Super Human Determination, Kevin Costner Heroic oil crusade

SUO1.- Since we are living in a world where mediocrity and corruption are  awarded and the media promote violence, cheating, drama, scandals as way to become notice; extraordinary people has to work harder to awake the mumble mentality of bureaucrats that generally work only to build obstacles as their job meaning, when solutions are in need.

Actor Kevin Costner face bureaucracy

Determinate people with positive attitude and financial sources have been taken the front line to get things done over the huge barriers of bureaucracy. Great humans being become versatile adapting their skills and going more than a mile a head to get the result and show the world how things can be accomplish. 
As does actor Kevin Costner who is showing that he is way over of any of his hero’s characters, taking a wise initiative with environmental vision, investing his time and sources to solve an inevitable catastrophe in the Oil Industry.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989

Costner start his venture as business conservationist after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989, getting the urge to find a solution to minimize the damages on the environment with the Oil Spill caused by the vessel, since then Kevin devoted financial sources and time to find a centrifuge technology that could recover the oil from the oceans.
Having the prototypes working successfully, Costner is forced to go into a crusade dealing with the resistant of: US Government and Oil BP Company during the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico since last April after Deep Water Horizon drilling rig explosion.

Ocean Therapy Solutions, new way to do business

Kevin Costner and his partners jump up to the ring to bring their centrifuge tool, as he call a legitimate “Oil Spill Respond Technology” for emergencies on oil drilling offshore.

Great human efforts with poor results in Oil spills

Is a fact the oil Industries doesn’t have a solution for this sort of accident, none of international oil companies has any effective emergency respond for these inevitable hazards. Pouring more chemical substances to the spilled oil didn’t work to recover it, on the contrary become a total loss and increase damages to the ecosystem.

Centrifuge devices OTS

The centrifuge device developed by Costner not only separate and treats the seawater to get back 90% to its natural state, but recover totally the oil to being processed as a gain to the company that has the bleeding in their pumps. Finally in June not only the Federal Agencies but BP give Costner the green light to deploy and work with this centrifuge machinery to collect the oil before it get to the shores lines and so far they are using the first ones successfully to collect the oil that has been spill and there are in order another 32 centrifuge devices to clean up in the Gulf of Mexico

Efficient & practical OTS devices

– I didn’t came to save the Gulf or make an income of it, I’m a dreamer and honestly I’m just a “what if?”… Kind of guy – Costner has been repeating at the end of his statements every time questions rise about great revenues he will have with this efficient, friendly device if, adopted in all oil platforms around the world.

K. Costner Oil Conferences

Kevin has been traveling and participating in all fair-trades and conventions related with this particular industry and Costner is totally ready to apply these centrifuge techniques to other industrial sectors working with toxic chemical substances that come out from cosmetic and fabric factories as well.
Ocean Therapy Solutions, is a company founded by young entrepreneurs Costner’s partners Erick M.V. Hoek, John Houghtalling II, Patrick N. Smith, they have been selecting a great team of experts to developed and testing centrifuge equipment and improving techniques after Kevin Costner show them the result of his 15 years of research in the separation of fluids from water such oil and other toxic substances, with excellent results in purity and volume.

Going to next step

 Now OTS, start a new partnership to create cargo- ships designed with this new technology incorporated to go immediately as emergency respond in every oil platform around the world when is need it.
Kevin Costner has become the smarter proactive and authentic driven environmentalist and entrepreneur HERO to do the right thing, with the right intentions and why not the right business approach. During his latest interview Costner with his natural charming and authentic good nature, expressed his concern about the impact of this oil spill in the entire Gulf of Mexico and he express his will to support any mexican initiative to get his technology and clean up any residues that this oil spill can cause in the entire Gulf of Mexico.
Stan Lee the creator of the first vulnerable comic Hero, Spider-Man in 1962 said: “People is ready to understand that heroes can be young and vulnerable”

Definitely the world need more human Heroes like Kevin Costner who has been showing in his evolution that real heroes have characteristics such INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, SUPER HUMAN DETERMINATION and PATIENCE to keep fighting for what they believe, and at the same time living as normal humans with their wives, families, jobs, ups and downs like all of us, showing us that we can be Heroes  and do the right thing as well.

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
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