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SU-O1. – The 2012 came revitalizing the celebrations Industry,  although statistics show a decline of 3% from 2010 to 2011 for the 3012 predictions are more than encouraging. Associations are more active than ever creating teams with experts, training all service providers in the industry to integrate packages and equipment with similar standards of quality so if you want the best services you’re your money hire companies that are supporting by  these organizations:Image

NAWP (National Association of Wedding Professionals) Chapter South Florida. NAWP is the organization that has: The best reception sites and wedding halls beach in southern Florida and Florida destination weddings of any type or size. In the directory that provides NAWP  you can find all services related to the wedding coordinators and planners, wedding experts, wedding dresses, suits tuxedos, invitations, calligraphers, jewelers, photographers, video-graphs, florists, limousines, bands & DJs, travel agents and honeymoon planners. They offer you rest assured that your experience of your wedding day will be stress free and rich in glorious memories treasured life when you trust the wedding professionals NAWP . For more information: President: Jannette Alix “Jannette Alix Soiree” I 305-498-8313:   miamipresident@nawp.comImage

NACE is the association of professionals in the industry Celebrations, is the oldest and largest with deals  in all aspects of the hospitality industry. Through the collective efforts of members, local chapters, committees and the Foundation of NACE ,this organization is at the forefront of issues that directly brings you  all business and  supplier of services or products of the industry. For the providers NACE  members give tips that can be used to provide better service to their customers, to recognition and marketing programs and advertising to enhance the credibility and professionalism of the field, NACE provides educational programs and updates to the standards and ethical guidelines established in the legislative monitoring, NACE is the leading organization of industry; on their boards are all kinds of service providers for Industry Celebrations for more information: Christina Bick, Blonde Events, LLC. Te. 636/579-0617 e-mail: christi.bick @ .Image

ISES   is the International Society of Special events with 4,000 professionals associated among 41 chapters around the world working in the special events industry as Corporate Events, Campaigns, Conferences, Family Reunions, Weddings, Baptisms, Quinces, Anniversaries etc. In ISES   you find professional event planners, caterers, decorators, florists, destination management companies, rental companies and production, tent suppliers, audio-visual technicians, party coordinators and the Convention, and Convention hotel managers, artists and more. ISES provides education and networking for its members to promote professionalism in the special events industry. For more information Head ISES : Victoria DeSilvio: CWD Te. 954-707-9821

And always remember  what is certainly basic and last forever in a celebration are the images;  the videographer with extensive experience and in whom you can thrust and rely on prompt delivery  with very affordable packages is Erick Smith, get all info you need writing in his E-mail @

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