PBS becomes another lover of Mexico

SU-O1: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in the United States of America, for the first time the national outstanding Public Broadcasting Service PBS (serving the public interest by providing content of the highest quality uncovered by commercial) has been devoting several hours to promote and showcase a selective taste of México like any other TV-broadcast ever did. That’s real love!
It happened that PBS included and repeat several programs that shows the reality of Mexico without stereotypes such as “Hollywood’s style” (Style established by commercial TV networks, which denigrate the richest and greatness of an amazing country as it is Mexico and the Mexicans.)
 In “The Royal Tour” by Peter Greenberg, PBS showcases a visit of Mexico guided for the first time by current president of the country Felipe Calderon,in the most refreshing way than ever.

Felipe Calderon President of Mexico

Mr. Calderon was wise enough to start the tour clarifying the real situation about the violence that has been damaging the image of the country and how in his “drug’s war” successfully haunted 20 of the 37 most wanted drug’s leaders. Unexpected “The Royal Tour” is the first documental in which TV-cameras have access to Mexican Intelligence’s operations center, where high-end technology has been using during the fight of the drug’s gang and President Calderon doesn’t hesitate to get the opportunity to explain the huge responsibility in the consumption of drugs and the illegal traffic of weapon USA has been providing to the drug cartels in Mexico.

President Calderon with his family & Peter Greenberg riding horses on Tequila plantation

After the first 3 minutes segment, the youngest President in Mexico’s history, shares with the audience: his family and his country in a very educative, practical and fun interactive journey, through the most exciting places in Mexican territory. Beautiful, exotic ecotourism never showcased but to the selective PBSaudience.

Peter Greenberg

Considering PBS’s demographic is base on intellectuals, well educated and real high-end generous successful individuals (e.g. Rockefeller and Bill& Melinda Gates foundations among other several financial institutions) whom support operations of this network, with the 90 min, non commercial documental it’s has been a big opportunity for Mexico to be promoted to the top viewers. Aside this unique documental PBS is the only TV channel  that has been giving an opportunity to showcase unique TV productions that inform, educate and entertain;  in this way  Mexican’s lovers can share their passion with others, but any as loyal and totally in love for Mexico like American Top-Iron- master-Chef  Rick Bayless, who lived in Mexico in the 80’s for 6 years searching and learning the authentic Mexican food and now Bayless become the advocated for the infinite variety of flavors that exist in each one state of México.

It can't be more authentic than Chef Rick Bayless

Top Chef Rick Bayless

In his TV-series “Mexico: one plate at a time” Bayless immerse his audience with his love and passion to deep sensations of a never ending flavors there are in the culinary world in Mexico. Bayless start in PBS in 2003 with a TV-Series after he published a book the same name; in current time Mexico: one plate at a time is one of the TV-series in a prime time, with the highest ratings in PBS network.

PBS’s mission is committed to serving the public interest and by providing content of the highest quality enriches the marketplace of ideas, imperative unencumbered by commercial.
Throughout PBS’s history, those fundamental principles have guided that commitment. Therefore Acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist Charlie Rose returned to PBS (The network where he start his career as anchor) after his successful professional journey as pioneer of the night time news in CBS and correspondent for “60 Minute”among other major Networks.

Dr. Jorge Castañeda G.

Since 1991 “Charlie Rose”, host his own interview TV-show distributed nationally by PBS; Rose engages America’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and other newsmakers with his one-on-one interviews and roundtable, then Rose toped the Mexican selective PBS ‘s programming with his own affair for Mexico with none any other but, the most infatuated for Mexico, than Mexican writer, politician, analyst, professor and former Secretary Foreign Affairs (2000 – 2003)  Dr. Jorge Castañeda-G.
Castañeda  was promoting his latest book Mañana Forever? “Mexico and the Mexicans. A very analytical book about Castañeda’s frustrated love for his country and his inability to help it or to bring the high potential of the Mexicans.
PBS also is partner with “V-me” the Hispanic public television since 2007, making it the fourth largest Spanish network in the USA territory; through other well know awarded journalist  Jorge Gestoso, PBS and V-me included the excerpt of the “Royal Tour” in the show “Jorge Gestoso Investiga”in its English with Spanish subtitles to the 40 markets in the in the US.

Jorge Gestoso

Actions shows PBS true love for Mexico, and definitely getting the Mexicans interested in PBS as well. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) is a private, nonprofit corporation, founded in 1969, whose members are America’s public TV stations noncommercial, educational licensees that operate more than 350 PBS members’ stations and serve all states in the USA territory, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa.

Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo
Journalist & Media Consultant
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