ” – Said WALDRON.
The pictographic journey in chronological order which at the time was considered a frivolous image of a social sector is now a piece of history with invaluable value, which has been given the same in the fashion industry that generates millions jobs positions.

Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend

Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend

The selection of the 28 unique photographs and impressions of CONDE NAST Records from: New York, Paris, Milan and London. It is the first project of such magnitude that began at the Museum of Berlin in August 2012, a work divided into four chronological sections originally published in magazines like VOGE, VANITY FAIR, British VOGE, GLAMOUR. Impressions of now famous artists like Edward lens Steinchen, Cecil Beaton, Horst John Rawlings, Constantin Joffe, Erwin Blimenfeld, Serge Balkin, Diane Arbus, Clifford Coffin, Bert Stern, David Bailey, Deborah Tubevile, Denis Piel, Herb Ritts, Ellen von Unwerth, Corinne Day, Raymond Meier and Sebastian Kim.

Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend

Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend

Many of our brands have been part of ART BASEL MIAMI for years, I had have personally the experience, it is encouraging to see the extent, scope and importance in the art and design community.” Said CHARLES TOWNSEND CEO’s CONDE NAST. “I encouraged my creative team to gain exposure that is global in scale and effective importance. Given the unique influence of Condé Nast brands, we are the only publisher that could find their home at Art Basel” concluded the executive.
This amazing collection it’s available and guided in digital thanks to the great newest state of art flattest computer and tablet MICOSOFT- SURFRACE for the first time technology and digital media integrated in ART BASEL.



Luxury at its best with BMW shifted in 2012 to become the official VIP transportation for collector as was AUDI for the most important Art Fair in the Americas. Additionally BMW participated in the VIP Collectors Lounge with the “BMW-Auto Art” created by JENNY HOLZER in 1999. LWDING W.WILLISCH President and BMW CEO in exclusive conversation during a private reception at the Botanical Garden, showcase 3 cars of their legendary collection of “ART-CARS”, 2 created in 1970 one by FRANK STELLA, the other by ALEXANDER CALDER and the  “Rolling Sculpture” in 1986 by ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG “For over 40 years BMW has maintained a cultural commitment and have participated in hundreds of cultural events around the world in modern art, contemporary, jazz, classical, and even architectural murals for display of our models, we have affiliations with artists like ANDY WARHOL and ROY LICHTENSTEIN among many more” Concluded the executive.

Magnus Renfrew Dir Art Basel ASIA

Magnus Renfrew Dir. Art Basel ASIA

This highlighted the official sponsors ART BASEL MIAMI Lounge collectors during the most important Art Fair on the Continent, and the official announcement that in May 2013 ART BASEL reaches the other side of the world in the Asian Continent with

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant